Esteban Santiago And The Islamic Connection

Anyone who has been in the arrival/departure area of an American airport will have nursed a few doubts about the lack of security from a terrorist attack. Everything is geared to ensuring that a terrorist does not get on a plane with a weapon. Only airport insiders know whether the checking and supervision of airplane maintenance staff and those who work around airports, is thorough.

These days we passengers trust to luck for we know that thanks to Obama, more and more Muslims are entering, living and breeding in America, and thanks to his Presidency and his Far Left allies, any differential treatment of Muslims has been designated both illegal and immoral. Most Americans, having been both brainwashed and intimidated, are passive about this dangerous and ridiculous situation.

We write these introductory paragraphs because the latest terrorist attack at Fort Lauderdale airport was as inevitable as is the next one. No system of surveillance, protection and searching at and around airports, no matter how costly for taxpayers and intrusive for customers, can prevent attacks within a society that is importing potentially hostile people and pretending otherwise.

It is unclear to what degree Mr. Santiago, the alleged attacker, is a recruited ISIS member, a vulnerable mentally-deranged ISIS pawn, or simply a young man who developed a rage against society and was influenced by past successful ISIS attacks and their effects.

One could say that this latest attack – 5 dead, 6 injured and hundreds shocked – is yet another example of the benefits of a diverse population and cultural enrichment, for it is hard to say that Mr. Santiago is what was once called ‘a typical American’. As far as we know, he is really a Puerto Rican and a nominal Christian, though he has been photographed with ISIS paraphernalia and the ISIS finger salute.

Since the entry of Obama into the White House it has become impossible to believe what the Authorities say, especially concerning terrorism. It is also impossible to believe anything the MSM reports, and so we are reduced to sifting through all sources of information with a skeptical mind. To us, it looks like Mr. Santiago has had some involvement with ISIS, or contact with ISIS materials and ideas.

The MSM and the Authorities will now distract us from pondering root causes, until this latest act of terrorism disappears form our consciousness along with all the others that have preceded it. There will instead be some days of discussion about the failures of anti-terrorism procedures, failures of inter-organizational co-operation, talk of slipping through nets, and more gun control.

Suppose airports and air travel could, with enough public spending and cumbersome layers of officialdom, be made safe. What about all the other soft targets that modern life offers? Train stations, trains, bus stations, bridges, public and private social events, work places and freeways, are all invitations to Muslim terrorist gangs and Muslim lone wolves. We can only hope that a Donald Trump Presidency will sweep away the political correctness that prevents dealing with root causes and put a stop to immigration.

Now that we are on the cusp of a new year, let us remember that Brandon Bostian, the homosexual activist Amtrak engineer who drove his train into a bend at 106 mph, killing 8 and injuring hundreds, has yet, as far as we know, to be held accountable. Also the train driver who drove into a station in New Jersey appears to be forgotten. Any motorist who causes a fatal accident can expect to be in Court and charged.

Music Choice

(Great Women Singers/Great Songs)

Our Music Choice is Ella Fitzgerald singing How High The Moon. This great song was written in 1940 by Morgan Lewis with the excellent lyrics by Nancy Hamilton. In the past we have recommended the Les Paul/Mary Ford version, and, of course, the genius Charlie Parker used the chord sequence for his several versions of ‘Ornithology’.

For Ella, the song became her signature tune and she performed and recorded it many times, always ‘scatting’ after the first chorus and always quoting from Parker’s masterpiece. Generally ‘scatting’ is the downfall of too many jazz singers, lacking improvisational ideas, not hitting the chords and often flat. But that was not so for Ella Fitzgerald, who was a musicians’ singer, endlessly inventive, acknowledging every chord change, and always in tune.

This writer (George Wellor) had the good luck to see and hear her several times on her visits to the UK. She was, of course, uniquely gifted as a singer; but she was always humble on the stage and, in contrast to today’s warblers, dignified. Her love was for the songs she sang and not for herself. Although over-weight and certainly not glamorous, her gracefulness and musical mastery were sufficient for a public that was composed of grown-ups. It has seemingly now given way to pre-teen musical morons of all ages, including Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and most conservative Talk Show hosts.

In 1960, Ella Fitzgerald (1917 – 1996) sang at a concert in Berlin, with Paul Smith (piano) Jim Hall (guitar), Wilfred Middlebrooks (bass) and Gus Johnson (drums). ‘How High The Moon’ was recorded and is as good as any of the other versions. Enjoy if you are a grown-up!

Photo Credits: Police in the Valet Parking Area of Fort Lauderdale Airport, from The photo has been cropped for use on this website.

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