A Muslim Strikes In Nice

Those naughty Muslims keep getting ahead of the Ruling Class script and making things difficult for Obama, Clinton, the Far Left Democrat Party and America’s Mainstream Media. It is getting increasingly difficult for those in charge of propaganda to maintain in the public’s mind a disconnect between terrorism in the West and the Imperialist war of expansion being waged by the world’s Muslims of the Islamic Faith.

Making things even more difficult for the propagandists of our Revolution is that in Nice, hundreds of victims were mangled by a truck and many more were saved by gunfire. It will be extremely difficult for the smooth-tongued crypto-Muslim in our White House to blame the Nice massacre on guns in the hands of citizens. France, like the UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Scandinavia, San Francisco, New York and Massachusetts, is a civilized, grown-up, gun free zone!

If the good citizens of Nice had been armed, the death toll would have been much lower, for some brave souls would have been able to resist the Muslim killer early in his rampage. It is widely reported that the Muslim, alleged to be of Tunisian extraction, had a truck full of guns, as well as explosives. It is not difficult to foresee how America’s good citizens, once disarmed by Democrat gun laws, will be sitting ducks not only for rampaging Muslims with truckloads of guns and explosives, but for armed Black Lives Matter angry activists, Black Panthers, home invaders and those enforcing political correctness if Clinton wins the Presidency.

Despite what the crypto-Muslim in the White House would have us believe, a large minority of the world’s huge Muslim population is signed up for a war to expand a revived Islam’s Imperial rule. The warriors who are beheading, boiling, acidifying and enslaving those who are not sufficiently subservient, are following to the letter, the Koran. They are practicing Muslims, no more, no less! The fact that they are spread across many Nation States whose governments are not officially at war with us, does not alter the reality that Muslims are making war on us.

We are entreated by the crypto-Muslim not to see any connection between practicing Muslims and Islamic terror. Back in 1941, would Obama have been telling us that the Nazi war machine and the German people were unconnected? Or that the Japanese war machine sweeping down through Asia was not representative of the Japanese people?

It is clear that America’s Far Left and its Black allies intend to turn the Cleveland Republican Convention into a battleground, just as they have attempted to turn every Trump rally into a riot. We must infer from this that they do not intend to accept a Trump victory in November. They are sending a message that they will not accept an election result if it halts their march to final power. If The Donald wins he will immediately face a massive attempt to make America ungovernable by violence on the streets. The Revolution can only be halted by a civil war and the Broad Right must be prepared for it.

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