Coulter Has It Wrong!

Ann Coulter is one of the smartest conservative commentators on the Internet and Fox News. Not only is she very readable but it is rare that she misses the mark. VDare is one of the Internet’s important websites and deserving of regular visits for its daring, well-argued and well-written articles. We have always supposed that both Coulter and the VDare writers are smart when it comes to the MSM and the Democrat Party. Coulter’s latest article on VDare dated April 29th and headed “AnnCoulter: Dems Whipped Up Anti-White Frenzy For Elections, Now Can’t Turn It Off” casts doubt on her smartness and VDare’s judgment. Just about everything in this article is either back-to-front or plain wrong.

To start with, the Democrat Party has not ‘whipped up’ anything regarding the unfolding headline-grabbing saga of ‘Black victims of (White) institutional violence’. Democrat legislators have trailed miserably behind each selected racial ‘outrage’. The laggards have included the members of the self-styled Black Caucus. Even the Rev. Sharpton, his nose constantly sniffing for spilled Black blood, has tacked on to and inserted himself into each ‘outrage’ days after their launch on the American public.

It is the MSM that has ‘uncovered’ each ‘racial injustice’, sketched in the brutal ‘circumstances’, and brought them to the attention of the national Black audience, Leftist activists and guilt-ridden liberals.

Coulter writes of the embarrassment that MSNBC and other Media have experienced when the facts have ultimately emerged. Emerged where? Not in the MSM! Are we to believe that that the MSM was initially inefficient in their digging into the facts and accidentally got things wrong? Both of Coulter’s assumptions are so wide of the mark. It is the claim of this website that the MSM was never interested in the facts from the beginning, swiftly gaining confidence that the facts could be assembled and created in any way required to fit the Media Class/Leftist agenda. In every ‘outrage’, from Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown, long after the facts have emerged, the ranks of the MSM brazenly continue to repeat the ‘fictions’ they created at the beginning. Embarrassment is not a word in the MSM’s propagandist vocabulary.

Coulter is wrong to believe that the Dems are capable of ‘whipping up’ anything unless led and orchestrated by the MSM. The MSM whipped up an Anti-White frenzy for a specific election purpose only in the death of Trayvon Martin. We claim that it was at this point that the MSM’s editors and reporters realized inconvenient facts could be successfully set aside for an ongoing useful racial scenario. Beyond mobilizing Black votes for Obama’s re-election the MSM saw that an effective continuous narrative of White Guilt and Black victimization could be set in motion. Since urban Blacks are in constant confrontation with the forces of law and order; since facts can be set aside by the MSM and new ‘facts’ invented; since the near-monopoly over news prevents contradiction with facts;  and since repetition erases reality in people’s minds, we have had a parade of Media-promoted incidents that will go down in history as the Black Death of the 21st Century.

Finally, Coulter is wrong in implying that the embarrassing ‘frenzy’ now cannot be turned off- as though anyone on the Left wants to call a halt. Far from embarrassing the Media Class and its Leftist allies, this ‘Black Death’ has legs. Endless riots and lootings in major cities and even some smaller ones is destabilizing, enables the MSM and the Black leaders to nourish White Guilt among the young and opens the door to DOJ control over local police forces.

Coulter’s failure to interpret this issue correctly stems from not perceiving that the Democrat Party is the tool of the Media Class and not the other way around. Her understanding is deeply flawed in that she has not realized that there is now a Media Class, it rules by stealth with allies from the Left and its agenda is truly revolutionary. Its awesome power emanates from concealed control over the MSM and popular entertainment and now the Nation’s agenda reflects the interests of its inner cabal. One outstanding example of its own agenda being imposed on the Nation is the normalization of homosexuality.

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