Trump Towers In Dayton, Ohio

No, the title is not a pun, for Donald Trump, speaking in a giant aircraft hangar in Dayton on Saturday afternoon, towered over his rivals. Before a massive audience of almost 30,000, he resumed his exhausting political Odyssey, only interrupted by Red and Black thugs in Chicago, and captivated those Ohioans who yearn for America to be great again.

Belying his years, he appeared as fresh, humorous, relaxed, energized, enthusiastic and sharp as ever- perhaps even more so. We strongly recommend that those who have not visited this Dayton rally on the Internet, do so, for Trump seems to get better and better with each rally. We do not have the time to follow all his meetings on the Internet, so it is possible that there have been others that were even more impressive, but this one was a corker.

The successful Soros-sponsored attack on American democracy in Chicago, clearly had done nothing to dampen Trump’s spirits or deter him from a delivery of unambiguous, spontaneous free speech. With no loss of fervor, he re-iterated his intention to restore America’s borders, safety and jobs once in the White House.

Cruz’s desertion from the common ground of the Right, in a desperate search for Media approval, releases this website from restraint. He has long seemed to us too calculating, shallow in his use of Christianity, narrow-minded, clever but too clever to be sincere, and promoting ideology devoid of the common touch.

Donald Trump, whose outsize boasting is quickly revealed as self-deprecating humor, is a man of the people. His impromptu speeches -almost becoming conversations with his audience – are masterpieces of interesting stream-of consciousness diversions that never fail to regain the main trail. It is our opinion that Trump hides nothing from his audiences. He may fall short of the Conservatism that some of us would like to hear; his sentences may leave much to be desired; and we might wish for more intellectual content, but he is, we think, absolutely honest. These rallies reveal a Donald far removed from the self-advertising businessman/showman that the Media portrayed for years. We have no doubt that he is simply motivated by a love for America, its people and its history.

He has undertaken this long, challenging and expensive primary campaign, not for personal gain or out of vanity, but for love of country and a belief, born of business success, that he is in a position to restore its ailing fortunes. For those, including us, who thought he would soon be deterred by the challenges and odds ranged against him, Dayton was proof that he has what it takes to persevere. No doubt he is sustained in the face of all that the Ruling Class, its allies and our deserters are throwing at him, by the mass movement he has ignited.

The attack on him on stage, foiled by the Secret Service guards, was further evidence that Trump, in taking on the Ruling Class agenda and being a true voice for Americans, is putting his life at great risk. The MSM, the White House, the Far Left and the renegades who blame him for the violence inflicted on him and his supporters, are deliberately signaling approval of an assassination.

One of the slurs employed by the WSJ’s internationalist scribblers is that Trump is a ‘populist’. We have reached the conclusion that in these Revolutionary times, when a Ruling Class has so many either bought or intimidated, a self-funding populist is preferable to the politicians who are bought- and -paid for.

Tuesday’s primaries are the most crucial so far and may even identify the rightful Republican Presidential candidate. Most voters will not be seeing the Trump of the rallies and some will be prejudiced by the MSM propaganda of lies, believing that Trump causes violence. Cruz, Rubio and Kasich may prosper from their perfidy. We have to hope that in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and North Carolina, the patriots will flock to the polls and choose the man who really wants to make America great again.

Snow Global Warming Watch Snow

Steady rain for a night and a day, perhaps the last of the winter’s late gift, will likely save California from severe drought his year. It will merely postpone the crisis caused by greedy and foolish population growth and politically-inspired immigration. There has been no El Nino!

Just to put climate variations in perspective, Troy in New York State had its highest recorded temperature of 108F on July 22nd 1926. Nearby Old Forge had its lowest recorded temperature of minus -52F on February 18th 1979.

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