Fiorina’s Treachery

One of the effects that the Donald Trump campaign has had on the Republican Party and its Primary candidates, is revealing with clarity on the most fundamental issues of National integrity, which side of the line in the sand they stand. It began with immigration and the control of borders. The latest issue he has clarified is the Muslims invasion of America and the danger of terrorism they bring.

It could be said that Obama has cavalierly paved the way on almost every issue, for he has, without legal authority, brazenly opened America’s borders, invited in millions from the Third World and protected and legitimized illegals already here. Most recently he has begun importing tens of thousands of his co-religionists and plans to swamp America with hundreds of thousands more.

Trump, in the absence of an effective Republican opposition to this in Congress, has emerged as the leader of opposition in the country. In doing so, he has revealed that most of his primary competitors, despite their attempts to pretend otherwise, are no different from the Republican collaborators in Congress. Bush, Kasich, Graham, Rubio, Christie and now Fiorina have revealed themselves as no different from Boehner, Ryan and McConnell.

Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering America is neither extreme nor legally unprecedented-quite the opposite! Those candidates attacking Trump who claim it would be un-Constitutional, are either ignorant of America’s recent history and Constitution, or they are charlatans. Those others who claim it would be unenforceable, reveal they suffer from the affliction of inaction that has rendered Congressional Republicans impotent when faced with a determined Far Left President. All talk and no action!

Behind their false accusations of un-Constitutionality and practical impossibility, lie other less principled concealed motives – subservience to Internationalist Big Business donors, fear of the MSM, or desperation for a moment of approving MSM attention.

Fiorina at one time seemed to be cut from the same cloth as Trump and Carson, which is to say not a typical professional Republican politician, but a ‘doer’ from the real world. In her previous Californian campaign against the obnoxious Barbara Boxer she bravely defended real marriage and opposed abortion.

At the start of the current primary contest she appeared to be outspoken, tough, an able debater and, if chosen, a formidable debating opponent for Hillary Clinton. However on the issues of immigration, borders and illegals, she has emerged as a compromiser and we know from experience that compromisers with the Far Left Obama Democrats quickly morph into capitulators when in office.

Her gallop to the MSM cameras and microphones to join Graham, Bush, Flake, Ryan, Christie and Ford in a denunciation of Trump, his motives and his reasonable proposal, has revealed which side of the line in the sand she stands. What is even more despicable is her willingness to say publicly that Trump is a disaster for the Republican Party and his candidacy would be a coronation for Hillary Clinton.

Here on display is treachery. Fiorina has said that “nominating Mr. Trump would be a catastrophe for the Party” and “Hillary Clinton thinks of Donald Trump as a Christmas package wrapped up under the tree”. For good measure Bush has said “We’ll lose if Mr. Trump becomes the GOP nominee”. It is their vitriolic predictions that are the Christmas package to Clinton. Fiorina has forecast that Clinton will run rings around Trump in debates. She herself has been unable to get the better of Trump in debates yet asks us to believe that she could out-debate Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton is not a formidable debater and has only prospered through MSM protection and an ability to avoid searching questions. Fiorina knows this yet has indulged in an act of sabotage to ensure a Trump and Republican defeat in 2016.

Treachery is rampant on the Right because the Left has power and a willingness to use it without restraint in this Revolutionary era. When did a Democrat complain that Bernie Sanders and his Far, Far Left policies were a gift to Republicans? When did a Democrat publicly complain that Clinton’s crooked past or email scandal would be disastrous for the Party? Never, because the Party marches in lockstep, avoids displaying personal rivalries in public and values the Party winning above all else.

Fiorina, Bush and the rest would prefer a Clinton victory and all that entails for America, rather than a win for grass-roots Nationalism and the implementation of many conservative policies. Behind the fine words about ‘the kind of America we are’ and ‘American values’, hide calculating politicians willing to sell out the Nation.


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  1. When those who are supposed to represent your interests represent the interests of themselves and of foreigners, they cannot be called a legitimate government, nor a legitimate candidate for elected office. Our leaders hate our guts.

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