Sandra Bland. MSM’s White Guilt Agenda Continues

It started almost accidentally with Trayvon Martin in Florida. It was there that the MSM’s reporters (the propaganda agents of the Ruling Media Class), intent on drumming up the Black vote for their man in the White House, jumped to conclusions that were premature. They assumed-wishful thinking at work- that an innocent Black child had been shot by an adult White vigilante.

By the time the real, inconvenient facts emerged on the Internet, the MSM was committed to Trayvon as victim, and lusting for the blood of Zimmerman as the symbol of murderous White racism. At this point the MSM discovered that its power of propaganda was so great that it could set aside any and all facts and create a replacement narrative to serve its agenda. Their confidence and success can be measured by the partisan intervention of the President, and his DOJ, and the presentation before a kangaroo Court of a Prosecution ‘witness’ (unfortunate half-wit) Rachel Jeantel who could not spell her own name.

Martin has gone down in ‘popular’ history as an innocent victim of White racism and George Zimmerman as the White man who escaped justice. Emboldened by success, the MSM, supported by Leftists both Black and White, has created a continuous soap opera of innocent Black victims of White ‘institutionalized’ oppression. New episodes have included Michael Brown “Gentle Giant” in Ferguson, Freddie Gray in Baltimore and Eric Garner in New York. As well as a continual Media celebration of Black grievances and a justifiably unpunished (indeed unreported in crime statistics) orgy of looting and arson, the slogan “Black Lives Matter” has been planted in the heads of America’s citizens.

The narrative’s street slogan has acquired a near-copyright so that no-one (not even a Democrat politician) dare suggest that White Lives Matter or All Lives Matter without suffering denunciation, Black violence and demands for a groveling apology. These few and much-publicized cases of White on Black deaths have taken place against a Nation-wide background of increasing Black on White violence and record Black on Black killing – all ignored by the MSM.

It is time for the MSM to present the next episode in the series and the ingredients are already cooking down in Texas. Do not be surprised if Sandra Bland becomes another household name like Trayvon Martin. Miss Bland was a 28 year old woman who was born in Texas but spent time in Chicago, where she commenced a career of Black activism. We can deduce from this that she was becoming a poster woman for the new Revolutionary era, college educated in racial awareness, emboldened by the partisan actions of Obama and Holder and perceiving unjust racism at work in every facet of American life.

Miss Bland had recently returned to Texas where she was about to occupy a College post which would allow her to continue activism on the taxpayers dime. Whilst driving her car she broke a traffic rule changing lanes and was stopped by a lone White police officer whose career is now over. His actions were officially recorded and it seems he may have been a little too proactive. It is beyond doubt that Miss Bland, who was smoking, was angry about being stopped, used bad language and initially refused to get out of her car. Lack of co-operation with a police officer always results in an escalation of an otherwise small violation and that is what happened in this case.

Miss Bland ended up in a kerb-side physical struggle with the officer and was arrested on a more serious charge. We have to assume that on reflection, far from regretting her initial lack of cooperation, she perceived an opportunity for a militant stand. With bail set high she found herself incarcerated in Waller County jail. On the third day she was discovered dead in her cell, hanging with a garbage bag as a noose. The circumstances initially indicated suicide but her family claim she had everything to live for and therefore there must have been foul play.

The police officer has been suspended and an investigation is taking place. A toxicology report shows that Miss Bland had a high amount of marijuana in her system when she died. This suggests either that she was a heavy user or had access to the drug whilst in prison. Family claims that she was a happy, emotionally well-balanced person have been contradicted by other claims that she had a history of suicide.

It may be that the MSM will consider Miss Bland’s death eclipsed as a ‘cause celebre’ by a College police shooting in Ohio but do not be surprised if Al Sharpton is soon in Texas and Obama is on the phone.

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