Ailes and O’Reilly: Victims of Fox News Purge?

Roger Ailes sudden death yesterday will make little difference to the fortunes of the Broad Right, as Ailes was driven out of the Mainstream Media world and Fox News many months ago. For the record, Ailes was an ally of the Broad Right and more than anyone else responsible for the rise of Fox News when, as a source of honest political news, it was the maverick of the Mainstream Media.

This website has no illusions about Rupert Murdoch and Fox News, for there is no part of the MSM that is not infested with perverts and Far-Leftists. But under Ailes, Fox News attempted to provide balance. Because it was the only channel that gave a voice to conservative commentators and reported news favorable to Republican politicians, Fox built a Broad Right audience and prospered.

Ailes had a history of working for Republican politicians, which made him unique in the Media world. We can presume that Murdoch employed him simply to find an audience and popularize his TV channel.

As the Media Class grew in power, developed its Far-Left political and social agenda, and then in 2008 captured the White House for the implementation of a revolution, Fox News and Ailes could not be tolerated. Ailes was in the cross-hairs of the Media Class, and probably the Murdoch family was ready to compromise with the rest of its Media Class comrades.

The Trump campaign and counter-revolutionary victory has left no room for Class mavericks, for civil war is civil war. Ailes was suddenly the target of multiple allegations of sexual harassment of women employed in the Media. He denied the allegations but was forced into a resignation.

Murdoch was almost certainly waiting for such an opportunity so that he can steer Fox News into line with the rest of the MSM. We can expect that all the Fox News conservatives that Ailes recruited will soon be purged by one means or another.

Whether Roger Ailes over the years propositioned Media women and even went further, we shall never know. The rise of politically-driven Feminism within the MSM, and the victory of Far-Left political correctness, has succeeded in criminalizing the natural process of men seeking women partners.

Just as no Black men can be guilty of racism when dealing with White men, so no women can be guilty of improper behavior in their dealings with men. The Media Class/Far-Left has created a society in which a woman is always the victim and a mere accusation is sufficient to prove guilt.

Certainly, some men have used their superior strength and some have used economic power to exploit women, but an honest view of male/female relations tells us that many women have used sexual attraction to gain advantages and exploit men.

Anyone who spends 5 minutes looking at TV will be struck by the preponderance of glamorous women exploiting their sexual attraction – only we are not supposed to mention it.

TV and all parts of the MSM have grown out of the movie world and we know that Hollywood and related industries are oiled by sexual exploitation of both women and men. Sexual predators of both sexes prowl the corridors, offices and sets.

As realists, we on this website assume that most who enter the Media world are already morally corrupt and calculating, and those who are initially innocent are soon willingly seduced or trapped.

Just as the fleshpots and swamps of Washington D.C. entice and entrap conservative politicians from the boondocks, so the TV world compromises all who enter. The problem is that the Ruling Class Alliance has the power to select who is shamed, with the added power that only on the Right is sexual morality measured.

We could go back to the Kennedy’s to note the power of the MSM to cover up for its allies whilst ruining its opponents.

From now on, any conservative, Christian or Nationalist who manages to enter the Media world – and not many will – should ensure that he is surrounded with family members at all times.

Whether Ailes and O’Reilly succumbed to temptation we will never know, but the timing of the accusations against them suggests to us on this website that they have been singled out in pursuit of a political purge.

The whole of the MSM needs to be purged by the Broad Right and many accounts settled.

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