Denver Blacks Above the Law

This website is proof that having an understanding of the revolutionary current that is moving our society in a particular direction, cynically analyzing the Revolution’s MSM propaganda, trusting one’s lying eyes and never doubting  common sense, are the best guarantors of understanding the present and anticipating the future.

On this website (Feb 13th   Article ‘What’s Goin’ On? What’s Goin’ On?’) we wrote that Germany’s Chancellor Merkel was between a rock and a hard place and looking stressed as she sought to deal with events in the Ukraine and Greece. Well, the truce she and comrade Hollande brokered in the Ukraine and which we wrote was merely ‘papering over the cracks” lasted just four hours. As Obama, distracted by golf and fund-raising, absentmindedly dithers, and as Merkel turns her full attention back to Greece, Putin continues his irredentist push on Russia’s western border.

Meanwhile in South Eastern Europe (and not too far from Putin’s Black Sea) Merkel sweats as the new Far Left Greek Government continues to prove the accuracy of our comment that it has the whip hand in negotiations over Greek debt repayments. As we wrote, “a big debtor has less to worry about than a big lender”. It is reported that EU officials are shocked by the intransigence of the Greek leaders. A deadline looms in only two weeks when Greece will run out of money unless the EU coughs up more. At the moment, as a member of the Euro club, Greece cannot print its own money. Only Germany has the power to authorize (Euro) money-printing, for its economy underpins the EU. Our prediction is that Merkel will blink, Greece will get its unconditional bail-out and Merkel and Hollande will issue a statement papering over the cracks. Meanwhile, Putin will be hoping that Greece exits the EU, then faces financial chaos and turns to Russia for a rescue.

In yesterday’s article we drew attention to Ocoee’s Black riot and looting, and the unwillingness of the police to do other than contain it. Only one arrest was reported. We pointed out that as a result of the Holder DOJ’s investigations of police action against Black rioters/looters and the MSM anti-police campaigns, the police everywhere have become passive onlookers at Black insurrectionary crime. America is slipping into a situation where Blacks are de facto beyond the law and this is another sign that the Media Class/Left Revolution is capturing more ground.

Right on cue came news that in Denver, Colorado on Sunday 15th February a mob of Black anti-police protesters marched to police HQ and brazenly committed vandalism by spraying red paint on a ‘Fallen Police Memorial’. Denver Police Chief Robert White instructed his men not to intervene. It is reported that White (who is Black, as is Denver Mayor Hitchcock) was fearful that police intervention would create violence and more criminality. It is our view that what deterred White from upholding the law was that it would bring down the wrath of Holder’s DOJ and the MSM.

Outbreaks of Mob rioting and looting are now regular events in most big cities. Since the police treat the accompanying crime with kid gloves or even ‘no hands’, it is clear that crime statistics are meaningless. Often, in one mob looting raid hundreds of serious crimes are committed, and are not recorded. One more instant of where in a Revolutionary society, Government-produced statistics and information bear no relation to reality.

Back to last year’s 4th July parade Norfolk, Nebraska, where Dale Remmich constructed a float for the parade. It consisted of a small garden shed with the words “Obama Presidential Library” painted on the side and a life-size figure representing Obama beside it.  The whole thing was drawn by a truck. No doubt the truck’s message drew many laughs for its wry comment but local Democrats were offended by this poke at their President’s intellectual status.  Now comes news that Holder’s DOJ has sent over a member of the Community Relations Service Team to investigate Mr. Remmich and his float. Presumably he may have committed a Hate Crime. We are moving ever closer to the UK’s police state.

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