Obama’s Race Revenge

For the benefit of those not paying attention, today Obama, President of America’s African minority and Leftist Revolutionaries, signed a new rule that will by-pass the legislative process yet again. There is no limit to the power this Racist Revolutionary is able to exercise from the White House (and nary a peep of protest from Congress), aided by the collusion of the MSM.

Using the unaccountable government creation HUD, which he has packed with Revolutionaries and Black activists, he is now imposing a “new rule aimed at strengthening fair housing practices and helping ending racial segregation in neighborhoods”.

As always in this Revolutionary era in which we live, the Government and the Media constantly use words to obscure meaning and conceal intent. The foregoing sentence in parenthesis is a prime example of soothing words concealing a sinister purpose. What and whose “fair housing practices” need strengthening? Why should central government be engaged in “ending racial segregation in neighborhoods”? Supposing the ‘segregation’ is the voluntary choice of most of the people?

This latest Obama rule will “overcome historic patterns of segregation, promote fair housing choice and foster inclusive communities that are free from discrimination”. The government freely admits “This new rule pushes beyond discrimination”.

Like all Obama legislation that mentions ‘discrimination’ and lauds

‘inclusiveness’ the unspoken agenda is to inflict on law-abiding and industrious citizens of all colors the catastrophe of the inner city Black ghettos. This rule is not intended to ‘promote’ but to ‘impose’. It is motivated by the racial thirst for revenge of Obama and the comrades with whom he has surrounded himself, and by the Revolutionary Leftist’s intention of leveling down America to the lowest common denominator. All those hard-saving, self-denying Whites, Orientals, Asians, aspiring Latinos and yes even some Blacks, who have fled Black street crime and feral, fatherless, uneducated and envious Black youth by moving out, paying more in property taxes and lot prices, are going to be punished and “overcome” with HUD transplants.

Unfortunately, the Orientals and Asians who have sacrificed to live in districts where the school standards are acceptable and the streets and malls safe, will not be paying attention. The Republican Party will not be alerting them for fear of MSM and Leftist accusations of racism.

The plain truth about community segregation in America is that every racial and ethnic group and all colors of skin with one exception are able to voluntarily live in inclusive communities. I speak from personal experience. My community is about 50% White and 50% Oriental/Asian and this happy mix has been achieved without assistance from HUD. Previously I lived adjacent to a heavily Latino population and the overlap with Whites presented no problems. I know an area that is almost 80% Asian but this has been achieved by the Asians themselves and is based on religion.

It may be that if consulted most Blacks would prefer to live in all-Black communities but my experience in California is that all other races and ethnic groups do not wish to live in areas with a substantial Black concentration. It may be different in the Old South where Whites and Blacks have a shared history and we welcome visitors comments. Here in California it is almost illegal to publicly mention these truths about race. Yet they stare us all in the face.

The HUD rule that is about to come into effect flies in the face of realities on the ground. It can only be explained by Obama resentment and Leftist ideology.

The following shocking news story that will be quickly buried by the MSM may have a bearing on the “patterns of historic segregation” that appear to be as prevalent now as at any time in the last 60 years.

In Omaha this last week police have been searching for 12 year old Black boy Jarrell Milton wanted in connection with the shooting death in a park of Charles Fisher aged 30. Milton has since been captured and charged with murder along with James Milton aged 17 and Shuntayvious Primes-Willis aged 15.

Global Warming Watch

After a few hot days at the end of June it has been pleasantly cool in middle California. Reports from the UK suggest that the northern hemisphere is experiencing normal weather. Sea levels in Starcross have not yet risen.

Music Choice

The Twentieth century’s greatest musician, Charlie Parker, visited the gifted blind pianist Lennie Tristano in his home. Tristano had recording equipment. No doubt they talked jazz and Parker took out his also saxophone and began playing with Tristano. Kenny Clark, the jazz drummer was present and played along with brushes on a telephone directory. Their recording of the stale old tune ‘All Of Me’ later surfaced and reveal that Parker, in any setting and on any material, was a matchless improviser and musical giant.



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