Cruz Was Detached From Election Issues

Donald Trump’s explosion into the Republican primary scene has turned America’s political scene upside down. Is there anyone who would deny it? On this website we would say that he was ‘simply’ the catalyst whose unscripted common-sense utterances dragged to the surface, the turmoil of a Revolution that had too long been proceeding by stealth.

In past articles we have often referred to the story of the little boy who called out that the Emperor was naked. We have also referred to an Alice-in-Wonderland world. Ever since Obama entered the White House in 2008, and the forces of the Media Class and its Far Left allies began implementing their full-blooded Revolutionary agenda, it has felt for this writer as if reality has been suspended and replaced with unreality.

There are two reasons for this air of unreality. One is that the Media Class – especially its key components of Hollywood, TV and Advertising – has prospered and become dominant by peddling fantasy. Its people live in a world of fantasy. The second is that its devastating weapon of hidden propaganda, the Mainstream Media, has been able to suppress reality and promote an alternative world.

Those fully hypnotized and brainwashed by the MSM -much of the population- have been like the crowds who lined the streets and admired the Emporer’s fine suit. Those of us who resisted the brainwashing and remained in the real world were like the astonished little boy who saw that the Emperor was naked.

It is ironic that the only Republican primary candidate who perceived reality and called it out, was a man who had prospered in the Media world peddling fantasy. Perhaps because he was also a builder in the real world of bricks and concrete, Trump recognized unreality for what it was, saw how its domination was destroying America and its people, and was stirred to speak out.

Besides his close-up experiences of unreality and reality, Trump had other advantages. He was neither a professional politician nor a lawyer. When he addressed the American people, skillfully employing the MSM whose vices he understood, he focused on three issues that were the greatest threats to most ordinary working Americans – immigration, Islam and doctrinaire free trade.

These were issues that the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies had decided were not for discussion under any circumstances. They had been able to enforce this proscription through control of the public discourse, using the MSM’s power to isolate, vilify and persecute potential transgressors.

Trump’s other unique advantage was financial independence. Not only was he not blinkered by a career in politics and its artificial world, or the lawyer’s debating mindset that is mostly a prerequisite for politics. He was not beholden to powerful Internationalist forces that benefit from cheap imported labor, the approval of foreign governments and lop-sided trade agreements.

When the MSM storm burst around him for mentioning topics that are out of bounds and speedily reduces Conservative politicians to groveling for forgiveness, Trump doubled down. In doing so he unleashed the Counter-revolution of those who were sick of the Alice-in-Wonderland world.

Ted Cruz and his mentor Mark Levin are Conservatives, and have fought – against the odds – for Conservative values. Unfortunately their immersion in professional politics, preoccupation with a legal approach to politics (the Constitution), and the intellectualization of politics, though adequate in previous eras, was ill-suited to Revolutionary times. Cruz, seeing the primary contest within Congressional limits, and the Nation’s problems caused by a departure from Constitutional government, failed to see that for America’s working class the supreme issues are tight borders and the loss of jobs due to Internationalism.

Cruz missed the Nationalist tide that Trump has released, not because he is willing to sell his country short, but because his experience has been too conventional. When a Nation State and its people are under dire threat from both internal and external forces, Nationalism demands that Conservatism be placed on the back burner. Cruz is belatedly trying to climb on to the Nationalist train but Donald Trump, motivated by his instincts, is already in the driver’s seat. Fortunately for the American people, Trump has no paymasters.

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