Burlington Mall Killer Looks Middle Eastern In Official Pics

As soon as news of Friday’s mass shooting in Burlington, Washington State, was reported in the Mainstream Media, the suspected killer was described as a Hispanic. This in itself was odd, since it is now MSM policy to never identify suspects by race or skin color unless the suspect can be described as ‘White’.

Since the unfortunate victims were all women and almost certainly picked at random, the shooting was unlikely to be a gang killing. Hispanics in the USA who kill people are motivated either by passionate relationships or gang revenge. This mall shooting has all the hall-marks of a Muslim ‘lone wolf’ terrorist strike. As I write this article, the alleged killer has not been traced, which is also odd because a mall is not easy to depart from and then vanish after a shooting. Unless the attack has been carefully pre-planned!

As all our website visitors will know by now, in these Revolutionary times, officials mostly conceal information or lie about terror attacks until the Crypto-Muslim in the White House and his staff authorize a story that is politically helpful or least damaging to the Ruling Class agenda.

At this moment in political time Muslim terrorist attacks are not welcome. If Donald Trump wins the White House, such attacks will once again become welcome to the MSM and the Ruling Class as a means of destabilizing his Presidency. However, now they reflect negatively on the Clinton campaign and might help Trump’s.

The problem for the sponsors of Hillary Clinton for President is that American-based ‘lone-wolf Muslims’ cannot be controlled. The agenda of the Islamic Imperialists is not the same as the Internationalist agenda, though the two sometimes run in tandem. The Burlington attack, if it is another act of Muslim terrorism, is bad news for Clinton, the White House, the Democrat Party and the Republican turn-coats. The MSM, the White House and the Clinton war room will be frantically conferencing to concoct an interpretation that places damage-limitation way above truth.

I was disappointed to learn yesterday that Kathy Miller resigned as Mahoning County (Ohio ) chair of the Trump campaign. It looks as if her resignation was at the behest of the Ohio Republican Party. Her ‘crime’ was to speak unvarnished truth about Obama and race rioting. Trump has to tiptoe in Ohio, a State he must win, for Governor Kasich is a turn-coat and oath-breaker and probably looking to sabotage him by using his influence. We can be sure that the Ohio MSM is eager to give the mike to Kasich whenever he has something negative to say about Trump and his deplorable supporters.

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