Re-instate Officer Casebolt!

Once again the MSM, including the WSJ’s Ana Campoy, are misdirecting America’s outrage with dishonest reporting to suit an agenda.

Another ‘example’ of America’s ceaseless racism is being manufactured out of a White Texas police officer wrestling to the ground a 14 year old Black girl and then pointing his gun at several Black youths who were approaching him as he pinned her down. A video clip of the incident, stripped of context, and with background reporting that omits all relevant detail, is out to persuade gullible Americans that here is yet another ‘White cop/Black victim’ incident.

Here are some facts, a context and the unjust outcome as far as can be ascertained by this writer.

On the afternoon of Friday June 8th in the Dallas suburb of McKinney, a party was taking place at the Craig Ranch North community pool. It can be gleaned from the reporting and video that the pool party was organized by White people who were residents. Certainly White people were present but it appears that the small party was transformed into a wild and uncontrollable event by internet texting and the arrival of a large number of Black youths.

Fighting broke out among the youths. The community security guards, unable to keep control, called the police. Police Cpl. David Eric Casebolt, fresh from two stressful police actions, was among 12 officers who arrived at the scene of fighting with the task of restoring order. The video clip shows a couple of middle-aged White women (parents?) embroiled with several Black youths, but the fighting must have been widespread.

We must pause here to fill in the context that the MSM is omitting. For 12 police officers to be called to the scene, the ‘fighting’ should more properly be described as an ‘inter-racial riot’ and thus a very dangerous situation for police officers of any color and especially White officers.

The next clip of video that has ‘gone viral’ on the Internet shows Cpl. Casebolt wrestling a Black rioter to the ground and pinning her down on the grass with his knee and warily looking at several Black youths circling around to his back. Casebolt draws his gun and chases them away. It has been reported that he angrily used the ‘F’ word. Much Media and Black activist ire is being generated over the fact that the Black girl that was thrown to the grass was 14 years old and wearing a bikini. She was allegedly screaming “Call my momma! Call my momma!” The girl has not been named by the MSM or the police department but she was temporarily detained and later released to her parents.

Thanks to the racial MSM misreporting that is standard propaganda, most White and Asian Americans will not be aware that young urban Black females are now as big, violent and dangerous as Black males.  For those who dig beneath the MSM and know where to look on the Internet, there are reports from all across America of groups of 14 year-old and under Black female teens invading and looting stores and shopping malls and violently attacking White and Asians who happen to be present. Cpl. Casebolt, unlike those who passively get their information from the MSM, will have been aware of the potential danger of Black 14 year old females and their male counterparts engaged in law-breaking and disorder.

McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley must also have been aware of how testing and dangerous for cops this afternoon riot was. Conley will also have been aware that any ‘White cop versus Black trouble-maker’ incident that reaches the MSM and, with help from Black and Leftist agitators goes ‘viral’ on the Internet, will be continually promoted by MSM misreporting until street marches, looting and arson spontaneously erupt in his town. Next Al Sharpton will arrive for a News conference, and the President will explain the disorder as a long-suppressed cry for justice. Finally there will be a re-organization and re-education of his Department’s officers by the DOJ. This would usher in the early end of his career.

Conley, no doubt mindful of his job and pension, and solely on the evidence of the ‘viral’ clip, used a news conference to denounce as “indefensible” his officer’s action. He described Casebolt as “out of control” and placed him on administrative leave. Cpl. Casebolt has since resigned.

It is not hard to conclude that Conley is a gutless self-serving excuse for a police chief and that Casebolt was sacrificed for doing the job that police are supposed to do but which is no longer permitted by the Media Class, the MSM, America’s Black community, the President and the DOJ.

Despite what can be seen on the video, the violent 14 year old is now a symbol of oppression and has gotten away scot free. So have her disorderly friends. Perhaps the 11 other officers who were called to the riot were aware that proper policing is no longer permissible or ‘career-wise’ when the offenders are Black. They behaved with the career-smart ‘restraint’ demanded in Revolutionary times. This has won the approval of their boss.

Casebolt’s resignation will be reported as an acknowledgment of ‘guilt’. More likely he is aware that not only his career has ended, but his life and family are now at risk. More than 10% of McKinney’s population is Black and must not be offended.

It might be argued that this Website’s writer was not a witness to the disorder and is rushing to a wrong judgment. But then Conley was not present either yet rushed to a news conference and threw his man to the wolves.

Perhaps one of the Republican candidates for 2016 will reveal a suitability and readiness for the counter-revolutionary struggle by calling for the re-instatement of Cpl. Casebolt, the sacking of Conley and the prosecution of those who were rioting last Friday.

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