Media’s Virtual Black-out on Trump’s Poland Triumph

If any website visitor has video of the Polish crowds that assembled for Trump, please send them to us. It was predictable that the MSM would ensure that the American people remain ignorant of both his popularity and any mass expression of Nationalism in Europe.

Those Polish crowds will have Bret (Israel First) Stephens filling his pants at the thought of boots tramping through the streets of Warsaw, all across Western Europe behind Trump and then into Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and small-town Kansas.

We need to plaster the Internet with video of Trump’s speech, for here is an American President being transformed into a Broad Right Counter-Revolutionary by the experience of battle and some foreign victories. Poland has infused Trump with a mission to defend Christianity and Christendom, and combine it with Nationalism. Nothing could be more hopeful than an American President making common cause with Europe’s most assertive Nationalist leaders.

Since I placed Trump signs in my front yard and on the back of my car, I have suffered 3 incidents of vandalism, including a stone damaging a window. All three incidents have occurred in my absence, and one happened in a park whilst we were hiking. I am sure all three involved different people. I know my neighbors are not responsible and I have no teachers or college lecturers (the most likely perpetrators) in my street. If only I could catch a Leftist in the act!

Still, the price of my exercising of freedom and opposition to the Left is small compared to that of Steve Scalise, who, with little MSM comment, has returned in hospital. It is also small compared to those who have been attacked by BLM thugs and White-college-Communist-stormtroopers, all across America. Yesterday in Venezuela, Broad Right legislators were brutally attacked in the Parliament building by Red mobs.

The Left is on the march in many nations, not only the USA. It is always violent when opposed. The Leftist Venezuelan President Maduro told a rally of his supporters “We would never give up [power], and what couldn’t be done with votes we would do with weapons”. These sentiments are surely the same as those of the people who are trying to bring down Donald Trump here at home.

When I contemplate the three assaults on my property and my exercise of free speech, am I alone in wishing that we could get on with the final reckoning with the Left?

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