Can Trump Beat The Media Class?

When Donald Trump naively took up the cause of America’s working people and entered the Republican primary contest, he knew he was taking on the Republican Party elite. As a business man, preoccupied with navigating Democrat Party Big City corruption, and paying political dues in exchange for licenses and permissions, he thought he understood enough about America’s rigged system to mount a political challenge to it.

We can assume that Trump, having made enough money to be independent, and increasingly concerned about America’s decline under the Obama regime and its open borders policy, decided he was in a good position to reveal to Americans the inside story of Democratic Party corruption and ineptness, and Republican Party collusion. He (correctly) called it a ‘rigged system’, not realizing just how thoroughly the system is rigged by the MSM,

There was nothing wrong with Trump’s motivation. We believe – and events are confirming – that Trump was both sincere in his mild Nationalism and right about the issues he took up in the Primary contest. America’s working men and many of its older women thought so too – and continue to do so, as his monster rallies demonstrate.

However, Trump and his supporters, were lulled into a false confidence during the primaries, because the Mainstream Media (MSM) that represents the Media Class and its Far Left allies, were happy to fuel Republican Party internal warfare. Generally, the Republican primary field – with a few exceptions (Lindsay Graham, Pataki and Jeb Bush) – was sufficiently conservative/Christian to earn the hatred of the MSM. Trump appeared to be socially liberal (a crucial litmus test for the Media Class), and was effectively destroying the too-Right Republican candidates. Because he was assumed by the Media Class to be a joke candidate who would drop out once the going got tough, the MSM soft-pedaled on him. He and his followers foolishly believed that his Media experience was enabling him to manipulate the MSM.

At the same time, Bernie Sanders, as unlikely a candidate as Trump, was igniting a Far, Far Left rebellion of the young that threatened to divide the Democrat Party and damage the crooked candidate for the Presidency with whom the Media Class was stuck. In the end, as we now know thanks to WikiLeaks, the MSM of the Media Class, in collusion with the Clinton network and Obama, fixed Hillary’s nomination – and Bernie, like all true Leftists, closed ranks with his Party and betrayed his young followers.

Trump was always going to be ruthlessly attacked by the MSM once he was head to head with the anointed Democrat candidate. It has happened to Republican collaborators whenever they have looked like serious candidates. Romney and George Bush are two examples. Whichever Republican emerged from the primary contest as the winner would have been viciously attacked by the whole MSM, unless totally ineffectual. Ted Cruz, as a Constitutionalist and committed traditional Christian would have been destroyed as a killer of pregnant women and responsible for the suicides of homosexuals. The MSM would have ‘discovered’ endless victims.

Trump has ignited Media Class rage beyond anything ever seen in American politics, and forced the MSM to cast off – nay, tear off – the false cloak of neutrality. For starters, he has not only persevered, but strengthened his commitment to winning. He has embraced a stronger Nationalism and mobilized tens of millions of militant patriots. He and his followers have learned that the MSM is the enemy and they are not surrendering. He has evolved from a casual, chatty campaigner into an orator with a potent message.

The Media Class knows that real Nationalism will inevitably embrace and advance socially conservative values, for that is the foundation of a strong people and Nation. Trump has already committed to protecting Christians and Christianity, halting Muslim immigration, restoring a conservative judiciary and law and order on the streets and punishing traitors. In his private life, no matter his indiscretions, he is heterosexual! Trump in the White House will turn back the clock of Revolution and the Media Class and its Far Left allies will resist that at any cost.

If only Trump and his followers had recognized at the beginning that America has been stealthily taken over by a new Revolutionary Class – the Media Class – and that the MSM was and is its most effective weapon, now reinforced by the machinery of the Revolutionary Government of Obama. Then at the beginning he would have candidly admitted his past sexual exploits, explaining that as a member of the Media Class he had laid down with the dogs and caught fleas. He could have said that late in life he had matured and finally paid attention to the moral and physical decline of the Nation. Moreover he should have defined Hillary Clinton and Obama as mere tools of the corrupt Ruling Media Class and challenged the MSM to public debates.

Well, it is a little late now, and the MSM will do anything and everything to destroy him and his followers. Complete ownership of the MSM and near complete ownership of the alternatives, as well as a corrupted government machinery and judiciary, is in the hands of the promoters of Hillary Clinton. Unless enough of the American people prove to be awakened, the Trump campaign is doomed to fail. It is not just up to The Donald, but up to all of us.

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