Missouri Farce

In this morning’s WSJ there is a large picture of three Black and one White (female) adult alleged students, all looking very serious and the accompanying article is headlined “Racial Tensions Escalate”.

I use the words ‘alleged students’ because so many MSM pictures are staged and dishonest for the purposes of propaganda that we should no longer automatically believe what is presented to us. I use the word ‘adult’ because the four in the picture look old enough to be working in a job and earning a living. According to WSJ reporters Sharon Terlep and Douglas Belkin, the four (not gainfully employed as far as I am concerned) were “gathering on Saturday after an emotional protest on the University of Missouri campus”.

It seems that “over the weekend racial tensions reached a boil” and “minority football players are seeking the ouster of the university’s president”. ‘Minority’ of course is the MSM/Leftist code word for ‘Black’, but is used to create the impression that Latinos, Indians, Orientals, Jews, women, lesbians, homosexuals and cross -dressers are all one large and discriminated-against group.

Reading this opening to my article, with all its qualifications, you could be forgiven for thinking that I am not treating this topic seriously! In truth, and having researched what it is that has had Black students reaching boiling point, it is hard to take this University, its students and its staff seriously. Where are the grown-ups?

Here are the facts! Last September an ‘African-American student-government leader’ (is this an official appointment of some kind?) posted on Facebook that “a passenger in a truck shouted a racial slur at him”. The post went viral and people ( just African-Americans, or all minorities, perhaps even vegans?) across campus responded with their own accounts. The Chancellor decried the (alleged) incidents, saying “Hate and racism were alive and well at Mizzou”. He ordered ‘diversity training’ for all but “leaders of the anti-racism movement on campus demanded more and were (allegedly) angered by the University’s President, Tim Wolfe’s (who, just for the record is allegedly White) lack of involvement”.

It seems that the college’s Black football players finally took the campus to beyond boiling point (steam?) by refusing to play for the college unless Mr. Wolfe resigned as President. Mr. Wolfe, being either an abject coward or placed under pressure by even more abject cowards behind the scenes, has this morning resigned. The Black mob has scored another victory and we can expect the crypto/Muslim in the White House, who is the President of Black Americans, to phone to congratulate the victors. Yet another repayment for slavery has been extracted.

On this website, we often express sympathy for police officers forced to resign for doing their jobs, but we have no sympathy for Mr. Wolfe. It is true that he refused to get out of his car at last month’s homecoming parade when it was surrounded by Black protesters, but we suspect this was out of fear of injury rather than a refusal to pander to the mob. Since only a Leftist pedigree will open University doors to promotion, we can assume that Mr. Wolfe is not ‘one of us’ and he is getting what he deserves.

On my vehicle I have a bumper sticker for real marriage and another about Media lies. Several times I have had Leftist slurs shouted at me when driving and also a cup of coffee poured over the windscreen in a parking lot. It is true that I might take a weapon to someone if I was violently confronted but otherwise I simply ‘get over’ the verbal abuse from passing vehicles. Is it too much to expect that big Black footballers get over a shouted slur or two or perhaps shout back one of their own slurs?

But I forgot! It is also alleged that someone on the campus drew a swastika in human feces on a dorm wall. If true, pretty disgusting! But the only people I know of who are comfortable and familiar with handling human feces are homosexuals and hetero-sexual anal perverts, so I will leave our website visitors to draw their own conclusions. And aren’t swastikas intended to be offensive to Jews?

It was predictable that this morning Rush Limbaugh led off with the Missouri story for it is his home State and he is obsessed with pandering to football stars. Rush, quite rightly pointed out that the Colleges have brought mob rule upon themselves by constantly denigrating America and the people who are the Nation’s backbone, nurturing the victim mentality in students and rewarding mediocrity. But he missed an important element in this Missouri farce.

Pro-Sport has become a major component of the Ruling Media Class and we identified it as such some years ago. Professional Sports that pay participants big bucks can do so because of TV coverage and advertising. The Sports cannot financially survive without TV and sponsorship advertizing and thus must promote the Media Class agenda. Their participants become celebrities first and rich second and are captives of political correctness. Sport for sport’s sake has no place in this morally and financially corrupt scheme of things. It is Entertainment first and only distantly related to sport.

It is foolish to worship and pander to Pro-Sport participants just as it is foolish and culturally corrupting to worship and pander to Film Stars, Pop singers, TV personalities and other Media-created celebrities. College sports, including football, have become an entry-point to the wealthy Media Class and so the Leftist political agenda rules. It was predictable that a Black homosexual would receive star treatment despite being a mediocre talent. And it was predictable that the moment the College footballers threatened to strike, the College gave in to these intellectually feeble protesters and sacrificed its President.

Of Missouri’s 84 scholarship football players (as I understand, brains are not a requirement for a scholarship), 58 are Blacks despite only 7% of the academic student body being Black. Read into those statistics what you will! A grown-up College administration, purged of pandering Leftists, would have told the footballers and other protesters to find another college if they are unhappy. That is what happens in the real world of private sector employment.

global warming Global Warming Watch global warming

Here in middle California some rain has arrived, though not el Nino. Temperatures have fallen sharply and the Antarctic ice is rapidly growing. In little Starcross-on-the-English Channel, sea levels remain the same as 76 years ago. What is happening?

Music-Notes Music Choice Music-Notes

The master pianist George Shearing was blind from birth but overcame this terrible handicap. Last weekend I talked to another professional pianist who had known him and he said Shearing was a most kindly and contented man. Born in England Shearing came to America where he achieved great recognition and a long career. His original recording of ‘Jumping with Symphony Sid’ (the composition was a tribute to the disc jockey ‘Symphony’ Sid Torrin by another musician) contained several choruses of outstanding bebop piano solo by Shearing. The tune is a mere 12 bar riff and the other soloists, who are not exceptional, only solo briefly because in those days a record could not run for more than three minutes. Still the riff is catchy and uplifting, the Shearing sound of guitar, vibes and piano in unison is sophisticated and George’s several choruses of crisp, tight, unpredictable phrasing make this a classic. Oh to be transported back to those days, leaving behind today’s whiny folk music, mindless Rock, mechanical dance ‘music’ and pansy singers.


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