Media Black-Out On Black-On-White Killings

Senior Deputy Sheriff Ben Fields is the latest victim of the Mainstream Media’s (MSM) campaign to create a continuing, and wholly false, narrative of White guilt and Black victimization in America. The White law officer, who was assigned to a group of schools in South Carolina, was dispatched to a majority-Black school to deal with a Black female pupil whose behavior was beyond the control of the school’s teaching staff.

The pupil had been breaking school rules by using her cell phone during a class. When asked several times to stop by the class teacher, she had refused, and the Principal was called. Despite his requests she continued to be defiant, disrupting the class. Clearly, this was a challenge to school discipline and a flagrant challenge to school authority. The Principal called for police intervention and Senior Deputy Fields was detailed by Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott to deal with the girl.

This was Fields unlucky day, as he was destined to become another White police victim of a developing Black insurgency that has been unleashed by President Obama and his former DOJ appointee Eric Holder, and orchestrated by the MSM.

The pupil repeatedly refused to co-operate with a patient Fields and refused to leave her desk or part with the cell phone. When Fields attempted to physically remove her from the desk she punched him. It is important to remember that this challenge to police authority was being played out in front of a classroom of Black teens of both sexes.

Field, at this point, must have been both worried and understandably, angered. As he manhandled the girl out of the desk it flipped over and the girl landed on the ground. Field dragged her from the classroom. Some or all of this episode was filmed on a pupil’s cell phone but the MSM has only been interested in the portion showing Fields wrestling with her in the desk and his forcible removal of her from the classroom.

As the MSM-orchestrated film hit the Internet, County Sheriff Lott stated that the pupil had hit Fields before he wrestled her from the desk. Soon however, Lott threw his man to the wolves by speedily sacking him on the grounds that he had not followed ‘proper procedure’. Lott, clearly a man who reads the tea leaves of policing in the new Revolutionary era and sees a race-baiting storm approaching, called in the DOJ!

Liberals in gated communities may feel that Field acted too robustly and it could be said that the girl may have broken a bone by hitting the floor, but he was dealing with a volatile situation and must have been mindful of the Black youths around him. Lott, with hindsight, might have known a better way of dealing with this cocky young woman, but he must surely be aware of Fields’ predicament at the time.

One thing is sure, Lott is not a man anyone would want to work for. Loyalty to staff is not in his playbook. But he is familiar with the Eric Holder DOJ playbook of ‘My people are historical victims and now is the time for payback’. Lott could have quietly disciplined Field for being too robust and not sufficiently self-controlled. After all, Field was considered good enough for this special assignment to work with school problems and had several years of service.

Lott may consider he and his department are now safe from DOJ persecution and that he has covered his own ass. On this website we think Field, when doing a good job was too gentle and we hope Lott has many sleepless guilty nights.

Meanwhile, as the twisted version of the facts in Richland got maximum Media publicity across the Nation, some real race-on-race tragedies were going un-reported in the MSM.

We are grateful to a website visitor who drew out attention to a report in the Dallas Morning News of 12th October. Thomas Johnson, a Black 21 year-old allegedly hacked White jogger David Stevens aged 53 to death on the White Rock Creek Trail. Johnson, a former college sportsman, was said to be feeling unhappy about his future and decided to take it out on this passing White man. Patti Stevens, David’s widow, is reported to have committed suicide having lost the ‘love of her life’.

Checking back on the website of the Dallas Morning News we discovered that on October 11th, Zoe Hastings, a White 18 year old Mormon was on her way to Church when she stopped off at a store and then disappeared. The next day, her body was found near White Rock Lake, having been stabbed to death.

It is alleged that Antonio Cochran, a 34 year-old Black man forcibly entered her car in the parking lot and abducted her. If he is guilty, we can assume that he raped her, or worse, before killing her. Earlier this year he was acquitted of a rape charge.

Local Media, often a subsidiary of the large MSM companies, cannot avoid reporting race and other crimes in their area, but they are as much a propaganda voice of the Revolutionary Media Class as the big names. Their reporters are just as dishonest, almost always hiding the race of perpetrators if they are Black and the victim is White. The big companies, eager to pick up anything local and make it national if it can be used to further the agenda, studiously ignore incidents like the two reported above.

Those who visit this website and others deemed to be Rightwing, are kept aware of the Black-on-White race war that Obama has instigated and encouraged but remember that the vast majority of Americans are kept in ignorance. No Republican politician dares to mention it for fear of MSM denunciations of racism and bigotry. Perhaps Donald Trump will eventually do the same for this issue (take the lid off) that he has valiantly done for immigrant crimes against Americans.

Good News:

Latest Economist/YouGov Nation-wide poll. Trump 32%; Carson 18%; Rubio 11%; Cruz/Bush 8%.

Bad News:

Bad News to dustydesertgal.

The MSM will not be deterred from their vicious partisan task of destroying all Conservative, Christian and Nationalist opposition. The Media Class and its Leftist allies are waging total war and the goal is Socialist totalitarianism. Fox News is better than the rest but it is not on our side. Thanks for commenting and hope you are a regular website visitor.

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