Race Persecution of Michael Slager

Back in the late spring we several times reported on the discriminatory and unfair treatment of police officers who, in the pursuance of their duties, injured or killed Black offenders. Thanks to the dishonest Mainstream Media’s (MSM) campaign of ‘police brutality‘ and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement it has spawned, several innocent police officers have been denied justice. They have been sacrificed to placate Black mobs seeking justification for rioting and looting, they have been sacrificed to put flesh on the MSM’s false narrative, and, where White police officers are involved, sacrificed as payback for the ancient institution of slavery.

Even Black police officers have been snared in this campaign of injustice, for how else to describe the current prosecution of officers for the death in custody of Freddy Gray? These officers, some White and some Black, not only are being deprived of their jobs and experiencing great strain, but face the permanent stain of criminality and long prison sentences. All this for routinely doing a dangerous job in a chronically lawless community and dealing with a persistent lawbreaker for whom lying and crying wolf was a way of life.

In the Michael Brown (who, thanks to the MSM has outrageously gone down in history as the ‘Gentle Giant‘) case, a White police officer who in carrying out his duty was forced to literally fight for his life, was suspended from duty, driven into hiding and then compelled to legally fight for his life, as the Obama DOJ sought to put him on trial.

Back in April of this year, South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, a man with an exemplary record, an expectant father and husband, stopped a car for good reason. The driver, Walter Scott, a man with a long criminal record and good reason for avoiding arrest, violently resisted and attempted to flee the scene. It is alleged that officer Slager shot Scott in the back as he was fleeing.

Slager was not only immediately suspended from work, but arrested, jailed, and subjected to a bond that ensured he remain incarcerated until trial for murder. Since a police officer – and especially a White police officer – placed in a Black-dominated jail, is in extreme physical danger, Slager has been in solitary confinement ever since his arrest.

It is possible, even probable, that during the arrest of Scott, Slager lost his self-restraint and professional judgment, and consequently deserves punishment, suitably tempered by a consideration of the circumstances. However, there is a case to be made that Slager is a victim of legal circumstances that should not be allowed to affect a man’s due process.

Such a case has been made by Nicholas Stix on the VDARE website. His article should be as widely disseminated as possible, which is why we are covering it here. Stix points a finger at Judge Clifton Newman, a Black man who may be exacting racist-motivated vengeance for slavery The good citizens of South Carolina should be holding candle light vigils outside the prison where Slager is incarcerated in solitary confinement. Conservative politicians should be demanding that his attorney be given the public funds to assemble a proper and early defense. Slager has already waited far too long for his day in Court.

Nativity Scene Seasonal Footnote! Nativity Scene

We wish all our website visitors a belated ‘Merry Christmas’. For our part we have enjoyed several traditional Carol singing opportunities. Some have included a rehearsed small choir with piano, but the most moving have been those when the Congregation of humble Christians of all ages and ethnicities have sung from their hearts. No amplified guitars, no on-stage gyrating, no bum-wiggling, strutting rockers, no mincing warblers clutching microphones and aping Madonna, and no drummers – just ordinary folk singing the Anglican and German Carols that have stood the test of centuries. At such times we stay connected to our great past.

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Much is being made in the MSM of warm temperatures on the East Coast and on the other side of the Atlantic. For the record, here in middle California, it is unusually cold both by day and at night.

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