Trump Scalps Warren

Last week Donald Trump publicly referred to Elizabeth Warren as ‘Pocahontas’. Later during a TV interview he was challenged by a Mainstream Media propagandist to withdraw the title he had bestowed on Warren, on the grounds that it was an attack on women, unfair, etc.

Trump, as always, doubled down and used the term several more times. This alone is enough to win my vote, though I am sure it is an example of Trump’s ‘uncouth’ style that so offends Bill Kristol, Ben Sasse, the Bush dynasty, Mitt Romney, Mark Levin and other delicate souls who we once thought were members of our vast Right wing conspiracy.

I not only like Trump’s uncouthness, I actually think it strikes a necessary blow for honesty in politics, and is an appropriate and much-needed weapon in our counter-revolutionary armory. For those who were not keeping abreast of the Far Left some three years ago, the Boston Herald revealed that Elizabeth Warren, an intellectual activist of the Far Left and a rising star of the extreme wing of the Democrat Party, had long been registering herself as part Cherokee, a ‘fact’ that Harvard Law School had been using to claim racial diversity on its staff.

It is likely that Warren’s self-claimed racial minority identity had played a part in her rising career at Harvard. The problem for Warren and Harvard was that there was not a shred of proof and Warren fell back on claims that her grandmother had talked about this and that there had been a picture on the wall of the family home that showed grandmother had high cheekbones. Anyone on the Right would have been crucified by the MSM for this kind of self-serving claim, but as a ‘progressive’ and Democrat candidate for Massachusetts Senator, Pocahontas got a pass.

Nevertheless, some Internet websites and Conservative Talk Radio did the work of real journalism, and enough of the scandal surfaced to put Warren on the defensive. It is our opinion that Warren would have challenged Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democrat nomination but for this cupboard skeleton.

Warren is a driven Far Left activist brimming with ambition and is frustrated by not being able to proceed beyond the Senate to become America’s first women President. She has striven to get in the forefront of the Democrat campaign using ‘women’s’ issues and no doubt relished attacking Donald Trump, a man who embodies everything she would like to suppress with the power of the Government. She may even have considered him to be as easy a target as Jeb Bush or one of the other political eunuchs who never dare to fight dirty in public.

Trump’s speedy use of the derisive name ‘Pocahontas’ has put Warren on notice that her past self-serving, potentially embarrassing deception will be re-introduced into the public domain with no holds barred. A broader public will, in Trump’s capable hands, become aware of her scandal and the MSM will not be able to sufficiently circle the wagons around her. Oh how we love Trump’s gloves-off, no-holds-barred, bare-fisted, fighting style! Romney and Sasse had better beware!

Tomorrow in Kentucky and Oregon, Sanders and Clinton face the Democrat primary voters. The MSM‘s propagandists, fearing more defeats for their candidate Clinton, are playing it low key. Oregon, where the old Trotskyite is ahead in the opinion polls, has been written off by Clinton, and ignored by the MSM. Both are concentrating on Kentucky where the moronic Black vote will give Clinton a chance. The Wall Street Journal, whose ‘reporters’ march in lockstep with the official Democrat campaign, has a prominent picture of a glamorized Clinton (pants-suited wide thighs defying the photographer’s best efforts at concealment) in front of three tiers of Black sisters and an article by Laura Meckler that casts Clinton as the heroine. Meckler is a regular sucker-up to Obama and Clinton.

Clinton, it seems, cannot win the White vote anywhere, but Bernie can. We wait in vain for the MSM to mention the differing IQ’s, education and status of Sanders and Clinton voters! Meanwhile, unmentioned in the MSM, but thanks to the American Thinker website getting a public mention, is the shenanigans last weekend at the Nevada Democrat State Convention in Las Vegas. Sheriffs Deputies and hotel security staff had to be called to restore peace between the physically brawling Sanders and Clinton factions.

It is reported that the DNC leaders were forced to flee the event when Sanders supporters erupted over the cheating on behalf of Clinton’s delegates. The obnoxious Barbara Boxer was loudly booed when she attempted to praise Clinton.

Today, the matchless Canadian Mark Steyn has been sitting in for Rush Limbaugh. His introduction, describing how America is now a banana Republic thanks to Obama’s arbitrary law and lawlessness, the Clinton’s unpunished crime history and the Muslim terrorist’s victory in the USA, was masterful. We have to hope Trump was listening for he would have picked up all the ammunition he needed for the Presidential debates.

My only complaint was that Steyn, in criticizing the anti-Trump Republican renegades, implied that we who intend to vote for Trump are doing so with reluctance. I think on this website we represent millions when we say that we cannot wait to vote for The Donald and will do so with unrestrained enthusiasm. All the issues that Steyn laid out that add up to Banana Republic status have developed without a peep of genuine resistance from the Republicans of the House and Senate. Nor has the much-revered Constitution and the balance of powers had the slightest effect.

Steyn played some extracts from a speech given by Obama to Rutgers students. The ‘educated’ mostly-White audience erupted in delight as Obama orated as a triumphant and unapologetic Revolutionary. If we are to be saved as a Nation it will be by the White working class of the North and Mid-West, and the White Confederates of the Old South, together voting for Trump in overwhelming numbers.


  1. Im voting Trump and live in New Jersey, in the most rich county of NJ.

    Of course my town now is *cough* over 50% nonWhite thanks to Mexicans, Guatemalans and mystery-meat (think Kim Kardashian children).

    Needless to say, my neighborhood is going to …literally because they destroy trees/bushes/grass and throw garbage everywhere. Taxes are easy $10,000 per year on your home if you live there AND rent is at least 1500/month for a 2 bedroom apartment living with African orcs.

    In case the SPLC (Poverty Palace) sees my comment……im your next door neighbor who has had it with violent and that are selling drugs outside my door at 2AM. Not only that, but now I have to worry about the police mistaking my place for drug hideout. I already had the police knock on my door with shotguns raised and asking who lives here.

    End of rant. you beaners, you , you and you muslims.

    Signed: Your faggot next door!

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      • Of course, ill be more civil next time. You said family website? Well nice to know that underage children are reading this!

        Well rounded education!

        /sarcasm off

        Regardless, I do enjoy your articles.

        • Thank you for the compliment and glad you enjoy the articles. Actually, a child younger than teenager posts the articles and is very pious. He will not be mugging innocent citizens, selling crack or sponging on welfare as a result of his Christian education and parental oversight.
          Can I ask you to spread the message of this website? It is our belief that Nationalists, Conservatives and Christians need to make common cause.

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