MLK Day. Time To Scrap It And Reunite America

Here we are again! Another MLK day and another day for divisive politics, political and racial posturing by hypocrites, and the celebration of a man who has a very poor claim to the title ‘Reverend’.

Let us start with the ‘Reverend’. King was an habitual fornicator, which is to say, though married, he regularly and secretly had relationships with other women. The FBI, aware of his Communist affiliations during the Cold War, had plenty of film of his extra-marital relationships, and these were eventually revealed to his widow. Just because she chooses to deny that these proved her husband’s infidelity (who can blame her. She has much to gain from whitewashing – no pun intended! – his past), is no reason for the rest of us not to take cognizance of the facts.

Every prominent White ‘Christian’ pastor who has ever been caught breaking marriage vows has been gleefully destroyed by the Mainstream Media and ejected from office by his Christian community. It is appropriate that adulterous Christian leaders lose their positions for breaking one of the Ten Commandments.

Generally, self-identified Christian politicians of the Right have also been punished for discovered adultery. And rightly so! This is not to say that King’s Civil Rights credentials should be cancelled by his extra-marital activities, only that ‘the Reverend’ is inappropriate, for it reminds us that Blacks are not being held to the same standards as others – and that is racism.

King’s murder is also not a reason for having a public holiday for him. Many prominent religious leaders have been murdered, as have politicians and other public figures. The Mormon leader Joseph Smith was murdered by an Illinois mob in his police cell in 1844, yet we do not have a Joseph Smith Day. And Mormons were a persecuted minority.

Some who promoted the idea of an MLK day may have had good intentions, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Others who helped impose this public holiday on us, knew very well what they were doing, for it was and is intended to preserve forever racial divisions in America and nurture a festering sense of victimization for political purposes.

For the Far Left, it is never enough. Soon, if they and their allies in the MSM get their way, we will have a Harvey Milk Day to promote the normalization of sodomy, followed by a Bruce/Caitlin Jenner Day to normalize make-belief, and a little further down the road a Man/Dog Relationship day. A better case could be made for a Geronimo or Cochise Day to remember the persecution of Native Americans.

MLK Day needs to be buried as part of a conscious effort to reverse the Nation-destroying sickness of selective victimology. We would do well to scrap all public holidays named for individuals. King can take his merited place in the history books along with Robert E Lee, Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, George Wallace, Ronald Reagan and a host of others who deserve to be recorded for good or bad reasons.

Ending a public holiday enjoyed almost exclusively by Government employees and school children will not be popular, but the truth is that on MLK Days, public employees do not spend a moment thinking of King. It is simply a day off work with pay. Probably most Blacks also do not give King more than a fleeting thought. It is however, an opportunity for the MSM to intensify its corrupted propaganda of racial injustice, and for politicians of the worst kind to posture.

Black History Month is another Far Left excuse for racist propaganda and should be scrapped. It is, in fact, an embarrassment, as Academics and Black agitators dig up a measly
number of African American achievements to be puffed up. It does nothing but encourage Black youth to believe that a little counts for a lot.

It can be argued, and on this website we believe it to be true, that for most of America’s history Black Americans were denied opportunities to achieve in the fields of science, engineering, medicine and those things that benefit mankind. The few who overcame the lack of opportunities deserve their mention in schools, but ending the preoccupation with Black victimology may free young Blacks to seek education, go to work and just maybe make the significant contributions that justify acknowledgment.

In the field of music (as in sport), African Americans have in the past overcome discrimination and made highly significant contributions. On this website we record them – Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Errol Garner, George Lewis, Louis Armstrong, John Lewis, Milt Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington and many others whose musicianship has been outstanding. Sadly, few young Blacks are aware of these musical giants and their music because the Media Class has been substituting real culture with the music of shameless degenerates and talent-less warblers.

Global Warming Watch

For new website visitors! We frequently note and record the weather that we personally experience, because we believe that government bodies and the MSM deliberately hide the truth in pursuit of the political agenda of Man-Made Global Warming.

Here in middle California the extremely cold winter has continued, broken only by a number of heavy rain storms. Every night there is a deep frost. The winter of 2016/17 looks to be one of those that occur every few decades when California’s natural droughts are interrupted, rivers overflow, land slides and grass grows. The lush growth will increase the number of wildfires in July, August and September, when the months of normal hot sun burns everything dry.

California will endure another water shortage this summer despite the rains of winter. Partly this is because the environmentalists have for decades prevented dam building, but mostly because Silicon Valley is importing thousands of immigrants, and ‘development’ is covering the valleys with high-density housing, shopping malls, parking lots and roads – all requiring more water. The truth of this will not be told and water shortages will be blamed on Man-Made Global Warming.

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