Amtrak Engineer is SSM Activist

Last evening, when blogs on the Internet revealed that Brandon Bostian was a homosexual activist for SSM, we decided to lead with an article focusing on this aspect of the tragedy. We assumed that none of the conservative Talk Radio hosts would step into this topic. To our surprise Rush Limbaugh stepped in this morning.

To be fair, Rush has been commenting on the SSM issue for the last couple of weeks and challenging his listeners to account for the overwhelming victories of this small minority over the great Christian majority. Since we only hear small segments of his program we may have missed a correct answer. Anyway, if Rush visited this website he would discover that the explanation is that perverts and libertines, though relatively few in number across America, are pre-eminent in our new Ruling Media Class. Consequently their agenda is at the forefront of the immoral Revolution we now endure and it has, under Obama, the full force of a government and judiciary unshackled from the Constitution and all the propaganda tools of the MSM and Entertainment.

As Rush pointed out this morning, if the Amtrak engineer had been a Tea Party activist, the MSM would have made his politics a core cause of the crash. Since he is literally ‘one of them’ his sexual activities will be considered both irrelevant and off-limits and no business of the public. We can expect the MSM to paint this man in a positive light, despite the facts.

It seems beyond dispute that the train Bostian was driving entered the bend at 106 miles per hour when it should not have been exceeding 50 miles an hour. The result is that the death toll might be as high as 20 and hundreds injured. This is a tragedy for many and costly for all. Bostian has ‘lawyered up’ and is refusing to talk to the police. There is no report that he was drug-tested after the crash and if not tested someone has to answer to this. Car, bus and truck drivers are routinely tested immediately after any collision irrespective of injuries.

It is just possible that inquiries will reveal that the train’s deadly speed was the result of a technical malfunction but it looks much more like Bostian was driving beyond recklessly or he was suicidal. His mental and emotional state is probably key to this event, for 106 miles per hour on the bend is more than just ‘speeding’. 60 or 70 miles per hour is what might be considered reckless ‘speeding’ and 106 miles per hour suggests either drug/alcohol abuse or a death wish.

The details of this train crash suggest parallels with the German airline pilot who recently lured his co-pilot out of the cabin and then took the plane and its many innocent passengers into a mountainside. In an article on this website we speculated that the pilot was a closet homosexual who perhaps frequented the Castro and other homo haunts.

It is relevant that the suicide rate for homosexuals is much higher than for heterosexuals, as is the drug abuse rate. It is common knowledge that homosexual men, pre-occupied with sexual over-activity and unrestrained by conventions, take drugs to greatly enhance sexual performance. They are also excited by risk taking, hence the high incidence of AIDS among well-educated unprotected homosexuals.

On this website we maintain that homosexual activity is fueled by sado/masochistic urges. How else to explain the degrading mechanics of sodomy? This equally applies to heterosexuals who indulge in sodomy and is prevalent in rapes where humiliation is a driving motive.

Human nature is human nature and perverts have always been around. How much is in the genes and how much is caused by early corrupting experience is not our concern here and we think those sadly afflicted must be tolerated and not cruelly treated as in Islamic countries. Neither should it be normalized and promoted by the State. Unfortunately here in America we are now being ruled by a revolutionary Ruling Class intent on doing just that by stealth.

It may be that unhealthy and self-destructive homosexual practices have played a significant part in the Amtrak crash and the German plane crash. If the ruling Media Class, its MSM and the Obama government have their way we will never know.

The unfolding Clinton scandals should be good news for all the Republican Presidential hopefuls and the fact that somewhere within the ruling Media Class there is a cabal that is giving them MSM publicity suggests that Mrs. Clinton’s campaign will not survive. It is a fact that on this website we allege that some two decades ago the Democrat Party was purged of traditionalists and patriots. Nevertheless it is depressing to learn that the Clinton scandals and blatant Clinton corruption have hardly dented the support for her of the Democrat rank-and-file.

Some claim that these supporters are Latinos and other minorities who are the products of corrupt Third World cultures. We think not! We think that it is White American-born Democrats who are indifferent to corruption and who are attracted by abandonment of principles. The Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer truly represent a rank-and-file of White Union members, teachers and welfare dependents who care nothing for honest government, the Ten Commandments and Western values. Vested interests in government largesse explains some of this but surely much of it is down to the grip that MSM entertainment has on a population that has been corrupted by television and Hollywood for decades.




  1. All Amtrak locomotives are equipped with “inward” facing cameras. The Black Box was retrieved as well as the [visual] activities of the engineer and the feds is well aware of–as to what exactly happened. The engineer wanted to be the next German pilot but panicked! How can it be that he was not aware of what happened three minutes prior to the accident? Locomotives are equipped with safety (alerters) that requires the engineer to acknowledge every 15 seconds. Immediately after the train stopped, the engineer somehow located his phone without recalling prior events that happened. This is simply an unlawful cover-up by the NTSB.

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