ISIS Burns Victim Alive for Publicity

Some time way back on this website we compared the cruelty of the Islamic Imperialists to that of Hitler and Stalin and their followers. We considered it instructive that the monsters of European Socialism did all they could to hide their crimes from the world. Since the present-day monsters of Islam delight in advertizing their cruelty to the world it is surely instructive to note what it tells us about these leaders of Islam, their followers and the contemporary world.

Hitler and his comrades in the National Socialist Party and SS planned and ordered the cruel elimination of several million citizens of Europe. Some soldiers of the Wehrmacht and most of the SS military were responsible for mass slaughter of men, women and children beside open pits, the inhuman transportation of many more to death camps and ultimately the operation of gas chambers. We know from records that many of those who staffed the Concentration Camps indulged in extreme sadistic cruelty, often seeking sexual thrills, for they were perverts. But the National Socialist leadership went to great lengths to hide this activity not only from the world and posterity but also from the German people and their allies.

Stalin and his Communist Party comrades also planned the barbaric elimination of tens of millions of their fellow countrymen and women by cattle-like transportation, starvation and mass executions. Since Stalin did not lose World War 2, the full extent and the detail of Communist cruelty has never been revealed but we know enough to state that he exceeded in number the murders and cruelty of Hitler’s National Socialists. We can assume that in the NKVD prisons of Communism where torture was the norm to extract confessions from the innocent, sadists were let loose to indulge their perverted appetites.

The Communist murderers and torturers who carried out their crimes all across the vast Soviet Empire and then Eastern Europe are fortunate that contemporary Western Academia has no interest in investigating the Communist past, for their maxim has always been and still is, ‘the ends justify the means’.

It is reliably reported that when Hitler witnessed the murder he had ordered of his one-time comrade Ernst Roehm, he was shaken and nauseated. This despite his terrible war experiences in the trenches. Stalin, who had lived as a terrorist, and who coldly condemned many former comrades to death, nevertheless went to great lengths to present himself to the Russian people as a kindly father figure. Both Hitler and Stalin hid their cruel and bloodthirsty crimes from their own people and from the world. This tells us that they had some sense of what was right and what was wrong and that they assumed that the world would be appalled. Neither believed that their crimes, if known, would inspire their millions of passive followers, increase recruitment and intimidate their enemies in the Western Democracies.

When we compare these past episodes of organized brutality to the latest ISIS burning alive of a Jordanian prisoner and the recent beheadings of two Japanese civilians, we are forced to some clear and depressing conclusions about Islam’s militant leaders, their followers and the Western World.

First it is not the enemies of ISIS who are revealing these and many previous and similar ghastly crimes to the world. In the 1930’s it would have been the enemies of National Socialism and Communism who, at great personal risk, would have filmed or photographed the crimes, smuggled them out and used them as evidence of evil for the world to see. The expectation would have been that the evidence would have inflicted great unpopularity on the barbarians and mobilized the Western World into decisive action.

Today the Islamic perpetrators of the most calculated sadistic cruelty pose before the cameras, their innocent victims helpless before them, and then celebrating their religion with shouts, inflict death. There is not a grain of pity or shame involved but instead satisfaction and pride. It is said by those who attempt to diminish our sense of revulsion, that the killers’ motive is the intimidation of their enemies. This is an inadequate explanation, for surely the killers are enjoying their power, and the infliction of terror and pain. It is also certain that what takes place before the cameras are commonplace acts that are certainly not shocking for the perpetrators and those around them. We must conclude that sadism, the un-trammelled power of life and death, and blood-shedding are central to the Religion in whose name they act.

We must also conclude that they are confident that the exhibition of these acts will impress many Muslims across the world and bring legions of new recruits to fight in the name of Islam. ISIS and its predecessors have lost countless soldiers on the battlefield, yet still their armies grow in numbers, so their confidence seems well-founded. We know that every day Western security police arrest native-born Muslims who are attempting to join ISIS and its rivals. They must be well aware of its cruelty and barbarism. Nor is there any shortage of potential suicide bombers.

Since many of the victims of ISIS and its rivals are Arabs and at least nominal Muslims, it is true that not all Muslims are potential sadists and killers. But surely many are for where is the evidence of widespread outrage and disgust in the watching Muslim world? Why are Muslims in the West not forming battalions to return to the Middle East and fight against ISIS?

Finally, those who pose before the cameras with their victims have concluded that their acts will not sufficiently shock the people of the West and their leaders into retaliation. They are aware that the West has the military might to eradicate them and their millions of followers but they have calculated that most of the West’s people and their leaders will not be sufficiently shocked to retaliate and conquer.

Today, Conservative Talk Show host Michael Savage expressed true outrage. Courageously for a Jew, he pointed out that even Hitler hid his crimes and that these Muslims are shameless. He asked why America’s politicians are not running to the microphones to demand action. As he said, Truman was rightly prepared to drop atom bombs on Japan to defeat its people without sacrificing American soldiers.

I have not looked at any of the Muslim films of their brutality. I am sickened and outraged without having to see them. I unavoidably saw the picture of the poor Jordanian in his burning cell for it was on the Fox website but what civilized person needs to be a witness to such suffering? These perpetrators and all their supporters are sadists and the Religion of Islam provides them with permission to indulge their appetites, just as National Socialism provided sadists with permission and opportunities.

Most of those who, in our past society, were caught and convicted of sadistic crimes had, as children, practiced cruelty on animals. Perhaps the throat cutting of goats and sheep prepare Muslims for gratuitous cruelty as adults. Whatever is the source of the pitiless killing of helpless victims before the cameras, we in the West should be using all our military superiority to pitilessly wipe out these barbarians.

Meanwhile we have a President that cannot speak the words Muslim, Islam and terrorism in connection with these outrages. Oh for a Republican Presidential candidate who would say it like it is and damn the Media!

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The depressing reports from the Middle East and the inadequacy of America’s leadership require a temporary return to better times. I recommend a track from the CD “The Mambo Kings” which was released in 1992. Sonora Matancera’s version of “Oye Este Mambo” is tuneful and graceful and is music that really belongs to the 1950’s when popular music was played for adults and brutality seemed to have been defeated.

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