Merced Knife Attack Was Terrorism

On November 5th we reported that the knife attack that wounded four people at UC Merced in central California was committed by a Muslim and that the authorities would omit this crucial factor and its implications.

At that time we had nothing to go on bar the attacker’s name, Faisal Mohammad, yet we were able to predict that the authorities would omit his religion in reports, dismiss any connections to terrorism and be speedy in coming to a conclusion that there was no wider significance to be attached to this crime.

We strongly suggested that here was an Islamist terrorist act, for apart from the attacker’s Muslim name, what young man of 18 attempts to kill many by randomly stabbing, has a smile on his face while doing so, and is willing to die in the act? Yet the local sheriff very speedily announced to the MSM and the local residents that he was entirely satisfied , after investigating, that the attack was caused by a quarrel between students. He dismissed the idea that this bloodthirsty attempt at a mass killing had anything to do with terrorism. The MSM, busy investigating Ben Carson’s distant past, was eager to report the Sheriff’s politically correct explanation.

We now know that the late Mr. Mohammad was an active Muslim, indifferent to, and detached from, his fellow students, and not a young man with a past of violent street gang activity. In other words, his willingness to use the large knife stabbing and slicing fellow human beings with whom he was familiar, indicated he was motivated by Islamic teaching and following in the footsteps of Muslims all around the world.

The latest news is that investigations into his personal effects and computer reveal that he had intended to cut off heads during this attack – compelling evidence that he was a Jihadist. Even more shocking is news that he was on an official list of terrorist suspects and that this vital information had been communicated to his college.

We have to ask ‘What is going on here and how often are such attacks quickly dismissed as random and motiveless by the authorities and then under-reported by the MSM?’ Is this another law enforcement officer who is conscious that linking Islam and violence is a bad career move and will bring the wrath of CAIR and a Departmental investigation by the DOJ? Did the Sheriff fear for his life and his family’s safety if he suggested ‘terrorism’? Has the crypto-Muslim in the White House succeeded in intimidating law officers everywhere?

UC Merced experienced a security scandal and a terrorist act that will not register on the Nation’s terrorism Richter scale, and the MSM will be too busy searching Ben Carson’s garbage to take an interest.

Two more examples of official Orwellian Nu-speak – ‘Justice-involved youth’ and ‘Troubled Youth’.

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