Our Front-Line Troops

When the MSM fastened on the latest White cop killing of yet another Black man in Oklahoma, many Conservative and Nationalist Counter-revolutionaries probably groaned with despair. Here was another, seemingly avoidable, gift to the MSM, the Far Left ACLU, the Sharpton race baiters and Eric Holder.

Robert Bates, a White 73- year-old reserve deputy with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office mistook his revolver for his stun gun and will be charged with manslaughter. His victim on 2nd April was 40-something Black man Eric Harris. Harris was shot whilst resisting arrest on suspicion of selling drugs and guns. The MSM, which has had much to say about Mr. Bates, has been unsurprisingly reticent about Harris and his criminal career. Such information awaits research by real news conservative investigators on the Internet.

The Tulsa incident comes hot on the heels of the Michael Slager incident which we reported on in our last website article. That came hot on the heels of the New York Eric Garner incident and before that the Ferguson Mi. Gentle Giant incident and before that the Florida Trayvon Martin incident. Chances are that we have missed a couple of others that could be inserted. Since there will be more to come, it is important to fully understand the two reasons why this damaging (for Counter-revolutionaries) narrative will not end soon.

First, as regular visitors to this website will know, the MSM is the key propaganda tool of the Ruling Media Class. Its daily task is to promote the Ruling Class agenda by distorting, magnifying and concealing real news. At this time in the imposition of a stealthy Revolutionary agenda, the MSM is in the business of nurturing Black militancy and White guilt. It also has the task of protecting the Black President in the White House whilst the Obama regime speedily advances the Ruling Class homosexual agenda, expands Federal Government power, packs the Courts and purges the military.

Secondly, the nurturing of Black militancy has both increased Black criminality and encouraged Black violence so that the two are now inseparable. Since, as we noted earlier, the MSM distorts, magnifies, and conceals real news, Americans are bombarded with the relatively few incidents of Black deaths at the hands of White police officers. It presents these as evidence of ‘racist-motivated oppression’ of Blacks. The MSM, acting in a lockstep that proves a Class agenda at work, relentlessly publicizes these few incidents all across the Nation.

At the same time its reporting of the Nation-wide proliferation of Black on White/Asian violent crime (much of it gratuitous and fueled by race hatred) is restricted –if reported at all- to local Media. This unbroken pattern of locally restricted reporting also proves a Class agenda at work, for it is not the result of conspiracy. The consequence of the MSM’s concealment is that Americans remain ignorant of the reality of Black violent crime and its race-hate nature.

Although White and Asian Americans can still largely insulate themselves from Black violent crime, the Police find themselves in the front line of a growing undeclared and one-sided race war. Whilst this war is hidden or trivialized by the MSM and ignored by the Federal Government, counter-revolutionaries on the Internet are able to post up local Media reports that provide ample evidence of America’s reality. The latest is from Memphis where on April 15th a mob of over 30 young Blacks attacked, without provocation, a White man outside an Asian-operated gas station.

The video of this attack can be seen on a briefly revealed CBS News video. It is a frightening example of the Black violence that the Nation’s police forces face whenever they confront a Black suspect or Black criminal. This Memphis attack follows from a similar attack a few days before and both will be very deliberately ignored by the MSM and the racial context unreported. Since the police are our front-line troops it is inevitable that the MSM will continue to have a constant supply of Michael Brown/Eric Garner/ Harris propaganda stories.

Looking ahead, if the police are so embattled by violence and inhibited by  accusatory propaganda that they pull back from the front line, White and Asian Americans will no longer be able to insulate themselves in the suburbs and in Downtown business areas. Already, the shopping malls in many big North Eastern cities are becoming danger zones.

Global Warming Watch

It is reported that the North East has just experienced its snowiest winter since 1717. Across much of the USA Spring is late arriving. Here in California there has not been enough rainfall to alleviate the growing water shortage crisis. There is now much public debate about how water can be rationed and some recrimination over the strangle hold that environmentalists have had on policy. The truly criminal irresponsibility is the continued encouragement of inward immigration and building development to encourage urban growth. As always, when ideologists and profiteers find a common interest, they are unstoppable.

Music Choice

Fred Coots, born in New York’s Brooklyn (1897-1985) was a prolific writer of melodies and Broadway Shows. He is best known for “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” but his finest compositions were “For All We Know”, “Love Letters in the Sand” and the outstanding “You Go to My Head”. This plaintive and romantic song, with lyrics by Haven Gillespie, was movingly recorded by Billie Holiday in 1938 and later in the 1960’s by Judy Garland.

In 1951 alto saxophonist Charlie Parker, whose career and health were already in rapid decline thanks to his drug addiction and destructive chaotic lifestyle, stepped before the very professional Woody Herman Big Band and recorded a number of ballads and Herman originals. We know that Parker by this time was incapable of turning up on time for a performance and very unlikely to rehearse. He had last played with a big band in his formative years. Yet he was seemingly incapable of playing any material in any setting without reaching incredible heights of inventiveness, technique and taste.

My recording of Parker playing “You Go To My Head” with the Herman Band of 1951 only catches Parker’s performance as he is about to start the bridge yet what follows is breathtaking as he embellishes, quotes lines of melody, plays fast chromatic runs across the chord sequence and then soars majestically above the band. Like almost everything he ever played in his short life this rendition is moving, exhilarating, beautiful and dominating. Sadly, today’s jazz musicians,  reduced by music education to formulaic improvisation, and ignorant of the content of the Great American Songbook, will never produce another Parker. Turn the musical clock back and enjoy the Master.

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