GotNews’ Aashiq Hammad Discovery Exposes Lying MSM

No doubt some RadicalandRight visitors are familiar with the excellent GotNews website, and so are aware that it has uncovered vital information about alleged airport killer Esteban Santiago. But for the benefit of those who are relying on the Mainstream Media (MSM) for information, we are bringing the information that GotNews has discovered by searching back in MySpace records for 2007, that Esteban, using his brother Brian’s computer connection, recorded Islamic music and revealed Islamic interests using the name Aashiq Hammad.

This was 3 years before he went to Iraq with the Puerto Rican National Guard and if true, hugely increases the probability that his alleged Fort Lauderdale attack was an Islamic-inspired terrorist action. If this information reaches enough people around the world, the lying MSM and the devious American Authorities will be forced to react.

As we have written for a decade or more, the MSM is not a source of information. It is the propaganda arm of our Internationalist ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies. Sadly, under the Revolutionary Obama regime, Federal Authorities have also become agencies of the Revolution and strangers to the truth. For various reasons (none of them honorable) the MSM and Government do everything possible to conceal Islamic terrorist attacks from the American public, and if concealment is impossible, the agenda demands that their facts be delayed, misleading and rank untruthful.

The first resort of the MSM and government, when an Islamic terrorist incident cannot be ignored, is to not mention ‘Islam’, deny a connection to ISIS, and peddle the ‘deranged lone wolf’ story. This is usually augmented with heart-rending reports of an unhappy childhood, ‘troubled’ teenage years, victim of racial/religious persecution, history of petty crime and no job prospects, special pleading of relatives, fond memories of school friends, and at worst, a traumatic experience that drove the perpetrator into the hands of ‘extremists’. When all this lacks credibility, mental illness is introduced.

There are three types of genuine mental illness – depression not caused by external events, manic depression (which Americans call ‘bi-polar’), and schizophrenia. The latter is particularly dangerous to others when accompanied by paranoia.

I do not know of any events worldwide where a paranoid schizophrenic planned and carried out mass killings, and certainly none where such extreme acts were committed by victims of depression or manic depression.

Even without knowledge of Santiago’s past Islamic connections, his one-way ticket to Fort Lauderdale, the well-timed and cold-blooded execution of fellow travelers, and then his immediate surrender, strongly suggest an outside motivation and objective achieved.

There are today in this world of mass immigration, civil wars and abandonment of real family life, many angry, rootless, unsuccessful young men searching for a meaning to life and full of resentment. Thanks to the domination of the Media in people’s lives and its shallow values, a moment of celebrity is prized above all else. In this amoral climate it is not surprising that Islam and a violent jihadist moment of fame, are attracting increasing numbers of young men who do not belong in the Western World.

A history of petty crime, anti-social behavior, and social alienation, does not amount to a mental illness and in the past rarely translated into mass killing. The ubiquitous presence of a militant Islamic Imperialism in the West, and the presence in our midst of increasing numbers of people with an alien culture or no culture, is now responsible for the frequency of terrorist attacks on defenseless citizens. And the MSM and the Authorities will continue to deprive the American people of the facts unless President Donald Trump swiftly and thoroughly imposes a Counter-Revolution.

Among those who will work to frustrate the Counter-Revolution, is the racist maggot who has been a regular visitor to Obama’s White House. Al Sharpton has promised “a season of civil disobedience”. It will soon be time for the new DOJ to investigate Sharpton and his organization for financial irregularities and quickly put him where he belongs. Our website visitors will know what I mean.

Meanwhile members of the MSM are anxiously asking “can Trump govern through Twitter”? One thing is certain, he will not be able to govern through the lying MSM.

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We sadly report the death of Nat Hentoff at the age of 91. His 1955 book ‘Hear Me Talkin’ to Ya’ was a must read for British jazz enthusiasts back in the post war years when American jazz was more appreciated in the UK than in the USA. I read and appreciated his articles in Downbeat magazine. Only later did I learn that he was also a political commentator and a Liberal. As befits an honest jazz critic, Hentoff was a wayward Liberal and a stout defender of free speech. Today’s MSM music critics are cultural morons.

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