Mosby Dispenses Revolutionary Justice

When Baltimore’s State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced the prosecution of six police officers for the death in custody of Baltimore drug dealer Freddie Gray, she did so before a cheering Black mob. Mosby, who is a militant Black Democrat campaigner, soon came under criticism from several Jurists. Criticisms included the wide-ranging nature of her charges, the speed with which she reached her decision, her failure to summon a Grand Jury, and the content of her speech to the mob. One of those who took her to task for her lack of professionalism was the renowned Leftist Jurist Alan Dershowitz. He went so far as to write an op-ed of criticism in the WSJ.

Many assumed that Mosby, being inexperienced and fearing more street violence from Baltimore’s citizen mob, had acted hastily and rashly. Once the street violence, arson and looting had died down and Lynch’s DOJ was brought in to purge Baltimore’s police Department, outside observers thought Mosby would seek a low profile and plot a legal retreat to less outrageous charges. Here we see how a failure to understand that we live in revolutionary times results in the disastrous complacency of America’s majority of industrious citizens.

This last week, Mosby, the wife of a Black Democrat politician who shares her race-based anger and resentment, far from retreating from her rabble-rousing of the mob, doubled down on it. In the midst of her campaign to intimidate the police of Baltimore, she attended a Pop concert by Prince that was being held to ‘honor’ the late drug dealer Freddie Gray. Since on this website we do not claim knowledge of decadent performers and their decadent music, we only know that Mr. Prince is Black and that like all contemporary ‘entertainers’ parrots the Media Class agenda. In this instance the agenda items being parroted are not homosexual advancement but racial division, intimidation of the Nation’s police and White guilt.

In a sane and non-Revolutionary society, publicly ‘honoring’ a drug-dealing nobody would simply reveal the ignorance and waywardness of those involved. Those taking part would be seen as either ‘low-life’s, lunatics, shysters or political extremists of the Anarchist tendency. Baltimore State’s Attorney Ms. Mosby, casting aside both dignity and professionalism, took to the stage to ‘honor’ Gray and strengthen her links to the Black mob. This might best be termed ‘ratcheting up’.

Her ‘ratcheting up’ is in stark contrast to the ‘climbing down’, ‘regrets’ and groveling ‘apologies’ that are issued by Republicans, Church leaders and ordinary citizens whenever they say or do anything that offends certain protected (by the Revolution) minorities and the MSM. Of course, Ms. Mosby is a darling of the MSM and her misuse of her Office and abandonment of old professional standards is what Revolutionaries do in Revolutionary times.

It is just possible that when the 6 police victims of this ‘Revolutionary in Attorney’s Clothing’ come to trial, their cases will be exposed as having little if any merit. In that case their punishment will have been only personal ruin, anguish and (like Zimmerman and Darren Wilson) lifelong fear of assassination. The MSM will commence writing that Justice has not been done and that Black anger and violence is justified. It is likely that Baltimore and other cities will experience more ‘redistribution’ in lieu of reparations. In one way or another Revolutionary Justice will have been achieved. Ms. Mosby will get a MSM and a professional Pass.

However, given the continued advance of the Revolution, it is not inconceivable that convictions will be obtained. It is surely only a matter of time before juries in many big cities become rubber stamps for Revolutionary Justice. After all, who would have thought five years ago that family bakers would be put out of business and sent for re-education for resisting the homosexual agenda? Well, perhaps a few readers of this website!!

On this website we want to publicize the case of Rick Fletcher, since what befell 61 year old Mr. Fletcher outside his own home will be studiously ignored by the MSM, Marilyn Mosby, Al Sharpton and Loretta Lynch.

Poor Mr. Fletcher is now disabled, having been ruthlessly beaten by a mob of school children. His near-fatal mistake was venturing outside his front door to remonstrate with two teenage girls whose fight was taking place on his parked car. He was set upon by the fighting girls and their schoolmates and kicked repeatedly in the head and body whilst on the ground. Some 7 teens will be charged with the attack. The attack took place on April 22nd in Dundalk, Md. not far from Baltimore, where not long ago the MSM’s reporters settled like a flock of hungry vultures.

The reason you will not read about the attack on Mr. Fletcher is that he is White and his attackers were young Blacks from a neighborhood place of learning. A number of Black young ladies were among the attackers, presumably pausing before making their way home to complete homework. Mr. Fletcher’s big mistake was not venturing out to protect his property. It was not having a gun. A local Media report can be seen on WbalTV.

Listening to the Obama’s, Mosby and other educated Black leaders and noting the growing anti-White violent militancy of Black mobs and Black youths, only one conclusion can be drawn. It is that despite –or maybe because- a Black President is in the White House, many young Black Americans believe the time has come to take revenge and take over.

Here is more evidence that we live in a new America created by a stealthy Revolution. The ACLU is challenging as Un-Constitutional the decision of an Idaho school to enforce dress codes for its pupils. It charges that the school is making “a distinction between boys and girls” since “dress codes are enforcing gender-stereotyping policies which violate the State and US Constitution”. The dress code asks girls to wear dresses and the boys to wear pants.

Idaho is one of America’s most conservative and religious States and it is highly probable that its people were unaware of this State Law and would have whole-heartedly rejected it if given the opportunity. Here is another example of Revolution by stealth, only made possible because the MSM has an agenda and is in control of information.

In an article on this website dated February 24th headed “Greece and Merkel” we claimed that German Chancellor Merkel had blinked in her debt negotiations with the Greek Government. We predicted that Greece was not intending to back down to German demands for austerity. The news today is that “Greece drew on its holdings of an IMF reserve currency to make a loan repayment to the fund”. Is there anything more hilarious than paying someone back with their own money? “The move allows Greece to avoid drawing on its own, quickly dwindling cash reserves and to make ends meet through May”. (WSJ today) The ECB will be looking to offer Greece a life-line by June and hoping for a face-saving formula of words that hides the fact that Greece has not cut down on its public spending on welfare.

As long as money can be printed without causing runaway inflation, no Western Government will cut down on welfare and wasteful public spending.

Global Warming Watch

Here in central California the unusually chilly May weather is surely breaking some records. The MSM is silent. In the Antarctic the ice is thickening. Can any website visitor identify a place on the British coastline where rising sea levels have permanently occupied low level land? On the East Coast of England there are towns that were once seaside towns and are now several miles inland. Are the inhabitants leaving?

Music Choice

Recommended for Michelle Obama who endured such a deprived childhood! “God Bless the Child” recorded by Billie Holiday in May 1941.

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