Obama’s Crime Wave

On Saturday evening, the Mall St. Matthews in Louisville, Kentucky, was the scene of disorder and forced to close early. Large numbers of police were called in from surrounding precincts to protect property, ensure the safety of shoppers and contain a thousand or more youths who had gathered to cause trouble.

In many large cities this is now a familiar event in shopping malls that are within reach of Black districts. Such events are deliberately under-reported by the Mainstream Media (MSM) and reporters’ descriptions invariably omit the racial profile of the trouble-seeking mob. The Louisville mall event was noteworthy in both the scale, and the ability of the police to evacuate the mall before violence and looting erupted.

In the last two years, a more familiar but similar type of disorder has been that of a smaller mob assembling, and then invading with violence a mall or store with speedy looting and dispersal before the arrival of the police. In all such cases, as far as we can ascertain, these mobs consist solely of Black youths, both male and female. As in Louisville, the MSM under-reports them as a matter of policy and only ever describes the offenders as ‘youths’. Race, although the defining and most relevant factor, is concealed from the Nation’s complacent and easily-distracted citizens. Film of these events inevitably surfaces on the Internet, revealing that all the young participants are Black. There are two cryptic observation that constantly occurs in the blogs of the alert – ‘Amish’ and ‘Obama’s children’!

These race-based outbreaks of sudden lawlessness are distinct from the night-time orgies of rioting, looting and arson that have followed MSM-hyped police shootings of Black criminals, and which are loosely organized by ‘Black Lives Matter’ and other Trotskyite groups funded by Far Left billionaires. The common denominators are the race of the perpetrators, the use of cell-phones to summon participants, the targeting of non-Black citizens and businesses, the violence and threat of violence, the looting, and the absence of meaningful crime statistics, arrests and prosecutions.

Internet film and pictures showing the young Black perpetrators, reveal them to be large, over-fed, fashionably-dressed and carrying cell-phones. They do not look like the deprived and hungry inhabitants of 1930’s European cities. In many cases it emerges that they have traveled on public transport to congregate near their target stores The ‘unrest’ is clearly not poverty-driven.

Ever since the BLM riots of last summer, we have commented on this website that this large-scale criminality will not show up in statistics. Now, in the weekend’s Wall Street Journal, Heather Mac Donald has written an op-ed that is required reading by alert citizens who are seeking real facts about crime in the USA, and not deceived by official reports and MSM propaganda.

In the article, Mac Donald strips away the reassuring statistics in much-quoted reports by well-funded Leftist Think-Tanks that claim that in the post-Ferguson period, violent crime has not increased, indeed, may have fallen. The propaganda narrative of such Leftist ‘reports’ is that police withdrawal from Black areas and the cessation of ‘stop-and-search’ and racial profiling, has not led to more crime. Mac Donald shows that a close reading of the reports reveals both their selective and deliberate falsification, and that the post-Ferguson trend is of (Black) crime in big cities quickly returning to levels that were once considered intolerable. The fall in crime rates after the 1990’s was the result of ‘stop-and-search’ and racial profiling.

If she is right, nothing has changed in terms of the deep roots of crime among African Americans, despite the billions of dollars spent on welfare programs and education. No doubt today’s Black crime statistics are greatly and deliberately under-recorded. True statistics would reveal a dangerous rise in crime.

Who knows if there will be a peak? We ask this question because we believe that Mac Donald’s article falls dangerously short of the whole picture. She rightly concludes that aggressive policing worked and wrongly assumes that its abandonment was a result of false reasoning and perhaps a pandering to Black discontent. We believe its abandonment was a calculated policy aimed at increasing Black lawlessness and motivated by Revolutionary politics.

Obama’s presence in the White House since 2008, and his blatant partisan identification with Black citizens, has no doubt in itself emboldened Blacks to be criminally over-assertive. He has also fueled Black resentment, expressed solidarity with Black rioters, and contemptuously sneered at Whites and Asians who seek betterment in the suburbs. He and his appointees in the now-completely politicized DOJ have made it clear that they wish to disarm and thus lay defenseless, those suburbanites with social aspirations. His HUD now seeks to pursue the lawful into the suburbs and plant the lawless among them.

However, over and beyond Obama’s personal racial resentment and its consequences, there is a Revolutionary policy developing that requires rampaging Black mobs on the streets, a Federal police force that is charged, not with halting crime, but encouraging it as a form of redistribution, and a means of demoralization of potentially counter-revolutionary diligent citizens. And ultimately the aim is a redefinition of civic right and wrong that will match the new redefinitions of gender, normal sexual behavior. marriage, family, Nation, free speech and property rights. In short, Miss Mac Donald, we are stealthily transitioning to a Revolutionary America.

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You are hearing a lot about record-breaking warm weather in the East. Just for the record, here in middle California, today’s temperature sank to 28F. In 1917 on the same date it reached 78F and in 1962, 22F. It seems that large variations are commonplace.

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