Jewish Center Attacks Arouse No Media Curiosity

On Monday and today the Mainstream Media gave prominent coverage to alleged attacks and bomb threats against Jewish schools and community centers across 30 US States and one Canadian province. This followed reports of the vandalization of hundreds of headstones in Jewish cemeteries this month and most recently threats against an office of the Anti-Defamation League in San Francisco. Many of the reported attacks have been in Philadelphia. According to the Wall Street Journal today, 90 bomb threats have been phoned to 73 Jewish community centers and schools since the beginning of the year.

Among the States where threats and attacks have allegedly occurred are Pennsylvania, Delaware, Indiana, Alabama, Florida, California, New York, New Jersey and Michigan. The NYPD has recorded 35 anti-Semitic hate crimes so far this year.

Since all this has just hit the MSM headlines, we have to assume that there has been an eruption of anti-Semitism and that it has been coordinated rather than spontaneous. Both the timing and the geographical extent points to a large organization being responsible and one that can tap into widespread anti-Jewish feeling.

It would seem that this coordination, intensity and geographical spread does not point to the Alt-Right or the Far Right. Even if those political fringe groups wished to mount attacks and threats -and there is no evidence that the Alt Right is leaning to violence – they lack the organization to do so. If there was the slightest possibility of the Nationalist or Racist Right being responsible, the MM and the Far Left would have been hysterical and demanding a witch hunt.

ABC radio news has given the attacks prominence, and today’s WSJ has a large page A3 article, complete with picture, under the heading “Jewish Centers Threatened” and a sub-heading “Police investigate latest wave of bomb warnings to locations in over a dozen states”. There are then four columns of description written by ‘reporters’ Kate King and Scott Calvert and several quotes from Jews around the Nation.

Given the artfulness of the propaganda machine that serves the Government-in-waiting of the temporarily-out-of-office Media Class/Far Left Alliance, it is possible that this whole business is a MSM invention, intended to add anti-Semitism to the anti-Trump accusations of racism, bigotry and Fascism. Nothing is beyond possibility in this period where a legitimate Nationalist President is fighting against powerful, sinister forces intent on his overthrow by violent means.

The give-away as to the likely source of this outbreak of anti-Semitism, is the complete lack of MSM and Far Left curiosity. ‘Reporters’ King and Calvert never once speculate in their long article on who or why is responsible. As far as I know, no-one in authority has speculated or expressed the slightest curiosity. This tells us -we who inhabit this Stalinist Revolutionary world – that the perpetrating organization is both known, and a designated member of a protected class. Since it can’t possibly be the homosexual/transgender ‘community’, or La Raza, or BLM or ‘wimmin’, we assume that the anti-Semitic violence is the work of the Religion of Peace.

One of the problems facing the Media Class/Far Left Alliance and its MSM, is that the Islamic Imperialists who have been imported into America by Obama are politically and physically uncontrollable. It is part of their belief system that they can never be the pawns of others and should not rest until all Jews are eliminated. This outbreak of anti-Semitism is a complication for the MSM propaganda machine but secular Jews, Internationalists, Leftists and perverts share an over-riding hatred with Islamists, and it is a hatred of Christianity. At the present time all are united in their determination to overthrow Trump asap.

There is a disturbing report in the MSM, and hopefully it is false news. It is that President Trump is considering Jon Huntsman to be No. 2 at the State Department. Huntsman is an arch collaborator in the Lindsay Graham mold and a rabid supporter of same-sex marriage. He has no place on the Broad Right.

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