Counter-Revolutionaries Fighting Back At Last

President Donald Trump’s resilience continues to astonish his followers. His defiant response to the withdrawal of the House Bill that would have ended ObamaCare, marks him out as a worthy leader of the Counter-Revolutionary movement. It suggests that if or when the Left/Right current stalemate ends in open civil war, Trump will not lack energy, confidence and the required pugnacity.

We can be sure that the great majority of the Republican legislators will have no guts for such a fight. There are exceptions such as Devin Nunes but we have to conclude that most will run and hide, or collaborate. It is our view that the Conservative purists who defeated the Trump-backed Health Bill will have no more real fight than the RINOS. Whilst our people are facing off the enemy in the streets, the Cruz’s and the Levins will be protesting that physical resistance is un-Constitutional.

In a depressing weekend of Republican legislative posturing, division and lack of vision – apart, that is from President Trump’s leadership – the one inspiring event came from California of all places. The Nation-wide pro-Trump rallies (if the Mainstream Media is to be believed!) were poorly attended. But in Huntington Beach, California, more than a thousand marchers turned out and set an example of determination with flags and banners.

What was most inspiring was their response to the masked Red bullies who had pledged to bar their way and then attacked women marchers and their leader Jennifer Sterling with pepper spray and fists. Led by Travis Guenther, whose wife was also pepper-sprayed, they counter-attacked with fists and flag-poles. They singled out and pursued one of the fleeing masked Reds who had pepper-sprayed, pulled him to the ground, and administered retribution.

This encouraging event can be seen on the Free Republic website and we encourage you all to draw sustenance from it. At last, real resistance! Travis is a hero and so are all those un-named marchers who fought back.

I am sure there are many out there like me, who were too far from rallies to be able to march for Trump, but would love to do so and see some action. It is time that the Broad Right claimed the streets.

Pay attention to the unfolding race killings in Colorado where a young boy and girl (Derek Greer aged 15 and Natalie Partida aged 16) were abducted and then murdered. Their bodies were discovered on March 12th.

Five arrests have now been made and this looks like another consequence of enriching diversity, for those arrested in connection with the killings are Gustavo Marquez aged 19, Diego Chacon, Joseph Rodriguez, Garcia-Bravo and Alexandra Romero. Police say there may be more arrests.

Marquez had been arrested before this crime and charged with another violent offence. It is possible (our speculation) that he is an illegal alien and was not detained in custody for deportation.

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