Are The Polls Fixed?

The Far Left TV and Radio news networks are all playing the same tune today, and it is that Ben Carson is way ahead of Donald Trump and Marco Rubio is coming up fast on the outside. There is no mistaking the excitement and joy this melody is creating in the newsrooms. Who would have thought that a Seventh Day Adventist and believer in real marriage could be so popular with Media folk?

On this website we strain to be honest, un-blinkered and committed to reality. If the contestant we have put our money on is losing, there is no point in pretending otherwise, for the bookmaker will not pay out to losers. We have to ask ourselves how we came to think that The Donald could possibly win just because he has looked like a winner. Surely, Carson was always the dark horse – and no pun intended?

Carson is a nice guy. Only a Far Leftist, a sexual pervert or an irrational racist could think otherwise. In the debates he has appeared thoughtful, sincere, decent, intelligent, educated and humble. If 2016 ends up being between Ben and Hillary (and any other crook, transgender or Academic Revolutionary that the Democrat Party ultimately chooses) we will gallop to the polls for Ben and with only two reservations. As a Black man, he is as far removed from Obama as a thorough-bred from a mule.

Unfortunately Carson seems soft on the crucial issue of immigration and he appears to lack the fired-up energy that the next President will need to undo years of Presidential mischief.

But wait! We delved deeper into the polls that lurk on the Internet and discovered that there are several released just yesterday and today that show The Donald is lengths ahead of Carson and miles ahead of the rest of the field. The Economist/YouGov National Poll has Trump at 32%, Carson at 18%, Rubio at 11% and Cruz/Bush at 8%. In New Hampshire, the Monmouth University Poll has Trump at 25%, Carson at 16%, Rubio at 13%, Kasich at 11%, Cruz at 9% and poor old Tippy-toes at 7%.

Economist/YouGov National Poll

  1. Donald Trump ——————————– 32%
  2. Ben Carson —————— 18%
  3. Marco Rubio ———– 11%
  4. Ted Cruz ——– 8%
  5. Jeb Bush ——– 8%

Monmouth University New Hampshire Poll

  1. Donald Trump ————————- 25%
  2. Ben Carson —————- 16%
  3. Marco Rubio ————- 13%
  4. John Kasich ———– 11%
  5. Ted Cruz ——— 9%
  6. Jeb Bush ——- 7%

If those polls are not enough to cast doubt on today’s MSM orgasmic ecstasy, news from Florida Decides Poll by Survey USA for local news stations has Trump at 37%, Carson 17%, Rubio 16%, Cruz 10% and poor old Tippy-toes once again an also-ran at 7%. In the same poll Trump leads Clinton 47 to 43 in a Florida 2016 match-up! Since Florida is home turf for both Rubio and Bush, these figures suggest that Trump is not flagging.

Survey USA Florida Poll

  1. Donald Trump ————————————- 37%
  2. Ben Carson —————– 17%
  3. Marco Rubio —————- 16%
  4. Ted Cruz ———- 10%
  5. Jeb Bush ——- 7%

Trump vs. Clinton: Florida Match-Up

  1. Donald Trump ———————————————– 47%
  2. Hillary Clinton ——————————————- 43%

We must keep our feet on the ground and be prepared for disappointment. Maybe Trump has lost ground in some places. For our money he spends too much time taunting rivals and does not always hit hard enough at the real enemy (the Far Left Democrats). We would like him to stake out uncompromising Conservative positions on the Constitution, Supreme Court appointments, States’ Rights, Free Speech, Muslim dangers, Marriage and Christian Rights. Thankfully he is standing firm on immigration, border control and America and Americans first.

He continues to draw huge crowds wherever he goes. The enthusiastic thousands standing shoulder to shoulder and punching fists in the air are clearly not mere sight-seers. Moreover they represent all ages, both sexes and impress this observer as a Nationalist army on the march. It is hard to believe they are melting away or turning to Carson.

We live in Revolutionary times! Our new Ruling Class is dominated by fabulously wealthy individuals who are morally and financially corrupt, and who will stop at nothing to win. What is there to restrain them when their propaganda is King? This means we have to look closely at every poll and not rule out that some results will have been shamelessly fixed.

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  1. I think the polls that say Ben Carson is ahead of Trump are fixed. I think it is wishful thinking by the MSM as Carson will not beat Hillary and Fox who would like to see Bush as the Candidate.

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