Ferguson Protests Roll On But Mostly In The Media

The Mainstream Media, which absent any compelling evidence, concocted the Trayvon Martin murder story, then the Michael Brown murder story and now the Eric Garner murder story, remains undeterred in its determination to arouse and mobilize Black and Red mobs on the streets of America. This website has to admire the resourcefulness and stamina of the reporters and their brazen employment of double standards.

Newspapers all across the Nation, who with nary a single defector, repeatedly over years completely ignored tens of thousands of Christian anti-abortion marchers and in some cases many hundred thousands of Christian and patriot marchers, have this past weekend reported piddling little marches of less than 200 deranged Trotskyites and Maoists in half-a-dozen densely-populated cities. Not only have they reported them, outnumbering the marchers, marching alongside them, filming every banner, faithfully reporting every mindless slogan and writing sympathetic reports, but they have presented a picture of a human tide of protesters rolling across America. Radio has been doing the same thing and no doubt so too have the television networks. ABC, AP, Reuters, even Fox- has there been a reporter anywhere, anytime not striving to paint the picture of a Nation marching in angry and wholly justified protest?

A careful scrutiny of the reports by those who understand that the MSM only emits propaganda reveals   America’s adults, even its Black adults, are not marching. Here in California the MSM has performed miracles of invention in the breathless reporting of less than 200 dysfunctional Berkeley revolutionary poseurs and their march from campus to nearby Oakland. On Sunday, NBC/AP, reported “Protests across the Nation’. Their reporters and cameramen had descended on Saturday evening’s gathering of ‘Occupy Oakland’ in Berkeley. The reporters shamelessly wrote “What started out as a peaceful protest” and then non-judgmentally set about reporting “vandalized cars, smashed windows, looted businesses and ATM machines.”

Another report included “The demonstrators, many of whom were peaceful” and chanting ‘Shut it Down for Michael Brown’ hurled concrete objects, attempted to set fire to a police car and blocked a freeway….smashed the window of a Radio Shack”…..Groups of protesters late Sunday began roaming through the Downtown area throwing trash cans into streets and lighting garbage on fire, smashing windows of buildings, and damaging and looting businesses. There were also reports of vandalism at City Hall”.

Just as a comment, few people today carry matches and since Berkeley students are opposed to Big Tobacco and do not smoke it is hard to imagine that they would be in possession of matches unless anticipating arson. Is there anyone on this planet who does not expect these marches to descend into riot, arson and looting? The marches are planned to commence after sundown when darkness conceals identities, handicaps police control of the streets and heightens terror. These marches are intended by all involved to lead quickly to disorder and destruction of private and public property. Those in the MSM who create the climate for the protests are even more aware than the rest of us since they constantly rub shoulders with the revolutionary parasitic scum.

Whilst NBC and the AP reporters have been jointly glorifying the miniscule Red Mobs they have carefully avoided any mention of the election results in Louisiana. Does anyone doubt that if Landrieu and the two Democrat House candidates had won, Louisiana would have been headlines?

Meanwhile, the whole MSM will now elevate into hysterical headlines the police shooting of another Black youth (in Ohio) in order to maintain the narrative of a national police campaign of racial executions. It is the intention of the MSM and the Ruling Media Class to create a Black/White coalition on the streets of all big cities, using the Black plundering underclass and the small cadres of White and Jewish Trotskyites and Maoists. (Recommended reading is the most recent Occidental Observer article about the Maoists). In reality, these Communist groups are on the fringes of society and almost irrelevant but their presence in the forefront of MSM pictures of marchers creates the propaganda illusion of a racially united front. This Ruling Media Class has captured power over Americans with the skilled use of illusion.

Back in 2007/8 this website warned of great international danger in the world resulting from the election of Obama. His advertized determination to seriously diminish American military power and his expressed contempt for America’s working people seemed like an invitation to rivals and enemies to seize the initiative. We speculated that China might invade Taiwan or North Korea cross the parallel and take South Korea. Neither dangerous scenario played out. We were proven wrong. Maybe the Chinese could not believe that Obama was serious.

Now, no enemy can doubt his contempt for the American people, his high regard for America’s enemies and his diminution of America’s military power. With less than 2 Obama years left in the White House and the next election looking like a rejection of Obama-ism, is it possible that China might decide it is now or never to take Taiwan by force? The recent election victory in Taiwan of a political party hostile to a merger with China has surely ignited irredentism. To make matters worse, China is about to experience great economic problems and upheavals for which a nationalist military initiative would create a distraction.

Our last article suggested that the death of Eric Garner could have been avoided by the NY police team who were attempting to arrest him. We referred to a choke- hold used by one policeman. A website visitor pointed out in an email that a choke-hold would not have allowed Garner to call out and also that Garner caused his own death by resisting arrest. We set out below the email and leave it to you to judge:

“Mr. Garner resisted arrest, and that is why the grand jury exonerated the police. Everything that happens have you resist arrest is ipso facto assumed to be your fault, and juries will rarely convict policemen if they are convinced this is what caused injury. Mr. Garner’s health condition was unfortunate, but again, not the fault of anyone but himself.  Also, there was no choke hold, rather, a head hold. Had the police used a choke hold, Garner would not have been repeating “I can’t breathe.” He would barely have been able to utter anything audible. He died because he resisted arrest and was in poor health. Call it suicide by policeman…again”.

Global Warming Watch

It is now official! The contiguous USA is in its coldest year since 1997. As one part of the Antarctic ice-cap melts so another part is thickening and there is no scientific explanation.

Here in Middle California the recent spell of rains ended the drought but the water shortage remains acute thanks to the State’s explosion in population. However more rain is on the way by Thursday and it will be extremely heavy causing flooding and mudslides. It won’t be enough to replenish empty reservoirs but there is more winter to come and prayers may be answered.

The UK remains cold and little Starcross on the Exe Estuary is exactly the same height above the high-tide peak as it always was.

Music Choice

My last recommendation was Charlie Parker with the Woody Herman Band in 1951 (You Go To My Head). I may have been wrong to write that this was a studio recording. A closer listen reveals an audience. I wasn’t wrong to draw attention to his matchless genius however and the same concert included a version of the Hollywood ballad ‘Laura’. I never much liked this melody but I am aware that it was one of the great compositions to emerge before the Media Class turned popular music into music for babies and pimply teens.  Parker treats this complex melody and chord structure with near disdain, soaring over them with endless creativity. Give time to listen closely for musical genius was always rare and has now vanished. Yes, I am aware that there are many musicians with awesome technique but where are the artists?

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