Law of Intended Consequences

On this website we often refer to the Law of Unintended Consequences and its unpredictable role in politics and social policy. At first sight the execution of two New York police officers in Brooklyn by a violent Black (Muslim) criminal may look like an unintended consequence of the Media Class (MSM’S) campaign of arousal of Black (Class) ‘consciousness’. It was, in fact, an intentional consequence which occurred ahead of schedule.

Ever since the MSM‘s attempted judicial lynching of Latino George Zimmerman for his self-defense shooting of Black Trayvon Martin, it’s reporters and editors have been working without pause to fan the twin flames of Black victimization and White guilt. The original Media Class objective in the Zimmerman/Martin campaign was to mobilize both Black racial voters and White guilt-indoctrinated College voters to turn out for Obama in the approaching election. As we wrote then, the MSM, panting to ensure victory for their Presidential candidate, mistakenly assumed that Zimmerman was White and Martin was a kid. When these mistakes- the result of haste,  over-eagerness and the abandonment of all pretense of journalism- began to emerge, the Media Class rejected the idea of back-pedaling and chose to press forward by setting aside the facts and replacing them with its own. This bold decision and its success revealed to the Media Class beyond any doubt that it now possessed the power to manipulate both the Black masses and young Whites emerging from ‘edu- prop’ (the modern school brainwashing system) and by repetition of lies in the MSM create in the public’s consciousness a narrative wholly devoid of facts. We might say that at that point the Media Class realized that its MSM, despite the irritating presence of the Internet and Talk Radio, can get away with anything, such is its propaganda power.

Instead of a single racial propaganda campaign for the approaching election, the Media Class decided that the baseless narrative of a (White) society’s war on Blacks – and in particular the most brutal  and incendiary expression of it being the myth of police executing young innocents on the streets –could be sustained indefinitely. With the MSM’s awesome power to dispense with facts the following four truths have become irrelevant. (1) No other racial group is persecuting Blacks, (2) Blacks are increasingly committing random acts of violence against the rest of society’s people, (3) Blacks are responsible for a hugely disproportionate amount of the Nation’s violent and petty crime, and (4) almost all violence against Blacks is being committed by Blacks.

In quick succession the MSM has promoted the Michael Brown ‘execution’ and the Eric Garner manslaughter, with a couple of other Black deaths at the hands of ‘cops’ as background. Brown’s death by shooting, like Martin’s, was the result of young Black’s extreme lawlessness but the MSM felt confident in its propaganda power to ignore the facts and present a story that fitted the revolutionary agenda of the Media Class and its Far Left allies. Although the MSM had failed to create Black riots in Florida after the Court’s (racially mixed) jury dismissed the charges against the luckless George Zimmerman, it was not for want of trying. Nevertheless the MSM continued to perpetrate the narrative of an innocent Trayvon Martin shot in cold blood by a White racist, continued to persecute Zimmerman and continued to dismiss the legal process as grossly flawed and weighted against Blacks There was no attempt to support these assertions with facts. Repetition was deemed suffixient.

This bore fruit in Ferguson, where the MSM took up the theme of ‘another shooting execution by White cop’ of Michael Brown. Whereas in Florida the MSM had in its haste overlooked some uncomfortable facts and was forced to plough on regardless, in Ferguson the MSM felt newly confident in its power to ignore uncomfortable facts as and when they arose. Consequently, when a video surfaced on the Internet that revealed Brown to be an overgrown thug who picked on Asian shopkeepers, brazenly robbed in daylight, and all just before his run-in with luckless Police Officer Darren Wilson, the MSM did not blink. With reporters and cameras camping in Ferguson, the MSM used its presence and hourly reporting to assemble and ignite a Black mob and confer legitimacy on rioting and looting, then encouraging nightly repeats so that it became transformed into an insurrection.

Predictably the anticipated public perception of legitimacy was reinforced by Holder and his Justice Department, by Obama’s well-publicized comments and by Leftist politicians who rushed to jump on the rolling Revolutionary bandwagon. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson could not be expected to stay away, for Black ‘suffering’ is their meal-ticket and like Democrat politicians (and more than a few Republicans Senators) friendly Media exposure is life-blood.

Fringe Far Left White groups, made up of the dysfunctional offspring of dysfunctional families and longing for fame and violence, are sustained in their dirty backrooms by the belief that like Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao and Castro, the breakdown of law and order will catapult them to the head of marching revolutionary armies. With the MSM looking to present the Black mobs as multi-racial, the Fringe Far Left Whites found themselves and their revolutionary banners welcomed, not only at Ferguson, but also at the big marches that the MSM was encouraging elsewhere.

