Some Crimes Not Reported by MSM. Breaking News

Most people, unaware that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is a source of indoctrination and propaganda, believe what they read, see and hear in the MSM. They also remain ignorant of important events not reported because the MSM considers they conflict with their propaganda.

Here is an example:

On Saturday night at around 10.30pm, 6 adults were stabbed in Madison Town Hall, Yolo County, California, creating a scene described by a first responder as one of carnage. Stab wounds ranged from minor to serious and all six victims were transported to a local hospital. At least one victim required surgery. I learned this information from a witness. On Monday, the Sacramento Bee provided a brief report. The only addition to what I have written is that the stabbing spree took place during a quinceanora party and that the alleged perpetrator was not a guest but had crashed the party.

Six people stabbed might have been expected to justify headlined reporting all across the Nation’s MSM. Why has this bloody event been ignored? Here are some likely explanations you will only find on a website dedicated to revealing the role and propaganda techniques of the MSM and the Media Class.

At this time the MSM is preparing the ground for the Obama regime to eliminate gun ownership by incremental regulations or even by edict. Our Revolutionary Ruling Class understands that a disarmed conservative population can more easily be subdued. On a more personal level, Obama knows that a disarmed law-abiding citizenry will be unable to resist the Black urban criminals who are well-armed and predatory. Knife crimes must not be allowed to distract from the MSM agenda that all violence is the result of gun ownership.

The bloody violence in Madison almost certainly took place among Mexicans. Perhaps some of them are illegals. It could be a family dispute but more likely gang-related. The MSM and the Far Left Journalist Unions have a rule never to report news in ways that put minorities in a bad light. All news that identifies the race of minorities must be positive. Latinos benefit from this self-imposed rule though it was made to benefit Blacks and more recently is being vigorously used to protect Muslims and not undermine the Obama canard that Islam is a religion of peace.

This incident would have received maximum publicity in the MSM all across the Nation if the alleged perpetrator was White and the victims Brown or Black. Black on Black violent crime is the least reported. If the perpetrator in Madison had used a gun and the victims were Mexican there is a chance it would have received some MSM coverage in order to maintain the momentum of gun crime.

There is one other category of MSM protected persons and that is homosexuals and related perverts. If the knife victims had been homosexuals/transvestites and the perpetrator heterosexual the incident would have exploded across the MSM. Skin color would not have counted as a reason for suppression of the story for homos are powerful within the Media Class. When a car or truck driver drives at twice the designated speed and causes a crash that results in death and injury he is always charged with dangerous driving or a more serious charge. As far as we know the driver of the Amtrak train that crashed on a bend near Philadelphia as a result of excessive speed has not been charged. Internet sleuths revealed that he was in the habit of posting disgusting pictures of himself on homosexual websites. The MSM which is still obsessed with Trayvon Martin’s death has forgotten the 8 dead passengers and hundreds injured in the Amtrak crash.

Today, Michael Savage strongly hinted that he will soon retire from Talk Radio. If so he will be greatly missed for although he is often undisciplined, he is fearless. He is the only Talk Show host who attacks Hollywood degeneracy and treachery and nails it to Hollywood’s Jews. He himself is Jewish and like Mark Levin, his patriotism cannot be questioned. Savage is also outspoken in demanding that Muslim immigration be halted. Our only criticism is his constant talk of the ‘Government/Media’ complex. If Government had any control over the MSM, George Bush would have had an easy ride as President!

It is reported that Biden will announce his candidacy shortly. We believe he has been waiting for the White House to instigate the prosecution of Hillary Clinton and thus permit him to campaign without attacking a comrade. (see previous articles!). Either Obama is dithering or Hillary has something bad on him or Obama is about to unleash the FBI on the Clintons. Interesting times ahead!


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