Justice for Michael Slager

Ever since the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, back in February 2012, the Media Class through its propaganda arm (the MSM) has been running a serialized narrative of White on Black violent crime. The motivation for this narrative began with the need to arouse Black voters and get them to the polls to vote again for the Media Class-selected Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Since the MSM is dedicated to propaganda (and to the moral/cultural corruption of the American people) its reporters and editors are not hampered by journalistic professionalism, facts, truth and objectivity. Moreover, since its task is to further the revolutionary agenda of an impatient new Ruling Class, its work is not restricted by the natural emergence of events. The MSM cannot wait for an appropriate propaganda opportunity to come along in its own time for this might be too late to help the agenda. This impatience is an important point for it explains (mindboggling for detached observers) the selection of situations  for frantic promotion.

The MSM kicked off its campaign of Black voter mobilization with the Trayvon Martin shooting. As it quickly became apparent, this precipitate choice was a poor one.  George Zimmerman, despite his name was not White, Trayvon Martin was a young Black thug, and Zimmerman shot him in a clear-cut self-defense situation. Despite all these factual handicaps, the MSM chose to proceed with an interpretation of the incident that required a daily suppression of the real facts and a daily invention of false ones. In the process, this website believes that the Media Class and its MSM operatives discovered that their power to manufacture false news and suppress facts in order to advance their agenda was almost unlimited.

Moreover, our Revolutionary Ruling Class realized that the ‘White on Black violent crime/Blacks as perpetual victims’ narrative could do much more for the Revolutionary agenda than merely achieve Obama’s re-election. With hindsight and experience we can see that it effectively distracts public attention from the reality of the epidemic of Black on White violence that has been spawned by Obama and Holder. It is very important that in order for this Revolution to advance, Black violence against all others must be hidden from the public, for ordinary conservative people must not be alarmed and aroused. A Revolution is better advanced by stealth and when the majority of people are persuaded that nothing much is changing for the worse.

Just as importantly, turning the racial situation on its head so that the public fears a fictional White violence when Black violence is actually the contemporary threat, fits in well with all the other reversals of reality that a true Revolution requires. Thus Americans are being persuaded by the MSM that sexual identity is simply a personal choice, that perversion is to be celebrated, that marriage between anyone and anything is a long-withheld freedom, that Christianity is a threat to all whilst Islam is a religion of peace, that speech that offends certain selected people requires drastic curtailment in the cause of freedom, that guns in the hands of law-abiding people have become a major  threat to law-abiding people, that College men raping College women has become a College epidemic and that the Constitution is really an instrument of oppression. This Alice-in-Wonderland reversal of reality and common sense is essential to a Revolutionary movement.

The Media Class has also discovered that the ‘White race violence’ narrative helps to underpin the myth of White Guilt that is being nurtured in the Nation’s classrooms and colleges. White Guilt suppresses White reaction to the Revolution as well as further empowering Black militancy. A demoralized and guilt-ridden White (and Asian) population is a submissive one.

Since Trayvon Martin, the MSM has continued the Soap serial of White-on-Black violence, mostly with situations that require much falsification of facts, for the White and Asian populations are too cowed to initiate White-on-Black violence, even in self-defense. However, whilst many Whites and Asians can avoid dangerous young Black males, the daily work of police officers brings them unavoidably face-to-face with Black criminality and Black militancy. Consequently, it is police officers who find themselves in the sights of a MSM looking to maintain the narrative of Black victimization. It is in this context that we should view the latest incidence of an alleged cold-blooded police killing of a Black man in North Charleston, SC.

White policeman Michael Slager has been charged with the murder of Black Walter Scott. The MSM is giving this event top billing, believing that at last it has found a clear-cut White cop execution of an innocent Black man. From the MSM reports it appears that Slager’s crime has been caught on camera and consequently even conservatives and Republicans have been rushing to publicly convict Slager.

On this website we not only smell a decaying dead rat whenever the MSM gets excited but we strive even harder to adhere to facts, truth and due process. It seems unlikely that any White police officer can be unaware of the current dangers of taking off kid gloves when dealing with a Black suspect. Slager may be a man who harbored racial hatred or he may be a cop who temporarily lost his cool. If the latter is the case, a murder charge is inappropriate. However we are alarmed by evidence that the Media and the relevant authorities are falling over each other to lynch him and that important facts are being suppressed.

We recommend a visit to the website VDare and an article by Nicholas Stix written on April 10th. Stix claims that the video which is the basis for assuming Slager’s guilt has been stripped of context, edited and maybe manipulated. At this point we stand for justice for Michael Slager, a former Coastguard and the husband of a pregnant wife.

The picture at the top of this article has been taken from the VDare website.

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