Obama’s Legacy- Race War and Lawlessness

Obama’s Presidency, with 19 months still to go, has, as he promised, transformed America. There is no doubt that he has faithfully served the Revolutionary Media Class that plucked him from obscurity, created his identity, staged his appearances, composed his lines, funded his coronation, manipulated his publicity and throughout has protected him from unwelcome exposure.

He has implemented their revolutionary moral agenda at an astonishing pace. At the same time he has rewarded their Leftist coalition partners with policies that have navigated America more than halfway to economic and political Fascism. There is no other word than ‘Fascism’ that adequately describes the current marriage of Public Service Unions, Big Business, the very rich and a Leviathan State machine.

Obama has of course, had a lot going for him, including believing in nothing and an ability to place his trust in lies. Nevertheless, all this is quite an achievement for a man who, when he took office, probably could not find Alaska on a map or write a grammatical sentence. It is time to say that we who were not taken in by the MSM hype about him, under-estimated this ‘man for the times’. When he leaves office he will bequeath, by design, an America whose morality, Constitutional foundation, reputation and economy have crumbled and are being replaced by Revolutionary experiments that will certainly sacrifice the good people of America and reward the feckless, ignorant and plain bad.

As well as serving his masters and his masters’ allies, Obama has also served himself. This can be seen in the lifestyle he and his wife have enjoyed. Only this last week Michelle flew to Aspen for skiing and Barack flew to California to golf. Her trip cost the taxpayers more than $57,000 in travel costs alone. Global warming, trade deficits and unsustainable borrowing do not weigh heavily on the Obamas who will surely be the most expensive couple ever to occupy the White House.

But it is Obama’s racial resentments and his expression of them that may leave America with its most pressing and violent problem. It has become clearer by the week that Obama and his closest Black comrades have chosen to use his occupancy of the Presidency to unleash the violent Black racism that has been growing in America’s inner cities.

The decline of the Black family and its social and economic consequences, especially in Northern cities, can be attributed to the well-meaning liberal policies of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. As always, the belief that government could achieve good results by redistribution of wealth and social engineering proved disastrous. Since the 1960’s, America’s inner cities’ fatherless youth have become progressively more lawless and incapable of work. This combination has driven away those who create real jobs. Government employment-welfare in disguise- has failed to arrest increasing unemployment and poverty. Political correctness, a weapon of the rising Media Class and its Leftist allies, has prevented truth being told. In any case, those seeking revolution do not welcome solutions that shore up ‘pre-revolutionary’ society. It has greatly benefitted the revolutionary Leftist agenda of the modern Democrat Party to develop a patchwork of discontented and unsuccessful peoples.

Mass immigration from Mexico, Central America Asia and the Far East was intended to add to the Balkanization process. In another example of unintended consequences, those immigrants and their economic successes have only served to lay bare the failure of America’s African Americans. To date, Orientals, Asians and even Latinos have climbed up the ladder, leaving Blacks on the bottom rung. None of these latecomers are rioting!

Obama, with his mix of half-baked Leftism and personal racist resentments, predictably has done nothing to confront the real problems of ‘his people’. Instead he has energetically reinforced their sense of entitlement and victimization and signaled that from now on they can take what they want with impunity. The Black rioting, arson and looting in Florida, Ferguson and Baltimore are the logical development of the knock-out ‘games’, shopping mall invasions and attacks on police officers that have been growing in number, unpunished and unrecorded. Only this week Obama has publicly dismissed the burning of over 100 buildings and untold car wrecks in Baltimore, as ‘flipping a car’ and ‘setting a fire’. Holder’s DOJ has made clear that Black violence will go unpunished and the police will be further restrained and intimidated. There is now an official green light for lawlessness in the cities and beyond. All the ingredients have been put in place for the outbreak of Nation-wide race war.


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