Hillary and the Media

Many Republican commentators have been drawing attention to Hillary Clinton’s avoidance of the MSM since she announced her candidacy. It has been many weeks and in that time she has only been confronted by invited audiences. The MSM has been rigorously excluded.

The assumption of the commentators is that once a politician jumps into the ring with an announcement, he/she will be seeking as many Media interviews as possible. This is seen as the way to get name recognition and to stake out a set of positions on the issues which will dominate the election campaign.

Hillary’s uncharacteristic Media coyness may be put down to a deliberate campaign strategy. She certainly has no need for name recognition. The Clinton name has been in the news for almost 20 years and she is a household name. Her advisers may fear that by monopolizing MSM attention now, with more than a year to the election, the American public will get bored and she will be seen as ‘stale’ news when the election nears. They and she may believe that the issues surrounding foreign donors to her campaign and the current accusations that the Clinton Foundation is a money laundering scheme, will die of old age.

Such calculations by her, Bill and their team have some logic, if that is why she is dodging the Media, but on this website we offer another explanation.

In previous articles we have maintained that a homosexual cabal right in the heart of the Media Class and centered in Hollywood, is unforgiving of Bill Clinton for his failure when President to vigorously  advance the homosexual agenda. We have speculated that Bill, an addicted (no pun intended) woman-chaser with a penchant for crude jokes and the disdain for homosexuals that was typical of such men before the rising Media Class imposed political correctness, was carelessly insensitive when joking in company.

As America learns anew each day, now that the homosexual ‘community’ has awesome governing power, there is precious little forgiveness for past slights. We maintain that in 2008, the Hollywood cabal plucked the Democrat nomination from the Clinton’s grasp and replaced ‘Mr. Hillary’ with a candidate who could be relied upon to be respectful and wholehearted in their cause. For the billionaires of Hollywood, ‘Bill’ is the albatross around Hillary’s neck. The cabal has begun the process of finding a candidate and terminating the Clintons once again.

When this powerful and hugely wealthy cabal rallies its community around the Nation and within the MSM, it can set aside the wishes of the rank-and-file Democrat Party, for the MSM can make and break anyone. This is the explanation for the MSM revelations about the Clinton’s money-laundering and its status as a scandal. The MSM decides which event or discovery is a ‘scandal’. It does so simply by the process of repetition or speedy burial. The Clinton Trust has been given Media ‘legs’. No doubt there are many other Clinton ‘scandals’ that the MSM has stored if needed.

Whether the Clinton’s understand why the MSM is not giving them the usual pass that is given to Leftists with skeletons, is not clear. However they must be shocked to find themselves facing some Media hostility and we think this is why Hillary has become Media-shy.

Nothing in the future is ever certain but we think the cabal will likely succeed and that Hillary will be forced to withdraw. It is certain that the Squaw from Boston, sitting in her teepee in Washington, is watching closely.

Three cheers for the Jury members in Boston who today decided that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the educated Muslim who devoutly acted on the teachings of the Koran, should be put to death for his merciless crime. Long live the death penalty for killers! It is beyond understanding that he, his brother and their Islamic Imperialist brothers are allowed into the US.  Sometimes it seems as though the US and other Western Nations are bent on suicide.

Yesterday we predicted that the MSM would work to shift blame from Brandon Bostian. It has begun with Media red herrings about money-starved infrastructure and safety systems not installed. As an activist for SSM, Mr. Bostian can be assured of sympathetic MSM reporting and no mention of his sexual proclivities. Anyone doubting our prediction should read today’s front page column in the WSJ by Ted Mann and headed “System to Slow Train Wasn’t Installed”. On page two is a long and laundered portrait headed “Engineer Had a Passion for Trains”, written by Kris Maher, Thomas MacMillan and Andrew Tangel and research by Lisa Schwartz.


  1. I would only have a minor quibble with just one thing. You said that sometimes it seems as though the U.S. and Western Nations are bent on suicide. I would say that “seems” is not quite right. The U.S. and Western Nations are definitely hellbent on suicide.

    Cheers! I enjoy your website.

    • I fear you are right but I was trying to be optimistic. Glad you enjoy the articles. I am sure we have a lot of enemies and few friends, so encouraging responses are rewarding. New article just posted. I detest the academic Feminazis and almost lose self control when writing about them!!
      I heard a part of the Savage Nation today and he was outspoken about the step-by-step march to totalitarianism.
      Best wishes from a counter-revolutionary!

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