Trump’s Deflation Of Lewis Bodes Well

For those on the Broad Right who fear that Trump will lose his backbone once in the White House, his readiness to put John Lewis in his place, signaled that The Donald is ‘not for turning’ – as Margaret Thatcher famously said about herself.

On this website we are sick and tired of Congressmen who are supposed to be forever above criticism, no matter what they do or say, because they once did something that required courage. Such protection from criticism, conferred by the Mainstream Media only on those who are selected to suit a Media Class/Leftist agenda, has greatly benefited Democrat Representative Lewis and Republican John McCain.

Let us set aside the fact that countless thousands of military men, public safety workers, and anonymous civilians, have performed brave deeds, and then have had to deal with life with no special protections or considerations. What is it that sets Lewis and McCain above criticism for ever?

Senator Joe McCarthy was a tail-gunner in the Second World War and faced death in many flights, as did all who flew in bombers. He did so as a young American patriot. Joe later entered politics, and as a patriot brought to public notice the infiltration of America’s government machine by Communist agents of Russia.

Unfortunately for hero Joe, in doing so he incurred the wrath of the MSM, the hatred of the Hollywood Reds and Far Left Academia, as well as the Republican Bill Kristol’s of his day. Joe’s wartime bravery did not make him an ‘icon’ beyond reproach. Far from it, he became MSM- maligned right up to the present day, his wartime exploits counting for nothing.

On any honest assessment, Joe McCarthy’s courage matched Lewis’s march at Selma and other demonstrations, yet it is never mentioned in the MSM. Enough said!

Lewis, who has lived well for decades as a Congressman, done nothing of note, and has played the race card as a member of the self-styled racist Black Caucus at every opportunity, once again fanned America’s racial division by denouncing the new President-elect as not legitimate, and refusing to attend the Inauguration. Neither move took any courage for Lewis knows full well that the MSM, the obscenely privileged Media Class celebrities, and his Far Left comrades have his back.

The view of this website is that the more the ‘icons’ of ‘civil rights, Democrat Congressmen, Pop warblers and strummers, Pansy Boys, and Hollywood creators of fantasy, stay away from the Inauguration, the more integrity the celebrations will enjoy. As for Bill Kristol, Evan McMullin and Ben Sasse, thank you for reminding us that you are overdue a visit to the cleaners.

It is only five days away from a Presidency that promises a lot of cleaning, and Trump not only put Lewis in his place, but, under fire, doubled down with truth-telling. That is heartening indeed!

For the last eight years, it has become clear that nothing that is said and written by this Government and its Agencies can be believed. We can now hope that when the Trump appointees take their places and set about purging the Far Left liars, we shall be able to believe Government statistics, forecasts and pronouncements. A bright new world is about to dawn.

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