Trump-Style Law And Order Needed In Milwaukee

Wisconsin is in the news again. Last week it was the Republican primary for a House seat and now its largest town is experiencing more lawlessness and disorder. Not so many years ago it seemed that Milwaukee was the home of violent public service union thugs attempting to retake control of the Governor’s mansion but now it is the turn of Black Lives Matter thugs to put Milwaukee and Wisconsin on the map.

As I write (Sunday afternoon in California), Republican Governor Scott Walker has the State’s National Guard on alert, anticipating that with darkness a deprived minority will be seeking to fill Christmas stockings. Led by Black Lives Matter (BLM), the equal opportunities crowd last night took an opportunity to burn down several buildings in their neighborhood and practice some self-help.

It all started when a Black police officer shot and killed Sylville Smith, a 23 year old Black male with a long criminal history in a short life, and a loaded revolver. His car was stopped by the police, who probably had every reason to question the occupant Smith, who, it appears decided to shoot it out and lost a brief life packed with crime. Like magic, some 100 Black youths gathered, began throwing stones at the police and then set fire to a police car. Despite some reinforcements, the police failed to hold the small crowd in check and soon several businesses were torched and looted. When a gas station was also set on fire, the firemen were driven off and some reports say shots were fired by the mob.

On-the-spot information from all quarters – except the Mainstream Media – report that the Black mob sought out White car drivers passing by and attacked the occupants whilst shouting racial insults and threats (Hate Crimes?). Without doubt this is a race riot, a Black police officer notwithstanding.

Let us digress for just a moment to ask how all last night’s crime ( and maybe tonight’s) is being accurately recorded. We hear so much from Leftist academics and Government officials that violent crime, theft and robbery have declined as a result of the pussyfooting police tactics demanded by Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ). It is this website’s contention that a tiny percentage of the crimes committed in these race riots is recorded, making a nonsense of official statistics.

Since only around 100 Black thugs started the riot in the presence of the police, it is certain that the Milwaukee police were in defensive mode. As a consequence several businesses have been torched and looted and White (maybe Asian also) citizens attacked. Another possible consequence is that this riot will become more of an insurrection tonight, for we can be sure that Governor Walker will be very hesitant to use force with the National Guard. He will be fearful of the MSM headlines on Monday, quickly followed by an ‘investigation’ from the Revolutionary arm of the Obama regime which operates under the title DOJ.

This latest Milwaukee rumble poses a dilemma for the Far Left MSM and the Obama administration. Whilst they all lust for more of this Black lawlessness, they will be mindful that it might just translate into White and Asian votes for Donald Trump. What is predictable is that the MSM will go flat out to portray the violence and crime as a justified ‘protest’, describe the neighborhood and its inhabitants as underprivileged, jobless and victimized by society, and take every opportunity to hand the microphone to ‘protestors’ and Far Left academic ‘experts’ for interpretation and the allocation of blame.

NBC and xfinity headlines today begin with more bad news for Trump. The Milwaukee riots, initially given second place, soon disappeared altogether. It is doubtful if a Muslim terrorist nuclear attack on a major US city could displace a negative Trump headline at this time, so dedicated is the MSM to Trump’s destruction.

Donald Trump is the Law and Order candidate in this election contest and there is no doubt that from the White House he would decisively reverse the Obama policies and edicts that are stoking Black violence and crime. Real Law and Order (not arbitrary law and lawlessness) are conservative shibboleths yet we see that the Republican deserters to Clinton, are doing so in the name of advancing conservatism. What liars they are!

Politico Magazine is an organ of the Far Left and it never prints anything that might harm the Obama/Clinton agenda. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend to our website visitors a long and detailed Politico article by Paul H Jossey titled “How We Killed the Tea Party”.

I only donate to the NRA, one veterans organization, and the National Organization for Marriage. I never give to any of the many solicitations for money from PACS. I always suspected that the so-called Tea Party PACS were a poor investment of my money, but I never realized that most were outright scams. Mr. Jossey names names, and I am sure he is telling us the truth. Members of the Broad Right need to be alerted. Incidentally, Trump comes out of this lilywhite.

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