Missouri University’s White Revolutionaries

This morning I have been revisiting the unfolding farce at the University of Missouri. After posting yesterday’s article which covered the resignation of the spineless President, Tim Wolfe, the subsequent resignation of the University’s Chancellor has confirmed the surrender of this institution to mob rule by Leftist Revolutionaries.

No-one who visits our website should be surprised. Here we have long been arguing that America is in the midst of a Revolution that is the consequence of the accidental creation by technology of a powerful and rich Media Class and its natural and advantageous partnership with the ideological Left. Together, using the propaganda power of the Mainstream Media, they have purged the Democrat Party and Public Service Unions of social moderates, and succeeded in placing their tool, Obama, in the White House. As President he has abandoned Constitutional government, made Congress impotent, promoted moral decay, imported aliens and done everything possible to weaken and divide the Nation he despises.

There is much more that could be written here about the Revolution he leads, from Global Warming to economic redistribution to the abandonment of borders, but the triumph of lawlessness and mob rule in Missouri’s University bears out our claim that the Media Class has partnered with Leftist ideologues.

The Leftist ideologues we had in mind from the beginning, were to be found mainly in Academia. It is there that tenured ‘educators’, protected from the storms of the economy, and the demands of a proper day’s work, can live and promote a political life of Revolution. Safe, secure and comfortable in their gated communities, they are able to brainwash and recruit the Nation’s cleverest young people, develop a Nation-wide network of agitation, expound extreme and self-serving ideas, venture into communities of the discontented to agitate, exclude from their campuses all dissident voices, and create tax-payer funded enclaves where the affluent bitter and dysfunctional of society can flourish and plot.

The occupation of the White House by a tool of the wealthy perverts of the Media Class and their Far Left allies, has enabled these enclaves of advanced Revolution (America’s Universities, Colleges and now public schools) to emerge into daylight. Extreme theories of gender-neutrality, self-identification of sexuality, same-sex marriage and an increasing number of other mind-boggling, ruinous (for a Nation), radical prescriptions now have Departments and professors. And into the mix have come race theories, victim theories, Class theories, a new Orwellian language and totalitarian intolerance.

Enter into the daylight of Missouri, Assistant Professor Melissa Click, who summoned mob muscle to prevent a (Oriental) student from filming her activities. Click, aged 44, is a product of Leftist Massachusetts, and now a Professor of Radical Queer Gender Studies, Women’s Studies and a teacher of ‘Journalism’ (aka Revolutionary propaganda) at UM. Ms. Click, revealed by an Internet-posted video as angry, militant and intolerant, receives $58,000 per year from tax-payers. Since she is teaching nothing useful, it can safely be said that she is paid to agitate and indoctrinate students. There is nothing on the Internet to show if Ms. Click is married to a man and has children. Given her politics and ‘academic’ specialties we venture to suggest that she is an angry lesbian.

Enter Ms. Janna Basler into daylight! She is paid $68,000 to be Assistant Director of Greek at Missouri University. Like comrade Click, she was active on campus yesterday agitating with, and leading, the mob of student dopes in the protests that have led to the resignations of President Wolfe and former Chancellor R. Bowen Loften. Can any website visitor explain what Basler’s job entails and how it is justified as a burden on tax-payers?

Since Wolfe and Loften were ultimately responsible for these two women’s ‘employment’ and no doubt many other such nonsenses, we cannot regret their downfall other than it has been yet another triumph for Revolutionary mob power.

Those on the Right who attribute America’s decline to immigration by non-Whites and to Jewish conspiracies, need to rethink. Maybe these are symptoms of a sickness in affluent Whites, for a study of the intolerant and angry demonstrators on the Missouri campus reveals that Blacks are hugely outnumbered by White students. Basler and Click are lily-white and their comrades all across America’s places of ‘learning’ are also White.

A chilling aspect of this situation is that the Missouri University Police Department has sent out an email to all students and staff asking them to report ‘hurtful’ and ‘hateful’ speech. No doubt those who get reported (‘denounced’) will receive re-education if they are lucky and punishment if not. Today, Orwell’s 1984 has arrived on this campus and unless Donald Trump is elected it will arrive in your neighborhood in 2016.

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