Alert!! Obama Dismisses Constitution – A Plan of Action!

On this website we have long argued that the Democrat Party, its leaders and its cadres are marching quite consciously to totalitarianism. No doubt many visitors assumed we were indulging in hyperbole. For the record, we never indulge in hyperbole and when, back in 2009, we described Obama as a revolutionary psychopath, it was because that was our considered opinion. We also consider Pelosi and Reid to be Stalinist party apparatchiks, which is to say coldly fanatical, relentless, unforgiving, ideologically intolerant, ruthless and vengeful. A combination of personality and doctrine- lacking conscience and rationalizing it with the insane belief that they are marching with history – justifies them seeking to suppress all opposition.  Not tolerating any opposition in society is the short and fast road to totalitarianism. A Party leadership that efficiently purges all internal opposition –as the Democrat Party and Public Service Unions have long done1  – is certainly not going to tolerate external opposition once it has its hands on the levers of Federal power and the tools of suppression.

Some time ago, when Obama began issuing lawless executive orders and Harry Reid began stifling Senatorial debate, we believed that all the Republicans in Congress should walk out and refuse to return until he obeyed the Constitution. Unfortunately we never included this sound advice on our website as many events and new topics distracted us. A President deliberately deviating from the Constitution and behaving lawlessly was surely the point at which Republicans should have called a halt to the sham of ‘politics as usual’ and they should have vacated the empty shell that Congress had become.

With his well- telegraphed Executive Order (EO) yesterday, Obama is deliberately doing much more than unilaterally and illegally making immigration law. He is changing America’s sacred government process (with a revolutionary act) and throwing down a challenge to the opposition to dare stand in his way. It is, unless he is stopped, the way he will continue to govern from now on, a hostile Senate notwithstanding. As we constantly repeat on this website, we are experiencing this revolutionary act because we are almost into the 7th year of a revolution and because Obama represents a historically revolutionary new Class. He would not be acting in this way except that he is obeying the will of his masters and knows that his masters’ Mainstream Media will provide the necessary propaganda support. Furthermore he is surely confident that the Supreme Court, which he has supplemented with comrades and suborned its leader, will rule in his favor.

So far it appears that the Republican opposition (and despite its obvious shortcomings it is the only legislative opposition we have at National level) is desperately fishing around to find procedural ways to stop him. We can expect that Obama and his comrades have long anticipated such procedural ways and are confident that they can either be ignored (just as he is ignoring the Constitution), or faced down by Media and DOJ intimidation. Still there is nothing wrong with pursuing them as long as it is understood that they will almost certainly be ineffective.

At this stage, so late in the day, it is hard to put forward a foolproof strategy for resistance but there is no doubt that this EO has enraged everyone on the Right and many middle-of-the road Americans. This widespread rage provides an opportunity to mobilize massive democratic forces. We suggest that the whole Republican Congress in unity publicly give Obama a very limited time to withdraw the EO, with the promise that at the expiration of that time all walk out of Congress. They should initially go to their constituencies and hold mass public meetings of protests and request Republican-governed State reps to join in. They should lead street marches in their States and bring Federal Government agencies to a standstill with mass picketing. Just as importantly they should announce that the election for Senator in Louisiana will be turned into a referendum on the EO and other illegal acts that Obama has already taken. All Republican Congressmen should at some point then descend on Louisiana to campaign for a record voter turn-out and a record-breaking Republican victory. It would be impossible for the MSM to ignore such action and it would steadily turn up the temperature of national protest.

It is likely that the Democrats and Obama would then attempt to counter-campaign in Louisiana, thus turning the election into an open confrontation chosen by our side and where the scenario is favorable. If you think this strategy and these tactics have validity please post them on Twitter and Facebook and send them to Republican Congressmen and conservative websites. We on this website are not seeking recognition or credit, only to put forward actions that will restore lawful government and bring about the defeat of revolutionary forces.


1. There is not one Democrat representative who supports real marriage, opposes abortion or opposes amnesty.

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