Freddie Gray RIP: Friendly Neighborhood Drug Dealer

Three cheers for Rush Limbaugh who, two days running, has stood up for truth.

This morning he drew prime time attention to the legal farce that is unfolding in Baltimore, where a Black State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, is heaping outrageous charges on the six police officers involved in the arrest and transportation to jail of drug dealer Freddie Gray.

Gray’s unfortunate death whilst in custody may well have been the result of unnecessary police heavy handedness and/or reckless and rule-breaking transportation but any charge of murder seems hugely inappropriate. Even manslaughter charges seem to smack of political calculation. As Limbaugh pointed out, the charges this morning are in stark contradiction to all the reports that were emanating from official sources last night. It appears that the arrival of Al Sharpton and his role as advisor to Ms. Mosby has set aside the normal legal procedures. As Ms. Mosby made clear in the speech announcing the charges, from now on it is revolutionary justice for her people.

It is possible that most or all of the charges will be shot down when these police officers stand trial but in the meantime the officers seem to be experiencing gross official injustice and great emotional trauma. The suspicion must be that these charges are aimed at placating the mob, furthering the career of a Black attorney, pleasing Obama’s Left hand man or simply quenching the thirst of revolutionary appetites on May Day. The prosecution of the police officers stands in stark contrast to the release without charge of most of the alleged Baltimore looters and arsonists. This is Justice African style.

One thing needs to be added here. As in the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases, the late Mr. Gray’s criminal record is being buried by the MSM and his fellow-citizens. Now, this man who dealt drugs to the young of his neighborhood is being resurrected as a respected citizen. The bulk of his lengthy criminal history revolves around drug dealing. It was not so long ago, in pre-revolutionary times, that drug dealing was officially regarded as an extreme anti-social crime responsible for the ruined lives and deaths of many.

On Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh had much to say about same-sex marriage (a website visitor took me to task for using SSM, which he felt should properly be called ‘homosexual mirage’. Good point!) and its consideration by the Supreme Court. He reminded his listeners that homosexuals are less than 3% of the population and that less than 1% of them live with partners. He also pointed out that these days marriage is no big deal for heterosexuals. This is a point we have constantly made on this website and we add that it is only traditional Christians who set any real store on it. Rush asked how it was that so small a segment of the population has been able to promote this issue to the fore in such a short period.

If he had read this website over several years he would have seen this issue coming as the expressed priority of our new Ruling Class. Moreover he would have seen the issue in the bigger context of a Revolutionary attack on Christianity, traditional family life and free speech. Still, Rush’s questions and comments represented his most direct confrontation yet with this pivotal issue.

On the same day, Michael Savage was a disappointment. Although he said he was opposed to SSM he expressed sympathy for the homosexual claim for ‘equality’. One can only draw the conclusion that other than the fact that SSM would dilute traditional marriage, Savage believes that homosexuality is a benign activity. On this website we consider its emergence into not just daylight but center stage respectability, to be a clear indication that America’s people are being morally corrupted and on the cusp of degeneracy.

It is our view that a morally healthy society expects sexual behavior, along with defecation and nose-picking, to be conducted behind closed doors. Homosexual desires are abnormal, as are sado-masochistic appetites, animal attraction, attraction to children and an endless variety of sad perversions. In a society with public standards, many who are tempted, are encouraged to refrain and are thus able to hold their place among the normal population. Those too attracted to resist the gross practices should be expected to practice in private.

Savage partly redeemed himself today with a stout defense of the rights of the 6 police officers in Baltimore.

Finally an acknowledgment to Pat Buchanan who in his April 30th article “Hillary Blames the Cops” coins this wonderful phrase to describe the MSM Black-victim stories “big lies rooted in tiny truths”.



  1. Homosexual “marriage” is all about destruction of the family which then gives the state more excuse to step into the gap and “resolve” the ensuing chaos. IOW the sodomites and lesbians are tools and fools for more Big Brother. And since equality – of outcome – is behind it all, force necessarily comes into play because while all men are equal before the law and God, men are not equal in ability and opportunity. Egalitarianism is a war on nature/reality. And like the war on poverty, drugs and terror it will fail.

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