Trump’s Success Encouraging Resistance?

There is now no doubt that the slanted Fox News Republican debate in Ohio and the Media-orchestrated ‘war on women’ blitz which followed has failed to halt Trump’s advance in the opinion polls. All polls reveal his lead over his nearest Republican rival -whoever that may be- is in double digits and in several respected polls he has passed 30% support. In contrast, Bush’s substantial drop in support is reflected in every one. Surprisingly, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, touted by experts as a favorite, has also slumped.

The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, hardly a poll sympathetic to Trump given that Reuters is a major Media Class propaganda organ, puts Our Donald on 24% and Bush next on 12%. NBC’s latest has Trump on 23% and Cruz next at 13%. The only conclusion we can draw is that at this time some 25% of Republican voters prefer Our Donald to any other candidate despite the best efforts of the MSM, the Republican establishment, and Erick Erickson’s delicate womenfolk to eliminate him.

Reuters Poll

———————— Donald Trump 24%

———— Jeb Bush 12%

NBC Poll

———————– Donald Trump 23%

————- Ted Cruz 13%

———– Ben Carson 11%

——– Carly Fiorina 8%

——– Marco Rubio 8%

The expert opinion was that once Trump was put on the debate platform alongside the political pro’s – and especially Bush- he would reveal his lack of appeal and his support would plummet. Instead, it is the pro’s who have failed to appeal, none more than Bush and Walker. It is interesting that both Bush and Walker were able to boast of successful governorships yet have not impressed the rank-and-file. This is also true of Rick Perry, who is now almost out of the running.

Rush Limbaugh has been saying much about the rage that many rank-and-file conservatives have been bottling up as McConnell, Boehner and their minions have prostrated themselves before the intellectually empty suit in the White House, and the MSM‘s vultures. Certainly there is conservative rage about unconstrained public spending, ObamaCare, the Iran deal, Benghazi, the IRS scandal and several other examples of outrageous unlawful White House actions which the Congressional Republican leadership has refused to impede. Rush has also had much to say in support of Trump’s forthright denunciation of Obama’s brazen open borders policies.

We believe however that the rage runs deeper still and that many conservatives (mostly men) are seething over the Supreme Court imposition of SSM and the loss of free speech that predictably accompanied it. And now, as Blacks riot and loot in Ferguson yet again and stomp their protests across cities and across the approving headlines of the MSM, an increasing number of White working men have had enough.

The appearance of armed White Oath Keepers on the streets of Ferguson may be the first indication that the seeds of a civil war are breaking through the surface. Ever since Obama signaled from the White House that Black assertiveness on the streets had his endorsement, Black violence against Whites, Asians, property owners and policemen has grown in boldness. The MSM’s shameless and cavalier treatment of facts when creating a narrative of Black victimization may have fooled many but an increasing number of White men are ready to resist.

The absence up to now of visible White protest is not only accounted for by White guilt and materialism but also because people who work, support their families and have mortgages cannot take time off to riot. On this website we realize that those Oath Keepers who took their guns on to the streets of Ferguson are a small cadre but perhaps they will ignite the flame of resistance.

Civil wars rarely engage big numbers of people at their commencement but are started by the most militant and those with little to lose. Often too, behind the scenes are sinister forces providing resources. No-one in the MSM asks how the young Blacks and White Trotskyites who are organizing ‘Black Lives Matter’ violence have the time and money to take their violent protests all over America. Certainly George Soros is funding Leftist revolutionary groups and encouraging ‘direct action’. He assumes that conservatives have lost the will to resist.

It may be that Donald Trump’s spirited challenge to the Republican establishment and the MSM, by revealing a groundswell of rage over borders and mass immigration, has ignited direct action among counter-revolutionaries . The Oath Keepers on the streets of Ferguson may be telling us that there are White men who have now found their voice and their guns. The Black mobs that Obama, Soros and the MSM have unleashed are engaged in violence and demands that can only be resisted by force. If the State is unwilling to resist with force, then frustrated angry men may act. This is America and not Europe!




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