Jake Tapper vs. Donald Trump

Our regular website visitors will be aware that we now live under the first Ruling Class in America’s long history and that President Obama is its very own man in the White House. Our regular visitors will also be aware that our ruling Media Class has had a decades-long alliance with the Democrat Party, forged after it had purged that Party of social conservatives and helped transform it into a Far Left Party. Today’s Far Left Democrat Party is the junior partner in the alliance, providing the ground troops for elections, and providing Congressmen and a President eager to transform America with revolutionary legislation and Executive Orders. This concealed partnership of Media Class and Far Left Democrat Party enables the Media Class to conceal its own existence and agenda whilst its awesome propaganda weapon, the Mainstream Media (MSM), passes itself off as an honest, neutral and trustworthy purveyor of News and Entertainment.

The relationship between the (senior partner) Media Class and the (junior partner) Democrat Party, is in essence a coalition between a Ruling Class that seeks to impose an unpopular revolutionary social/moral agenda on America, and the internationalist Far Left which seeks to merge the USA into a Socialist world order without borders, without a National and racial identity and without economic inequality. This internationalist revolutionary economic agenda, which leads to confiscation and totalitarianism, is also unpopular, and so the twin agendas of the coalition have to be camouflaged and advanced by stealth.

We realize that the foregoing two paragraphs are not easy reading for Americans. Unlike Europe, America never had a Ruling Class in the Marxist sense that we use the term. Although it has had several economic Classes, America’s unique history, the consequence of its wise Constitution and its geographical size and diversity, has resulted in no one Class acquiring ruling power. That is until the advent of the Media Class and its election victories of 2008 and 2012. Our use of the word ‘Class’ is also not a reference to the many narrow, graded social and cultural distinctions which have long trapped people in Europe and the UK, and which have largely been absent in an America of easy upwards and downward social mobility.


The MSM, despite its very active role on behalf of the alliance, has succeeded remarkably well in concealing the Media Class and its wealth and power from public awareness. Only its Celebrity and Entertainment members are exposed to the people, presented as justifiably rich but detached from power. Karl Marx would have categorized them as the ‘dope for the masses’. The MSM has also succeeded in convincing many Americans that it functions as the Nation’s Fourth Estate, protecting and informing the common people.

In reality the MSM is a tool for propagating false information, and a formidable weapon used to destroy those who oppose the twin Revolutionary agendas. However, as Obama successfully and speedily advances the Revolutionary agenda with hardly any resistance, the MSM has become emboldened and more visible. Its ‘reporters’ and ‘commentators’, impatient for total victory before 2016, and made brazen by success, are discarding stealth.

Often in life, changes that happen gradually go un-noticed, people fail to see what is staring them in the face and there is truth in the old saying about not seeing the wood for the trees.

Those who doubt the correctness of what we claim on this website should note that the MSM is driven by an agenda which is identical to the agenda of the Democrat Party. Both support open borders; mass Third World immigration; welfare, voting rights and citizenship for ‘undocumented workers’ ; favored treatment for African Americans; use of New Speak; the suppression of free speech; the disarmament of the common people; homosexual privilege; the elimination of gender; abortion on demand; a redefinition of criminality; an end to capital punishment; Government tax and spend, and the list goes on and on!

Less noticed – even by Conservatives and Nationalists – but just as significant, is the constant mobility between Media people and Democrat operatives and politicians. They marry each other, share un-natural relationships with each other and they move back and forth in employment, which brings us to the Muslim ‘issues’ that the MSM has just implanted into the Republican primary contest. Two of the leading MSM ‘personalities/journalists’ responsible for this have been Jake Tapper of CNN and F Chuck Todd of NBC.

Tapper, who confidently exercises on TV the political power that now falls to members of the Ruling Media Class, confronted Donald Trump on his ‘failure’ to defend Obama’s Presidential authenticity from an accusation made by a citizen, and his failure to scold the citizen for comments on the Muslim threat to America. We deliberately use the word ‘confronted’ for Tapper not only chose the topic and framed the charge, but sought to put Trump in the defendants box. He referred to the citizens remarks and question as “this is raw, unvarnished, ignorant, bigotry”, and later said “You have a responsibility to call out this hatred”. Clearly this is not a reporter’s ‘interview’, but at the least charges made by an adversary, and close to the ‘dressing down’ of a minion by a person in authority.


We will leave aside the fact that the citizen’s remarks were wholly justified by facts, and that Tapper’s description of them reveals his intellectual dishonesty. Fortunately, Trump is one of the few not intimidated by Media Class bullies and has blown off Tapper‘s assault.

But we learn much about the Media Class by noting some details about Tapper, who is a New York Jew. He has always been a Far Leftist activist and began his political career in 1992 as a campaign press Secretary for a Democrat politician. He has also worked for an anti-gun organization called ‘Handgun Control Inc’. This experience of Far Leftist activism enabled him to move effortlessly across to the MSM’s ABC News and on to CNN, both of which are near-treasonous propaganda organs. He is now Chief Washington Correspondent for CNN where he continues to promote the same Media Class/Far Left agenda.

F Chuck Todd similarly confronted and framed Dr. Ben Carson as a bigot for his entirely rational and justified remarks rebutting the outrageous proposition that a devout Muslim could be President of the USA. Todd, a Miami-born Jew, is another longtime activist for the Far Left Democrat Party. For many years he worked for Hillary Clinton before moving, again effortlessly, into the top ranks of the TV propaganda organ, NBC News, where he is Political Director.

Our contention is that the Media Class, its MSM and their junior coalition partner the Democrat Party, are inseparable. Personnel moves between them quite naturally and all three pursue an identical agenda. Because the MSM controls information, the public remains unaware that opponents of an unpopular Ruling Class/Far Left agenda are relentlessly attacked by their Class enemies posing as neutral journalists and commentators.

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