Bret Stephens Is Racist Anti-White Israel Apologist

Way back when this website began to warn the American people that the Media Class and its Mainstream Media were busy capturing political power by stealth, thanks to the propaganda that was hidden in the News and popular entertainment, we noted that the Wall Street Journal, ostensibly a Conservative Daily, was doctoring the news.

By carefully monitoring the news columns each day we were able after a time to name a number of reporters who consistently planted Far Left propaganda. Over a period of a few years, every one of those we named left the WSJ and reappeared in the Democrat Party’s organization. During the Bush years, we noted a clear-cut division between the Far Left News and Arts sections, and the Opinion pages. Eventually, Media-insider articles appeared that described a constant war between two factions in the Journal.

We have paid much attention to the WSJ over the years for two reasons. One was that all the other ‘great’ newspapers (with the exception of the Washington Times which never reached the West Coast), have marched in a Leftist lockstep. Almost all small, ‘local’ newspapers are also Leftist propaganda organs, validating our contention that the MSM is the voice of a Class.

The other reason we frequently analysed the WSJ’s output was that in this one paper could be found the Media Class’s political moral and Far Left agenda and, what we (mistakenly) considered to be genuine well-informed Conservative opinion. We shared the Journal’s center-page views on the free market, the Constitution, Foreign policy and the lies, deceits and crimes of the Democrat Party and its leaders.

We failed to perceive the difference between the genuine Conservative themes expounded and the hidden Internationalist agenda that some call ‘neo-con’.

On this website we supported – and still do- the initial Bush response to 9/11, though we strongly criticized his failure to stomp the Nation in support of the military, his failure to attack the treacherous Leftists who gave sustenance to the enemy, and his failure to mobilize America’s whole military power to win total victory. There were those anti neo-cons (like us, members of the Broad Right) who opposed the Iraq/Afghan invasions on the basis that they were not motivated by patriotism but by profiteering and Jewish/Israeli interests.

Whilst we do not support isolationism, it has become increasingly clear during the Obama years, that the Republican Party leadership is dominated by neo-cons, who for various reasons, pursue an Internationalist agenda that is un-American. The WSJ’s opinion pages have provided a home and a bully-pulpit for these people. They have been effective in denouncing much of Obama’s Leftist re-distribution/anti Free Market policies but their Internationalist agenda has lurked powerfully just below the surface.

This Internationalist agenda of the neo-cons has resulted in a collaboration between the Republican Congressional leadership and Obama, for the Far Left agenda is also Internationalist. It goes a long way to explaining the lack of Republican opposition in Congress to Obama’s disregard for the Constitution and his Far Left Revolution.

For some time on our website we have denounced Bret Stephens, just as we once denounced by name WSJ reporters who were pumping out propaganda. Stephens, who is a secular Jew, working for a Jewish-dominated newspaper, has increasingly revealed in his writing that he is more concerned with the defense of Israel than with American interests. This is not to imply that all American Jews put Jewish interests first for Michael Savage is the most patriotic and courageous voice on Talk Radio. We have been referring to Stephens as ‘Bret Israel First Stephens’.

One great service Donald Trump has performed (among many) is to place America’s interests at the center of the upcoming election. In doing so he has smoked out the Internationalists who have been hiding in the Broad Right, and they have responded with a fury that exceeds that of the Far Leftists. The Internationalist agenda and the rage against Trump, has finally united the Far Left News of the Journal and its Opinion Page Writers.

Presumably, for most of the (former Broad Right) collaborators in the Republican Party (Romney, Kasich et al) their motives are financial and ambition. But the fury of others reveals a deeper motive and it is a hatred for the ordinary people who made America great. They share this hatred with Obama and his wife.

Bret ‘Israel First’ Stephens has been expressing hatred of Trump supporters for some time and smearing these ordinary decent Americans as 1930’s Nazi Brownshirts. Now, on CNN (Clinton News Network) Stephens (who is a Deputy Editor of the WSJ) has told Fareed Zaharia (another foreigner who now has MSM power) that “Trump’s campaign is increasingly a vision of the privileges of a White ethnic bloc”. He also said “Trump has turned the Republican Party into the White Party”.

So there we have it! Stephen’s has been harboring race hatred all along. He is marching with BLM, Obama and the Far Left in wishing to transfer political power to people of color. Having benefited, like so many, from White America’s willingness to take in refugees from the world, he now advocates taking ownership from them.

I attend a Church whose congregation includes many Orientals and some Asians. They are extremely conservative and patriotic. We White Trump supporters in the congregation have no problems of race for we congregants are all united in support of ‘America First’. But so what if the Trump movement is predominantly White, and what if after a Trump victory, America has a White-dominated government? How will that be bad for anyone in America if the policies are right?

What price an America whose President is pandering to BLM, importing Muslims, paying reparations to the feckless, making trade deals to benefit other Nations and is led by a pathological liar who is busy looting the Treasury?


I will stop buying the Wall Street Journal!

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