Trump Stumbles

Despite national opinion polls showing Donald Trump continuing to rise, some of his comments in the Mainstream Media (MSM) at the weekend revealed at best a lack of judgment and at worst a worrying opportunism. They will not help him win more support.

He must know that the MSM’s troops are constantly attempting to ambush him and that any slip on his part will be hugely magnified and promoted within the hour. The MSM has several motives. The first is to paint him as an empty showman, a self-promoting braggart with a dangerously poor grasp on the serious matters of State. This is a long-term strategy, looking mainly ahead to the Presidential elections should he be Clinton’s opponent.

The second is to label him as a bigot, a racist, and a male chauvinist, anticipating that these labels will peel off any support from brainwashed young people, Latinos, Blacks and single women. This too is a long-term strategy for November 2016.

The third motive is to take him down among conservative Republicans in the here and now by exacerbating divisions within the Conservative/Nationalist ranks. At the moment, as he is the front-runner and Cruz is his closest competitor, the MSM salivates over divisions between them.

Trump’s weekend attacks on Cruz were regrettable, not because he has no right to be critical of a competitor, but because they were cheap shots, and very welcome to the Republican elite. Cruz has never “screamed” at his Senatorial colleagues and ever since he entered the Senate he has, along with Lee, Sessions and a handful of Republicans, fought a principled campaign upholding the Constitution and traditional values.

It is perfectly legitimate for Trump to point out that such a campaign within Congress pays few dividends and that his own campaign from without and against Congress, is the road to a real victory. It is why we have supported Trump over Cruz thus far.

When however his criticism of Cruz boils down to an accusation that denouncing and opposing the Republican collaborators in Congress was wrong, and that he would seek to make deals with them, alarm bells go off.

Worse than his attack on Cruz however, was his attack on Justice Scalia. We believe this was rank opportunism. Trump has been somewhat successful in repudiating (groundless) MSM-orchestrated accusations of racial prejudice. It is obvious to all but the ignorant tribal inhabitants of the inner cities, that Trump cares nothing about the color of people’s skins. The Black race-baiters, their Far Left White comrades and the MSM know this, but lies and smears are their stock-in-trade.

To counteract the lies and smears, he has paraded Trump-supporting Black citizens and Pastors at his rallies. This is an effective tactic, the sort that Trump has mastered, and no doubt it has frightened the Revolutionaries of the Far Left Democrat Party and the MSM. They will have been worrying that Trump, with his Nationalist call for American jobs and domestic security from terrorism, really could get some 10% or 20% of the Black vote. If so, it would be the end of Democrat hopes for the White House.

It is a big and unprincipled step from courting Black votes to pandering for Black votes. Racial quotas -or any other quotas – are unfair and divisive and therefore harmful to American Nationalism. For every race-based favor granted, someone more deserving is cheated. If African Americans are to be accepted as equals they must be treated as equals. There is ample evidence here in California that a Black skin is no barrier to progress in education and jobs. Many Indians and some South-East Asians are blacker than many African Americans and they are successfully competing with Whites and Orientals. And many Orientals and Indians in America have risen above humble origins and adversity.

Meanwhile Justice Scalia may well be right in pointing out that when the less-able are promoted over the more-able they are condemned to failure and humiliation. Even if he is not right, no-one on our side should join with the PC scum to inhibit honest free speech.

Let us hope Trump, for once, retracts his weekend mistakes, for he remains our best hope for taking back America. We are more than happy that Ted Cruz is with him at the top of the polls.

We recommend a visit to the website American Thinker where, on December 11, the excellent contributor Colin Flaherty wrote “Federal Judge Who Outlawed Racial Profiling is Victim of Black Mob Violence”.

Judge Susan Dlott, Cincinnati’s Far Left champion of hamstringing the police fight against street crime, has been guilty of racial profiling. Dlott, who is married to a 79 year-old Trial Lawyer and NAACP activist, lives in an $8m mansion which was invaded by three robbers. They allegedly threw her husband down the stairs. She escaped and ran a mile to a neighbor’s house where she phoned the police to report the “3 Black men with guns” at her house. We hope the 3 Black men enlist the help of Al Sharpton, Obama and Loretta Lynch’s DOJ. Judge Dlott should be disbarred for this racial profiling.

Britan Climate Change Global Warming Watch Britan Climate Change

The MSM is reporting record-breaking heat in America’s East so we can report that here in middle California, after some welcome rain, the very cold nights and days have returned. Someone sent me an ariel picture of a recently-built airport in the Indian Ocean. It has been sited on an artificial island to serve the Maldives. It appears to be only feet above the sea but since it is substantial and must have been expensive to build, those responsible have no concerns about rising sea levels. Such unreported things give the Global Warming game away!


  1. DT needs to start forming more considered opinions and stances. The off-the-cuff stuff may wear thin. It was mostly fine nearer the beginning when things were a bit looser, but his attitude may increasingly start to backfire on him. There is a definite risk of peaking too early, and of overexposure.

    And the wall he keeps talking about is necessary, but I don’t to hear anymore about a “big beautiful door” where we let them in “legally.” I realize that may be a pose for political purposes, but I think he’d do just fine without it. I figure the ban on muslim immigration being temporary is, I hope, a pose. The ban itself is good, as I don’t recall the American people ever voting to let muslims in in the first place, but it needs to be permanent, not temporary.

    Ted Cruz could have been a solid VP running mate for DT, but his needless attack on Cruz makes that more difficult. He only did it because Cruz is nipping at his heels.

    His attack on Scalia makes one wonder just exactly how right-minded and conservative could DT be. A bit of a loose cannon.

    We just don’t have an ideal candidate, and after 8 years of Obama, and with all of Hilary’s unlikable-ness and baggage, the election should be ours, but you can never underestimate the Republican party’s ability to blow it.

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