Robert Barnes Race Crime Victim

Whilst the Mainstream Media keeps the docile Pro-Sports, Mall-shopping addicts of America’s conurbations focused on a series of inflated tales of Black victims of White police persecution, the White victims of Black racism are discreetly overlooked.

Last Wednesday, November 25th, Robert Barnes, a 51 year old vet gave up his fight for life. Some two months earlier, Mr. Barnes, a White homeless man, was standing outside a Sunoco gas station in Philadelphia when a group of Black women and their teenage children piled out of a vehicle and attacked him with a hammer, pieces of wood and mace. He was knocked to the ground and then mercilessly beaten into unconsciousness. He remained in a coma until his death.

Three Black teenagers, boys aged 14 and 13 and a girl aged 12, have already pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and conspiracy for their attack on Mr. Barnes and are in juvenile detention.

Now that Mr. Barnes has died from his injuries these youths may face fresh charges, along with murder charges against Aleathea Gillard, aged 34, Shareena Joachim aged 23 and Kaisha Duggins aged 24. The attack is said to have been caught in its entirety on a surveillance camera, but all three adults are denying charges.

It is alleged that the attack on Mr. Barnes was motivated by one of the juveniles, who had fallen off his bike and sustained some minor injuries. He then went home and told his mother that Mr. Barnes had attacked him.

The homeless Mr. Barnes who presumably was living in his vehicle, more than likely was not an upright, productive citizen, but then neither were Gentle Giant Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray. Yet the MSM has treated their deaths, despite being the consequences of criminal behavior, as outrageous events, worthy of never-ending MSM attention and as justifications for rioting, looting, arson, and intense DOJ investigation.

As far as we can glean from local Philadelphia news reporting, Mr. Barnes had no previous contact with his attackers and there was no truth in the boy’s claim that Mr. Barnes had earlier struck him. In other words, Mr. Barnes was an entirely innocent victim. We maintain that he was picked on and subjected to a ferocious beating because he was White. We allege that this racial attack, and the many similar attacks on White and Asian citizens, have been unleashed by the racist rhetoric and policies of President Obama and his DOJ under Holder and Lynch. Blacks are being encouraged to extract revenge today for historic wrongs of the distant past.

In this case, as in every case where a White citizen is the victim of Black violence, the MSM displays no interest in News. It is not that Mr. Barnes and his cruel death are inconsequential to its editors and reporters. The explanation is more calculated and more callous, for the MSM is like a criminal who has murdered and seeks to conceal the body so that the crime is never discovered.

If Mr. Barnes had been a Muslim, murdered by a gang of Whites, the MSM ‘news’ vultures would have gathered with CAIR representatives at his funeral, ensuring that his death was brought to the attention of the whole of America. Editorials would be written and Loretta Lynch would be addressing public meetings.

If Mr. Barnes had been a Black burglar, attacked and killed whilst committing a crime, the MSM’s vultures would have been at his bedside as he expired and daily lamenting his death.

Yet because he was White and his alleged killers are Black, his death is of no consequence to the MSM and Americans in general.

As the facts about Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook emerge on the Internet, it becomes impossible to believe that they concocted their attack plan and acquired the weapons it required, without financial help and expertise from others. There was much preparation required and others must have assisted. It is doubtful that Americans are going to learn the full picture from either the authorities or the MSM. It is clear that the maximum foot-dragging is being employed in order to cloud the frightening picture.

This couple, he a born ad bred citizen of America, and she a recent mother whose husband’s work colleagues recently gave a baby-shower for them, all along were planning to kill those they knew well. Committed in the name of the Religion of Peace! How cold-blooded! Is this not a terrible warning to Americans that Muslims in their midst are like ticking pipe bombs?

Meanwhile the MSM is desperately working to create vagueness where clarity exists. “Signs of Radical Ideology Detected” is the Saturday headline in the WSJ. It took three reporters to concoct such nonsense. “Nation Confronts a New Menace”. What is new about this Muslim terrorism in America? It began well before 9/11. Those who infest the MSM and pursue an agenda of lies and deceit that is against the interests of the Nation, are cockroaches. Meanwhile, the crypto-Muslim in the White House is bringing in young militant Muslims and dispersing them around America as fast as he can.

We must place our hope in a Donald Trump victory!


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