Many of our website visitors struggle with our claim that the Media Class, its MSM and its Leftist allies really want Revolution. Surely, they think, its members have as much invested in a stable, free-enterprise society as the rest of us. This thinking ignores the blind forces that can evolve to drive society down dangerous paths and it ignores the mounting evidence that such forces are now at work here. Believe your lying eyes! A wealthy Media Class has emerged in every country in the Western world and through control of the major means of mass communication has slipped into power in many. It has now done so here in America and is transforming it right in front of our eyes so that it reflects their values and promotes their interests. This is a Revolutionary process that demands the complete destruction of the old society and its values. Obama, the mouthpiece of the new (and partially concealed) Ruling Class, boasted that he would change society and he is doing so with brazenly unconstitutional edicts. With increasing arrogance and minimal stealth he and his forces (including the machinery of Government) are criminalizing Christianity, free speech and the traditional family, purging and transforming the military, re-defining sexuality, setting aside the Constitution, re-writing the history books, seeking to disarm the people and so many other outrageous things that it is impossible to keep pace. Is this not a Revolution in progress?

With less than two years left to complete the Revolutionary transformation of America and with the recent elections revealing that many voters are catching on and getting alarmed, the Revolutionaries are becoming impatient. They are in a hurry. But revolutions, with the exceptions of those perpetrated by a disciplined movement such as a Communist Party, are untidy affairs. No leader exists to set out a binding timetable. America’s Revolution is the near- spontaneous expression of a wealthy and already privileged (Media) Class which is itself a loose conglomeration. Lacking troops on the ground, no leader and faced with an electoral system, it has been forced into a coalition with the Far Left. Having purged the Democrat Party of social moderates, it finds its ally and instrument for winning electoral power, has a Far Left agenda and a Far Left rank-and-file. In such a coalition there can be fatally poor co-ordination and poor timing.

The speedy advance of the Revolution requires the Balkenization of America, the importation of indigestible masses to reinforce the indigestible who are already here. It requires disorder. America’s Black population appears to have been indigestible. How much of this is due to past slavery and its wounds, a lower IQ (as some would argue), the destructive effects of the Feminist movement on the two-parent family, economic trends, the Great Society of Welfare or something else, the facts are that urban Blacks are being mobilized by the Ruling Class and its Leftist allies as a Revolutionary force.

Obama, Holder, Senator Squaw Elizabeth Warren and NY Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jnr. (aka Bill De Blasio) are members of the Leftist coalition upon which the Media Class is dependent. These Leftist Revolutionary politicians and their comrades have been drawn to the Media- inspired MSM campaign in Ferguson and elsewhere and added a deadly and naked Revolutionary purpose to the marches. Believing they are in control of events, they have inadvertently signaled to the loose canons of the criminal and mentally ill underclass that the time is now ripe for Race revenge. It was not convenient for the Ruling Class agenda that two police officers should be executed by a Black (Muslim) criminal this past weekend, for the narrative of Black victims of White oppression is in full flow. These executions may be too badly timed for the MSM to turn them to advantage with lying propaganda.

It is the belief of this website’s writers that many on the Left and in the Media Class will happily execute many cops at some future time when the Revolution has been completed. Indeed those cops not deemed suitable for the People’s Police will have to take their turn in the tumbrels along with Christians, patriots, uncompromising heterosexuals, lovers of the US Constitution and others deemed reactionary and counter-revolutionary.

Warren Wilhelm Jnr. (aka Bill De Blasio), Obama, Holder, the Leftist rabble and the MSM are responsible for the execution of the two policemen in New York and others but the MSM will work hard to re-direct attention from them. In private these Democrats who have been proudly marching with the mob and its banners must be cursing the bad timing and who can predict what will happen next. One thing is sure! The Revolutionary forces will not retreat for they have entered an alliance with an unruly mob

There is something significant buried in this tragic New York execution and sadly it will not be exploited by the Right. It is that the Black mobs and White Leftists see Latinos and Asians as White because they are successful, cling to family life and are capable  (if numbers are limited) of intermarriage and integration. Here is an opportunity for a Right coalition but it will not be taken.

Global Warming (Climate Change) Check

Extremely cold weather is gripping the whole of the Northern Hemisphere.

Music Choice

Chicago’s Herbie Hancock was an accomplished professional classical pianist with an engineering degree but it was his talent as a jazz composer that brought him fame in the early 1960’s, when trumpeter Donald Bird discovered him and took him to New York. Hancock’s jazz piano playing was tasteful, economic and subtle and attracted by the infusion of Blues and roots that re-entered the jazz of the early 60’s. He composed a number of simple but atmospheric melodies and arrangements. These temporarily popularized jazz and some made it to the Pop charts.

‘Watermelon Man’ was one such Hancock composition and in 1962 he recorded his own version for Blue Note records. The melody is simple but catchy and the musicians he recruited gave it atmosphere. It is surely a minor but exciting masterpiece and benefits from the presence of Freddie Hubbard (Tpt); Dexter Gordon (Ten); Butch Warren (Bs) and the master-drummer Billy Higgins. Hancock’s own solo is good but it is the tune and rhythm which are outstanding. Hancock later deserted the jazz world for more fame and fortune and failed to reproduce the melodies of this early 60’s era. Enjoy!

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