Clinton’s Days Numbered?

Recently on this website we have been busy following the Republican primary contest and the fortunes of Donald Trump. It is time to return to the Democrat contest, which, although seemingly so sewn up by Mrs. Clinton and therefore lacking excitement, is actually one full of intrigue and a promise of drama.

Way back when it became clear that Mrs. Clinton considered the nomination was hers as of right, on this website we predicted that there was an all-powerful cabal within the Ruling Media Class which would oppose her. Our prediction was based on an understanding of the forces that in the 1980’s enabled the Media Class to quickly purge a political party, capture it and ultimately place an obedient and revolutionary servant in the White House.

We have always maintained that the Media Class has its origins in Hollywood’s Beverly Hills. This has long been the natural home for perverts, libertines and fantasists. Since the 1950’s cinema has created billionaires. When, in the 1970’s, Hollywood and TV effectively became one, and News became both entertainment and a powerful weapon for propaganda and control, the Media Class expanded, became Class conscious, developed a Class agenda and sought the political power due a Ruling Class.

Bill Clinton was probably the last of the Democrat Presidents not dependent on the new Ruling Class and its money. He, like the Kennedys, was heterosexual. Unconstrained by Christianity and driven to exploit women, Clinton in the White House behaved recklessly. We believe that like most heterosexual predators he was contemptuous of homosexuals and saw no reason to conceal his contempt. Unwittingly, he made unforgiving enemies of the billionaire homosexuals who had become so powerful in Hollywood.

Clinton, funded by those who buy Presidential favors and with his own national network for electioneering, arrogantly believed that the Ruling Class needed him and not the other way around. After his Presidency he saw an opportunity to create a dynasty through which he would continue to enjoy political power. Using his experience, connections and network of Democrat operatives he imposed his hardworking and frustrated wife on the Party and she seemed to be sailing to the nomination.

The Hollywood cabal was determined that Clinton, who was indifferent, perhaps hostile, to the crucial homosexual agenda, should not control the Presidency. Obama was seen as the ideal candidate for he had no power base, no money, and few intellectual qualifications. He had many other attributes that were appealing to powerful rich men who knew how to make fantasy pass as reality. He was Black (First Black President), he was a Leftist (appealing to the allies of the Media Class), he had the characteristics of an actor (no deep beliefs, vanity, happy to play a great role given the right script), was a shameless liar, his personal history made him both ineligible and vulnerable unless concealed by his masters, and only they knew what his past sexual tastes included.

Obama, during his primary campaign made many trips to Hollywood and was regularly closeted with the billionaires. To the surprise of many, including Bill Clinton, Obama was gifted Hillary’s Great Expectation. Despite all his failings, the MSM has steered and protected Obvama’s White House occupancy. In return he has packed the Federal Judiciary with perverts, Leftists and the vulnerable, has set aside the Constitution, and ignored Congress in order to impose the homosexual agenda of a mere one per cent of the population on first America and now its allies and dependencies.

Many early website visitors dismissed our contention that there was a new Ruling Class and that the main item on its agenda was to place homosexuality and its related moral sicknesses at the heart of society. Today, our contentions can no longer be dismissed as Obama goes off to Kenya to chide Africans for their reluctance to embrace the homosexual agenda of America’s Ruling Class. The mystery is why he has not positioned a successor. Perhaps he has one in mind and is waiting for the right moment to launch her.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton and Bill have reclaimed for her the status of ‘obvious and unopposed’ candidate. The rank-and-file of the modern Democrat Party, shorn of any vestige of morality and addicted to power and the spoils of government, is indifferent to the ever-lengthening Clinton crime record. There is no shame in this Party and its MSM protectors. Until recently it appeared that the Party was united behind Hillary and eager for her to be affirmed.

The Hollywood billionaires are however, unforgiving. The Clintons, no matter how much they now swear allegiance to the ‘gay’ agenda, are up against a hostile Ruling Class cabal with long memories. Some corners of the Media Class and many Democrat Leftists may be happy with Mrs. Clinton, but not the pink Queen-makers of Beverly Hills. Some two months ago articles critical of Hillary began appearing in those MSM outlets that provide signals from the cabal. At the time Rush Limbaugh noted their significance.

The Clinton’s brazen criminality over years, hugely under-reported in the MSM, has had little negative impact on their reputation. Mrs. Clinton’s disastrous period as Secretary of State, where she held the poisoned chalice for Obama, has similarly been white-washed by the Media. The more recent revelations of her use of private emails when at State might have been expected also to be quickly passed over. Since the Congressional Republicans have been unable to hold to account IRS employees and others involved in similar outrageous Government misbehaviors, Mrs. Clinton could surely have assumed that her email transgressions would soon be water under the bridge. Suddenly the MSM is not on her side and bad publicity and talk of a criminal investigation is dogging her campaign.

It is our view that the Media Class intends to desert her, painting her to the rank-and-file as a liability when she finally faces a Republican rival. Perhaps even before then she might find she gets criminally investigated where others have been protected. Who will the Media Class choose to replace her as the anointed one? It may be that Squaw Elizabeth Warren has been instructed to bide her time. However we would not be surprised if Michelle Obama is selected, promoted as the first Black woman President. Some might say that she has no experience and that the office would be too demanding for her limited talents. We would answer that her husband was successfully plucked from obscurity and ignorance yet the MSM has been able to convince the world that he has an outstanding record. The whole Media Class would surely like Obama to continue occupying the White House and completing the revolutionary transformation of the USA.

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