Trump and the WSJ

Yesterday I wrote about the anti-Trump campaign being waged by the WSJ. Every day the Journal runs a negative Trump news story or opinion piece, or both. Today, a front page headlined article “Marketer Paid Trump Millions” written by James Grimaldi and Mark Maremont, reveals that the Journal has been investigating Trump’s past endorsement and promotion of the video phone company ACN of North Carolina. It seems that ACN may be a pyramid company masquerading as a business opportunity for small investors.

On this website we welcome newspapers investigating and revealing the backgrounds and connections of candidates for political office. If Trump has been deliberately accepting money to promote a criminal enterprise or has been lax in vetting those to which he lends his name and reputation, it is right that this be made public. This article seemed to us to be ‘guilt by association’ and a smear job, but we shall see.

The question we ask is why is the WSJ only investigating Trump’s past business associations?Or have we missed the probes of the Bush family, Boehner and McConnell? There are several other big names out there that need financial investigation by a newspaper eager to do its duty for the public. We have in mind George Soros, Warren Buffet, Al Gore and even the man currently in the White House. We don’t remember a WSJ probe on his place of birth and his sealed history.

The WSJ has repeatedly alleged that Trump is a candidate without a serious political intention -nothing but a quest for short-term publicity. It has also repeatedly predicted that his candidacy will quickly collapse from a lack of professionalism and substance. In the light of these confident predictions, one would expect that the Journal would be content to let things play out. After all, the elections and the real tests are a long way in the future. Yet the Journal appears to be desperate to take down Trump now.

As always on this website you will read explanations not found elsewhere, for we start all analysis from an understanding of the power, the alliances, the agenda and the inner rivalries of our -as yet-unrecognized Ruling Media Class.

The WSJ, like Fox News, is a maverick member of the Media Class. Its roots are not in Entertainment or Ideological economic Leftism. Its roots are in Wall Street. Consequently it has an agenda that is favorable to business in general, the Stock Market and Banking, International Big Business in particular and International Jewish interests. Its support for Government monetary discipline, small government and free enterprise as a genuinely progressive force, puts the WSJ in the conservative camp on many issues.

Being in favor of most things international however means the WSJ is anti-Nationalist. Its key writers share the deep-seated Jewish antipathy to the Nation State of borders, language, culture and religion. The Journal is a committed supporter of Israel and has no problem with that State’s religious and racial nationalism. Nor do we! We conservatives can welcome the WSJ as a source of news that is generally much more honest than such newspapers as the Washington Post and the New York Times. Moreover, there are respectable arguments for American military protection of Israel, for an American military presence in the world and for an American economy that is international rather than one based on National Socialism.

The WSJ’s alliance with International Big Business requires it to support open borders with Mexico and Central America, an open border for Jews threatened by Islam and intolerant Nationalist States, and Treaties that favor Big Business. The WSJ has no interest in the preservation of European racial identity and although suspicious of rapid social progessivism, is comfortable with a stealthy embrace of SSM and the elimination of Christianity- if it can be achieved without the elimination of Judaism.

The early political destruction of Donald Trump by the WSJ is especially because Trump is wresting the political agenda from the Media Class. In particular, his focus on the borders and mass immigration, and the social and financial cost for ordinary Americans of open borders (not for the denizens of Wall Street), is arousing the people and putting the topic at the top of the electoral agenda. Not only is this a topic that Internationalists of all stripes want removed from the Nation’s political agenda, it is one that they want concealed.

Just as dangerous, Trump’s entry into this issue has forced into the open those open borders candidates that the WSJ and its Big Business allies hoped to insinuate into the Republican mainstream. In particular, their favorite, Jeb Bush, has been obliged to nail his colors to mass immigration and has consequently sunk in the early polls.

It is difficult to judge whether Trump blundered into this issue, but his financial independence and absence of past political ideology means he is, for the Journal, like the bull in the china shop. He might go anywhere and has too much strength (financial independence) to be constrained should he blunder in the direction of more American Nationalism. It is already apparent that the WSJ’s original assumption that Trump was only in for the short term bash and not the White House, was wrong.

Worse still for the Journal, is the threat that a politician who acquires a sudden energized mass following becomes a voice for the mass following, absorbing its motives and aspirations. Trump, following his instincts, and without past strong beliefs, may take up all the causes for which his supporters are thirsting. In short, inspired by the grass roots of (mostly White Christian) America, Trump may become a leader of an instinctive Nationalism. We say ‘instinctive’ because he and his followers are unlikely to adopt the type of race/blood Nationalism that inevitably leads to economic Socialism.

The most recent polls in Alabama (Trump 30%, Bush 15%, Carson/Rubio 11%, Huckabee/Fiorina 8%, Cruz 7% and Walker 3%) and Missouri (Trump 23%, Carson/Bush 11%, Huckabee 10%, Cruz 9%, Walker 8%, Fiorina 7%, Rubio 6%) suggest that the WSJ’s campaign has had no effect on Trump’s popularity with the grass roots. This website, part of the Dissident Right and its ragged, shoeless battalions, hopes the WSJ will continue to fail in their campaign.

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