Zuckerberg’s Treachery

In our two preceding articles we have called attention to the treachery of Carly Fiorina and Lindsay Graham, for knowingly and deliberately giving aid and comfort to the enemy (in their cases Hillary Clinton and the Far Left Democrat Party) is an act of treachery. To forecast, as they have, that a Republican contestant, chosen by the rank-and-file of the Party, is a certain loser to Clinton in 2016, is the equivalent of putting a dagger in Clinton’s hand. Clinton is, after all, an extremely weak candidate mired in scandal, proven lies and failure in office.

Fiorina and Graham together with Bush, Christie and Kasich, have come near to a repudiation of Donald Trump if he is picked by a majority of the Party’s members. Their language, when attacking him in public, is so intemperate about his character and political positions, as to ensure a major rift in the Party just prior to the 2016 election. It is beyond doubt that they would welcome a Clinton and Democrat victory over Trump and his support by a majority of the Republican membership.

Compared to their rhetoric, Trump’s campaigning accusations, some of them tongue-in-cheek, such as Bush lacks energy and Fiorina’s face is unattractive, are well within the bounds of normal criticism. He has shrugged off offensive attacks by his fellow Republicans.

The latest news, that the Republican Party elite is planning to deny a Trump/grass-roots victory by manipulating the Party’s rules, confirms that the elite also is willing to split the Party apart and hand a win to the Far Left Democrats. To his credit, Ben Carson has hit back by promising he will leave a Party that is so unprincipled.

One thing is certain and that is the Elite’s Republican Party rump cannot win an election severed from the grass-roots. It is possible however, that Trump with the support of Cruz, Carson, Sessions and others could win by leading a National Party committed to borders, language, customs and a defended homeland.

The case for halting all Muslim immigration to protect the Nation’s citizens, is overwhelming. If, as is alleged, the Constitution prohibits excluding non-citizens on a religious basis, there is ample precedent for a President refusing entry to the citizens of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Gulf States, Egypt, Lebanon and any and every Muslim State.

There is also precedent for investigating and registering all foreign nationals from certain countries. No doubt, thorough investigation would reveal grounds for deportations and the closing of many Mosques. If Christian companies can be banned from opening stores and restaurants in Democrat cities, a ban on all new Mosques is surely possible. A general unwillingness to appease Muslim sensitivities such as pork in school meals, a ban on cruelty in slaughter houses and a ban on the burkha, would also underpin an initiative to make the enemy unwelcome.

Mark Zuckerberg, a Jew by birth though not by practice, has put himself in the political frontline as a Far Leftist and Internationalist, unwilling to defend the interests of the American people. He has been outspoken in welcoming Islam into the country and in opposing safeguards, despite the overwhelming evidence that it is NOT a religion of peace but one of violence, dedicated to killing Americans in America.

He has taken action on the Internet’s Facebook, which he controls, to remove evidence of Islamic violence, and thus deprive Americans of information necessary for self protection. He has reportedly removed a picture posted by Talk Show host Michael Savage (a Jew who is a loyal American) which shows a large mob of young Muslim men rioting in London in 2008. During this incident and many similar Muslim riots in the UK, the formidable mobs chanted calls for the cruel death of all non-Muslims, and for violent Muslim conquest of the West. A forest of banners carried graphic bloodthirsty threats. Zuckerberg has justified his censorship of this picture on the grounds that it is hate-filled. It certainly is, but all the hate is emanating from the Muslims.

For the benefit of Americans who remain unaware, thanks to the MSM, like Zuckerberg, concealing the truth, we can say that the UK’s small Nationalist Parties have posted on the Internet countless such pictures and film of angry, violent mobs of young Muslim men proclaiming that the objective of their religion is domination of their host Nation by force. Such demonstrations continue and most big UK cities have ever-expanding Muslim areas that are no-go for all other citizens and for the police. The UK’s Mainstream Media, like that of America’s MSM and Mr. Zuckerberg’s Facebook, seek to deny the people information that would alert them to the growing, violent threat of Islamic Imperialism.

There is also film of Muslim mobs chasing the police from the day-time streets of Luton during a violent demonstration. On full view is the shameful evidence of a police force, undermined by political correctness and Leftist agitation, panic-stricken and fleeing in all directions before a violent and triumphant Muslim mob. Once again, Donald Trump was right to assert that the UK police cannot control the streets, though ‘will not ‘ would be more accurate, for they are restrained and inhibited by politicians promoting inclusion, toleration and surrender. When given political permission to disperse crowds of native Nationalists, the UK police reveal a determination to stop at nothing.

Zuckerberg, with his censorship of Michael Savage’s post, is willfully depriving the American people of knowledge they are entitled to have. He has joined the ranks of those committing treacherous acts.

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  1. The neocon RINO’s appear ready to pursue a scorched earth policy as long as Donald Trump remains so far ahead in the polls. This is yet further evidence that they have only their careers at heart, and not the welfare of the American people. Fiorina had her brief moment in the sun with an uptick in her polling numbers a couple months ago. And then people examined her more closely and she was found wanting. Ben Carson also had his flirtation with the undecideds, but that was just a passing fad. Christie showed proved himself a traitor four years ago with his BFF Obama. Kasich is an appalling liberal who should be running on the Democrat ticket, and Lindsey the Sissy knows he won’t be POTUS or even Vice POTUS, but he just has it in for DT at this point.

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