White Lives Matter

Here are three crimes that the whole Media, bar the Internet, will conceal. We ask our website visitors to consider why even locally-owned newspapers, the AP and Reuters march in lockstep in not reporting the Black on White and Black on Asian violent crime that is now common-place across the USA.

Delbert Belton an 88 year-old World War 2 veteran, was sitting in his car outside an Eagle Lodge in Spokane when two young Black men decided to rob him. He must have presented an easy target for not only was he old but he was also small. Mr. Belton was ‘unarmed’- a favorite Media word when Black youths with criminal histories confront policemen and security guards. For all we know he might well have bought some ‘skittles’ (MSM detail meant to conjure up innocence) prior to getting back into his car. He had his whole retirement in front of him and was about to turn his life around but his mistake was in being White skinned.

We all know that ‘White Lives Matter’ because much-publicized demonstrations of unemployed Whites and radicalized students march with placards that say so. Indeed these demonstrators feel so strongly that they invade shopping malls and halt commuter traffic on Freeways to disrupt the comfort of those whose lives are too comfortable. Furthermore the President of the USA adds his voice to the message and his DOJ spends much time rooting out anyone who might have said anything negative about White War veterans, White female students who get themselves abducted and murdered, and White 16 year-old school boys.

88 year old Mr. Belton was murdered in 2013 and this week one of his two killers was brought to trial in Spokane. We are grateful to the Free Republic website which on February 6th posted up an excerpt from the Spokane Spokesman-Review by Rachel Alexander.

Kenan Adams-Kinnard, a Black 17 year old, admitted to the killing and was sentenced to 20 years, though as a juvenile under Washington State law he is unlikely to serve anything like 20 years. According to local reports Adams-Kinnard’s father is a career criminal. The youth’s mother told the Court before sentencing that her son “is a sweet kid with a good spirit and went to Church”.

Demetrius Glenn who, prosecutors allege, took part in the robbery and murder of 88 year old war veteran Mr. Belton has pleaded not guilty and will face trial in March.

In the State of Virginia, Jesse Matthew, a Black man aged 33, has just been charged with the abduction and murder of White student Hannah Graham aged 18. Miss Graham, a student at the University of Virginia was ‘unarmed’ and may have been buying skittles when she was abducted and murdered. There is no doubt, though the MSM will not say so, that she had her whole life in front of her and was about to turn it around. It seems likely that Miss Graham was the victim of a sex crime. Mr. Matthew will also face two charges of sexual assault dating back to 2005. We await with bated breath MSM reports of major sex crimes against five other White women for which Mr. Matthew may be charged. Since Mr. Matthew, like Mr. Glenn, has not yet been tried, we will not assume guilt, though the MSM found George Zimmerman and Policeman Darren Wilson guilty before trial or Grand Jury decision.

This week in Greensburg, Pa. Ryan Morgan, a 16 year old White school boy, was found dead in his Jeannette home after his mother received evidence of his death shown on a ‘selfie’ taken by his alleged Black killer. It is alleged that the killer, also aged 16, posted the ‘selfie’ to a friend with a boastful message that may have been racial in content. No doubt the MSM, when it reports this murder, will continually mention that poor Ryan was ‘unarmed’, and was a child. It will probably show a photo of Ryan as an elementary school child!!

Forgive the sarcasm, but what other responses can we have when Black on White crimes are so frequent and go unrecorded by the Media- the same Media that swamps the public with the rare deaths of Black criminals who have been properly confronted by the forces of law and order? It not only reports them ad nauseam but outrageously twists the facts in pursuit of a Media Class narrative.

Hardly a week goes by but an urban shopping mall near to a Black ‘community’ is invaded and violently disrupted by large numbers of Black youths who take advantage of the mayhem to loot at will. These incidents (which incidentally never show up in official crime stats) usually appear in ‘colorblind’ local Media reports and never make it to the MSM. Only those who search the Internet are aware of this growing Black-on-others violence which is surely a result of ghetto awareness that ‘their people’ are now running things from the White House and DOJ.

