Hasta la Vista, California!

Sorry folks, for the disappearance of this website for several days due to technical problems unrelated to the writer. Now there will be another absence of articles due to the writer taking a vacation/business trip to the Deep South. It is our fervent hope that, whilst we are gone, Donald Trump will mop up every Californian delegate next week and receive a record-breaking total of Republican votes.

Our attempt to register Republican in order to vote for Trump, was frustrated by either organizational ineptness or local Republican officials’ suspicion of new applicants being Trumpets and therefore unwelcome. It would be nice to think that so many Trumpets have made applications to register that the Republican organization has been overwhelmed. Our one vote will not make a difference, but it would have been satisfying to have added to Bret ‘Israel First’ Stephens’ fear of jack-booted Brown-shirts marching across California’s Bay area.

‘Israel First’ Stephens has recently been feverishly circulating the anti-American Mainstream Media outlets spewing his Trump-hating invective. No doubt, as a renegade of the Right, he is a welcome guest in the war rooms of the Media Class and their Far Left propagandists. Like his Gang-of-Four comrades on the WSJ center pages, he has become obsessively driven by hatred and fear of Trump and the millions of marching Trumpets. This has condensed into his repeated call to the anti-Right forces to join together to inflict on the Republican/Nationalist millions the biggest electoral defeat in the history of Presidential contests.

‘Israel First’ Stephens has finally cast aside his Conservative mask and revealed not only his hatred (no other word will do!) for the American working Class and the Nation he would willingly sacrifice for Israel, but an enthusiasm to work for a 2016 victory of Crooked Hillary Clinton, Bernie ’Trotsky’ Sanders, Joe Biden or Squaw Elizabeth Warren. Never mind a packed Far Left Supreme Court for ever; never mind a Far Left government ruling by edict; never mind the disarming of the American people; never mind the end of free speech and the final triumph of political correctness; never mind the criminalization of Christianity; never mind the triumph of perversion and degeneracy! For ‘Israel First’ Stephens and his renegade Internationalist comrades, all that is worth sacrificing in order to protect open borders, and the crushing of the working class, especially the White working class.

Those who are willing to divide the Right at this time when America is on the brink of a completed irreversible Revolution, are colluding with the enemy. Libertarians, Third Party cliques, ‘Anyone But Trump’, and ‘Stay home and sulk on election day’ advocates are all willing to surrender to the Revolution. Some like ‘Israel First’ Stephens are driven by a deep antipathy towards working people. and others like Romney by material self-interest or pique, but all are willing to sacrifice the old America and its people.

On this website we long ago identified the rise of the Media Class, predicted its bid for power and its alliance with the Far Left, denounced the Mainstream Media as pure propaganda and the source of Media Class power, claimed that the Democrat Party and Unions had been purged, pinpointed the homosexual cabal in Hollywood as dominant in the Media Class and warned that the homosexual and libertine agenda of debauchery would be at the top of the agenda of the new Ruling Class, regularly wrote that traditional Christianity would be criminalized and that the crypto-Muslim Obama was chosen for the White House because of his psychopathic attributes. We identified Islamic Imperialism.

We have been right about all that and much, much, more. But our website has been an abject failure, for it has failed, despite the efforts of a handful of Internet supporters and recruits, to get even a toe-hold anywhere in the Internet’s mainstream of Conservatism, Christian and Nationalist reporting. Our belief that the three belong together in a time of Revolution – united we stand and divided we fall – has resulted in us being unwelcome everywhere.

When we return from the Deep South business/vacation trip in mid-June, we shall have to decide if there is any point in continuing a website with nothing to show for ten years of work. Hopefully, Trump will have marched through California, the Dems will be fatally divided going to Philadelphia, and Third Party David French will be greeted by the American public as limply as a passion-less French letter.

Quote of the year, by Dr. Michael Savage, originator of the Nationalist slogan ‘Borders, Language and Culture’. “We have been turned by this President from a melting pot into a chamber pot”. Who can improve on that?

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  1. Before I begin, I’d like to say I’ve been a big fan of this website for 5 years now? Maybe more? Don’t remember when I stumbled upon this website and discovered this gem….but anyhoo….

    I understand the temptation to vote for Trump b/c of what is worse. It’s the “hold your nose and vote” for the “lesser of the evils” approach. Years ago, I believed in this and that’s what I did when I voted for some of the “moderate” Republicans (or even progressive Republicans).

    I just cannot do that anymore. I’m sure you’ll think I’m a fool, crazy, dim-witted or whatever word comes up. The reason I cannot do this anymore is b/c we’ve been voting for the lesser of evils for decades now. Instead of voting for the BEST person, we’re voting for the least worst…what kind rationale is that? It’s a losers rationality that only promises a negative outcome, if only at a slower rate. But if the end-result is still the same – loss of freedom – the slower path to that goal-line is worse than a faster pace. ‘Why’ some may ask?

    The slower path to ruination allows society to become used to a degraded state; much like convicts who, at first hate prison, but after many years become so used to it that they cannot live in the outside world. The same with domesticated animals in zoos – the ones snatched from the wild usually remain hostile and “wild”, but the generations of offspring born inside typically much tamer and easier to control.

    The faster path doesn’t allow people to fall asleep; it doesn’t allow the bad to become normal. We saw this when Obama became President. As bad as his Presidency was and is, it awakened a beast among the people hungering for freedom. It wasn’t just the Tea Party that emerged, but other right-minded groups sprang up and took action. Had McCain or Romney been elected, we’d still be asleep today…

    I’m not supporting either path to making America a hell-hole; but at this point, no candidates are being produced in either of the mainstream Parties that WON’T make America a hell-hole. Trump is the slow path to it, Hillary or Bernie the fast track. I disdain both paths, but until more people wake up and truly understand and want freedom, those are the only paths that we can take b/c of the “any other vote is a waste”.

    People say third parties are a joke – a waste of time. To that, I inform them that both main stream parties of today stem from a non-mainstream, grass roots parties many, many years ago. If both the modern Democrat and Republican Party came from a third party then, we can do it again today.

    I can no longer vote for the lesser of evils, the best of fools, or the least tyrannical…for that’s what we’ll get in the end no matter what. The slow road to hell or the fast road leads to the same place, but the rate at which we take either lulls us to sleep or wakens us into action.

    I’m sure my opinion will not be welcomed here b/c I dissent from the article and even the majority of “Republican” sentiment. Nonetheless, I once believed in the same thought-process, but I can no longer do so with a clear conscious. Not looking to change minds here, as most minds cannot be changed (including my own most of the time) – just stating my own personal reasons.

    Best regards,
    P.S. Still a fan of this website by the way!

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