In case any website visitor thinks this article is driven, not by a regard for facts, but by racial prejudice, we salute Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for his lonely stand for Constitutional law regarding the issue of the obscene and grotesque same-sex ‘marriage’. It is clearer than ever that some members of the Supreme Court should never have passed Congressional scrutiny, as their oaths of office were dishonest from the start. Others, who may have started out with integrity, have now succumbed to cowardice, intimidation or blackmail by the small but all-powerful homosexual network that lies at the heart of the Ruling Media Class. We always maintained that the homosexual agenda occupied center position for our Revolutionary new Rulers when Obama received the blessing of the Hollywood billionaires in 2007.

Who now can doubt the Ruling Class power of this small and unpopular network of degenerate libertines? The Constitution, States’ Rights and popular votes are being swept aside, not for marriage (for only Biblical-believing traditionalists any longer care about it) but as the gateway to Government-imposed complete sexual license. The Oregon baker who experienced common-sense disgust when asked to bake a cake for a two-man ‘marriage’ and refused to be humiliated, is to be fined $150,000 under the Oregon Equality Act. This punitive penalty, which will bankrupt the baker, is intended to serve as a warning to all citizens that from now on two plus two makes five, the heresy of heresies is common sense and no-one is permitted to believe their eyes and ears. See our previous article quoting George Orwell’s 1984 predictions!

Does Brian Williams, anchor of NBC Nightly News fame feel publicly humiliated as more and more of his fanciful stories are dredged up? It now appears that he is a serial liar with a long history of fairy tales concerning his fearlessness as a MSM reporter. The oft-repeated helicopter episode that some soldiers revealed to be outright invention is not the only invention of Lyin’ Brian. His Katrina (New Orleans hurricane) recollections of dead bodies floating by his hotel window and his brush with death in that disaster have proven to be ‘reporter’s license’. So many of his lies are now being broadcast on Conservative Talk Radio that his career at NBC may be over.

Those of us who consider the MSM is all lying propaganda can enjoy Lyin’ Brian’s discomfort, but we should remember that the masses who rely on the MSM for news are unaware of the extent of his transgressions. Sadly, many Americans who have succumbed to Media Class/Leftist indoctrination do not really care much about truth, anyway. How else can we explain the continuing careers of the lying Clintons or the adulation of the current liar in the White House? We can be sure that the executives who manage NBC have no concern for truth for they are in the business of propaganda. They are now between a rock and a hard place for if the Right succeeds in revealing Lyin’ Brian’s tall tales to a wider audience, NBC loses credibility even with the cynical and the simple-minded. On the other hand if they dismiss him it is an admission of past collusion. One solution is for Lyin’ Brian to resign claiming stress and fade away with a golden handshake.

In Venezuela, the Revolutionary Socialist Government has been seizing supermarkets, confiscating food stocks and arresting store managers for ‘food hoarding’. If the hoarded food is redistributed to the poor there will be much satisfaction and the government will be popular. Such rejoicing however will be short-lived for Governments can redistribute food and wealth but not create either. The politics of envy always leads to shortages and increasing poverty. This is why Nationalist Parties should avoid Socialist economics.

In Greece a majority of voters have elected a Government that intends to go further down the path of redistribution, though it is the wealth of their European neighbors that their new leaders hope to redistribute. Greek Socialist Prime Minister Tsipras is gambling that Germany’s taxpayers will continue to subsidize his Nation rather than risk the break-up of the EU. We think Merkel will blink and the Greeks will be placated with Euro inflation that will in turn slyly spread the cost across Europe’s workers and savers. A Greek exit from the EU and a corresponding Greek bankruptcy will have many accidental consequences.

Meanwhile Merkel also has to worry about Ukraine and an American President (Ally) who has been placed in power by Hollywood billionaire perverts solely to spread sodomy around the world.

Global Warming Watch

Do not believe your lying eyes! All that record cold and snowfall in the North East does not signify anything other than MMGW. The Liar–in-Chief this morning reiterated that MMGW is a bigger threat to Americans than Islamic terrorism. He said this before once more jetting back to California. Can we suppose that Al Gore, the King of Climate Change fear is wrapped in blankets and shivering in his mansion?

Here in middle California we had a lot of rain over the weekend. Last night we had frost as the rain clouds departed. Seems like normal winter weather!

Music Choice

My young son, who has been spared modern Pop, Rock and Television and enjoyed Home Schooling, suggests that ‘Joseito’ by Poncho Sanchez will brighten your day. This track comes from the excellent 2000 CD album “Soul of the Conga”. This is Man’s music and not for those who have been raised on the whining and strumming of the pimpled and pansied. You have been warned!

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